Stan Lee's First Superhero: Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep. 16

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PokeDude011 : I'm just imagining a young Stan Lee in World War II shouting "EXCELSIOR!" as he guns down nazis.

Jason Bean : Well done, thanks.:)

peter blood : Nicely done. The bit at the end was hilarious. =D My first character was a robot made from old automobile license plates. His name was CARTAG. Okay it was stupid but I was only 11 at the time. Later, at 17, I came up with a dynamic duo of my own, "Dung Beetle and Stinkbug!" At one point, in the only story ever written, the villain says: "I'll beat the crap out of you Dung Beetle!" to which DB, as he was affectionately(?) known, replied: "I hope you brought your lunch because crap is my first name!"...(crickets chirping)...You can see why I was never published.

N.L. SKYY T.V. : Why is there no mention of Drax?

Itz Skyfrost : Any superhero name for my comic???

Renshen1957 : Not to steal any of Stan Lee's thunder, however it would be of interest (especially in this history) to mention that Stan Lee with Jack Kirby co-created the Fantastic Four, the original X-Men, the HulkmThor, Iron Man, Doctor Doom, Galactus, Uatu the Watcher, (the Silver Surfer was Kirby's idea), Magneto, the Inhumans and their hidden city of Attilan, and the Black Panther, comics' first known black superhero—and his African nation of Wakanda. Lee and Kirby also created The Avengers. Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko (although Kirby drew Spider-man cover art for Fantasy #15, Ditko drew the original appearance). I have great admiration for Stan Lee, however, he didn't get his portion of fame without surrounding himself with talented people.

jjgLatin : This is great informative clip.At least,there is an Eaglemoss lead figure of Keen Marlow.There is also too many Marvel characters with the name Destroyer.

DrFranklynAnderson : “After a week on the job, 16-year old Stan Lee declared ‘I know everything!’ and demanded a promotion.” 😂 That may be the most Stan Lee thing I’ve ever heard.

Itz Skyfrost : Is it Stanley or Stan lee???

Kenny Beaumont : This is cool I love marvel

Art Boston : Wow not one mention of Alex Schomburg. During the Timely era, Schomburg was their primary artist.

SuperPigMark Does Everything : You know, the Destroyer's design looks like the design of Drax the Destroyer in the Infinity Gauntlet story line. Maybe Stan's Destroyer evolved into Drax?

Ray J : They should make a cameo of Stan Lee as the Destroyer in one of the marvel movies, making him the father of all superheroes or something on that story line

larry potter : Here's my question guys. Not trying to be a troll but why didn't you go to the real creative force that gave popularity to Marvel comics and that was Jack Kirby?

Mont Gee : Marvel should revamp The Destroyer ,and have him team up with the Marvel Knights .

ClassicCutie : Ooooh no wonder why he is so famous and is in mostly every marvel movie! Even in the big hero 6 😂

holozlaer 235 : great video my friend I never knew who the destroyer and thank you for making this informative video

william white : The very first comic I ever owned was an Atlas, the title was 'Vulcan', sort of a precursor to Thor?

Jokerz 79 : To be fair in when Stan was hired 8 bucks was about 140 now so for a 16 year old in the depression era that wasn't bad. Also great vid.

Chucking Dice : Nice! Good start to 2017 with this video. I like the after credits at the end. It reminds me of the old MST3K after credit stuff. I remember seeing Destroyer in the 90s Spider Man cartoon as well a part of the Six Forgotten Warriors story line. He was there side by side with the Cap, Miss America, the Whizzer, Black Marvel, and the Thunderer. It wasn't the greatest animated show, but at least it remembered its roots.

Ryan Gasser : Another fine video. Thanks for putting so much time & effort into these. My wife & I love watching them.

JTZ : 13:30 - BASSline

NIDELLANEUM : Nicely don video as always. I've heard about a "Destroyer", but I didn't know it was Stan Lee's first superhero. Why do you think he faded into obscurity, despite being the first creation of a comic book legend?

Samuel Maturino : I wish I could see the movie about DC and Marvel together and fight or fight together

R J Alexander : Stan Lee IS a super hero

Roland Campos : Imagine Stan yelling "Stan smash!!" As he kicks Hitler in the face! Hahahaha!!

Tony Eckman : They should bring back The Destroyer. Hype him as Stan Lee's first creation. His costume looks really bad ass.

dafullclip : Pretty good, man. Thanks

Gabriel Meyer : So out of the two super heroes that were printed first, only one survived. And the other is relatively unheard of.

TheFroKnight : Happy New Year! Any idea of which hero the next video's gonna be about?

Scott Cranidge : Kirby Kirby Kirby Ditko

2WOx10EN : wasnt it human torch

Frankie Solis : the human torch is a villain in the spectacular spider man vol. 8tv show

Mateo : Once they finish all the MCU movies they need to make a Stan Lee movie!

Jose Lara : Beyond the Elite class of all the Marvel Super Hero's "The Destroyer"

User Nam3 : DC comics are still better

Dynamo001 : That was great. Insightful is an understatement.

Abeed B : So basically Stan lee became Stan lee by ratting out Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

SplicedPenguin : too many sound effects

super kal el : I wouldn't say the biggest name more like one of the biggest names in the industry that's still alive is more correct nothing against Stan (when hi isn't shiting on dc)

kyokogodai : CAn you imagine how much that book rack (at 10:09) would be worth, today? To be a time traveler *dreams the big dreams*!!!

Bruno Franco : Well

ricky todd Botelho : I am the destroyer. And am wondering is this Mark Evavanier narrating?

Pretty Mischief : DC is stale and old

Rick Legendary : The destroyer could have been captain America same serum

TheComicsPreacher : Another truly fantastic video— have you considered wrapping all these vids up into one package? I’d buy it and I know many others also would.

Umair : i once wrote a comic about this. "utility man". essentially he has the power of office supply's... I had a weird imagination..

Dnice Allday : May stan Lee enjoy his success! Excelsior!

Luigi Cat : It is surely something with man after it, right?

Nace Le Cap Man : Should make a story about "The Master Storyteller!"