Introducing iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR (PARODY)
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Three entirely "new" devices. iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. All-screen. Hopefully has faster Face ID. The A12 Bionic, a very regural chip in a smartphone. __________________________ Watch my iPhone X Parody: __________________________ Please Like & Subscribe to support the channel! __________________________ Enquiries: Twitter: #OnlyZ #Parody


TECHNOPEDIA : Only thing they upgrade regularly every year is its price.

RaurZ : 2016: No Headphone jack 2017:No home button 2019: No Charging jack 2020:No Phone And That Will Be 5000$ dollars :)

I AM DANNY EL : Why's apple calling their official ads "parody"

Islom Bekiev : The year 2048: New Iphone 56 has released Screen touches you.

urmom : Xr has a 4k camera but the screen isn't even 1080p. OK.

Elio : A LOT of people buy an iPhone to flex

Alexia’s Vlogs : *it looks like gold, it feels like gold.. ~BUT IS NOT GOLD~*

Rinad Elwahsh : What’s funny is that i am laughing while watching this on iPhone XR

Blue Boy : 2:20 Did you notice the video on the screen doesn’t even match?

{Flarem} : Reported for scam/clickbait. This is supposed to be parody, it's the official video.

Master Adit : 2016: RIP headphone jack 2017: RIP home button 2020: RIP charging port 2021: RIP battery (buy a new $5000 battery every time your iPhone dies) Oh! Did I mention "RIP Kidneys"?

Baki : Watching this on an iPhone XS because my girl convinced me to get one :( want the galaxy s10 though...

Subhaan Mehmood : Apple is the only fruit that can be roasted...

ChromeCamTv : You forgot to say that they added glass on the back so it is 2 times as likely to crack!

Ofentse Mwase Films : Why is this Official video called Parody..?🤣

It’s Avacadhoe : I got the iPhone XS Max and this is so amazingly true I have never laughed more. This is amazing. You deserve way more credit for this.

Bise HD : Forgot to mention how the XR is just the cheap version of the iPhone X, and is basically the iPhone 6 without a home button.

Kofo : im literally watching on my iphone XR😭😂

L K : Just bought a new iPhone XR kinda regret it 😂👌

TheMindstorm : Looks like gold, costs more than gold

Ahmed Mokhles : Well it's not the same phone, they upgraded the price

SREEHARI K NAIR : I'm here to just read the comments and laugh 😂

Minh Đức GamingVn//Intro Và Gaming : Please Dude They have an MASSIVE upgrade to the Iphone each time... They make it more expensive This time,they are improving it like crazy After all,it is the IphoneXpensive$

Benjamin Goodman : I am watching on a iPhone 6s *NANI*

LinkCanBackflip : Plot Twist : This isn’t a Parody

BoscoTheStar : Welcome to another episode of why is this in my recommended

KyraSalty : This parody was 100% accurate yet I still want the phones

CHINONSO VICTOR : Whoever is behind the voice, is the MESSIAH! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

JLT Exoticz : This was the best thing I’ve ever seen.

J : "iPhone XS Max: Starting at $599 (back glass only, does not include phone).

Joshua _ : Well played apple,I clicked on this cos I thot it was a parody

Cristian Montalvo : The only time I remember that it’s called Liquid Retina is when I’m pissing and remember my phone is gold...

Christian Castro : These are the commercials we really need to see on TV so people can take a good look at themselves at what they're spending😂

Alex Muntean : The translator iPhone ten s (iPhone tennis)😂😂😂😁🤣🤣

Valk : Lmao this was the first parody that actually made me laugh... I mean, I’m an Apple fan and am still gonna get this phone, but this was funny af.

Abdullah Haitham : The problem is that the people who made this video probably all have iPhones, hell this video was probably edited on final cut lmao

Russell Mccune : The future is now.... the future is Galaxy S10!

FBI : iPad bends: *Its supposed to do that* 4 IPhones X’s: *it was a test on how far we could come* From my perspective, you haven’t come very far

• Loser • : damn, I was only able to watch this video with one air pod piece. The other air pod piece is missing again.

Sujay Jadhao : Totally amazing but felt little toned down video. Need more brutal truth video. You don't need to add any fiction, reality of apple is brutal as it is

Muhammad Imwazi : And this is why I still use my iPhone 6 and it works perfect👌🏼😊

Jughead Is Hot AF : IM PAYIN OVER 1000 DOLLARS FOR A FAKE GOLD PHONE. I COULD BUY REAL GOLD WITH DAT. nty ima go buy note9 hahwhw jk I'm using the note9 to watch this and mock apple XD

Elias L.K. : 3:37 once you find out it doesnt have a headphone jack... this will be you

Benjamin Sopkin : Huh? The phone isn't the same. It costs more. Welcome to the iPhone X$

knightgamer 19 : Wow * watching on iPhone XR*

The Dog One 2 dog one : Reasons iSheep hate android 1. Emojis 2. BUGS? iPhones ain't bug-free mate, iPhones have powerful in terms of specs but the software limits everything that they can do. - - - - - -

Kashan2007 : *Steve jobs has joi...* *Steve jobs has left the chat*


Elysion B : I love and hate this, because this is so accurate. 😄😄