Introducing iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR (PARODY)

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Valk : Lmao this was the first parody that actually made me laugh... I mean, I’m an Apple fan and am still gonna get this phone, but this was funny af.

Ofentse Mwase Films : Why is this Official video called Parody..?🤣

trevor random : This is so ture it's not funny... ☺

Cris Garcia 6 : No Always on Display, No headphone Jack no fingerprint scanner/TouchId = Crap

RaurZ : 2016: No Headphone jack 2017:No home button 2019: No Charging jack 2020:No Phone And That Will Be 5000$ dollars :)

Jindřich Urbánek : if you wait a year you can just use this audio and place it over new video and it will still make sense because i bet they will not introduce anything new they will just use this again

J : "iPhone XS Max: Starting at $599 (back glass only, does not include phone).

I AM DANNY EL : Why's apple calling their official ads "parody"

Elio sarrouh : A LOT of people buy an iPhone to flex

Blue boy : 2:20 Did you notice the video on the screen doesn’t even match?

kr4zyy : Wonder if iPhone X would exist if Steve Jobs was still alive

XXXtension CORD : “And you’ll think it’s something special “ 😂

Kremson Kahn : Been using iPhone for 6 years and this is 1st time I'm considering to buy android! I think its time to switch

Maurice Townsend : It's funny because it's true. Apple hasn't been a leader in innovation in almost a decade now. I love the look on people's faces when they show me how nice their iPhone screen looks, and then I tell them that it's actually made by Samsung. 😂

Gary Corshia : Apple is brilliant at marketing but as to technology Samsung is 10 years ahead of Apple

Gxinq : Soon there will be a mortgage for a phone lol.

Technical Op Tricks : I guarantee.. iSheeps will dislike this video 1000%


Albert Lacén : This video is 100% accurate lol Sad but true I will stay with my Android anyday 😂😂😂 love the video nice work

Kenshin Ushiroda : It's a luxury brand at this point. Make it $2000 and I'm sure people will still buy it in droves.

Kubar : Xr has a 4k camera but the screen isn't even 1080p. OK.

Christian Castro : These are the commercials we really need to see on TV so people can take a good look at themselves at what they're spending😂

GRat9717 : S stands for 'Same Shit' R stands for 'Remake'

Abdullah Haitham : The problem is that the people who made this video probably all have iPhones, hell this video was probably edited on final cut lmao

- Alice Gray - : I left Apple a few years ago for Samsung after learning how much of a better company Samsung is (look it up!) Never looked back.

Kalyn & Robert : It's really sad. I left iPhone after 10 years and went to pixel 2 a.d have not looked back. This phone works better is more customizable and never runs out of storage. It's amazing for only 600

RNC- Xpert : I have a iPhone 6S and never upgraded because I thought this is good enough and no need to spend money on a new one

Simulus : This was soooo true. I hate apple. Money Grabbing Scum. This made me laugh so hard as well ;')

AGENT 47 : When reality becomes parody..

I'm adopted, but : I bought a Samsung Galaxy s9+ and all I can say is I'm never going back to Crapple. The only thing Apple has that I liked, is the A12 bionic chip. and even then, Snapdragon runs almost the same as the A12. Those Airheads that buy these phones are thots and sheep.

Zeus : those 4 thousand dislikes are apple workers and steve jobs

Cristian Montalvo : The only time I remember that it’s called Liquid Retina is when I’m pissing and remember my phone is gold...

DatShinyBubble : This is the offical video change the name its not a Parody

robert hildebrand : Im no apple fan I've been pretty reluctant of their moves for years Im android all the way but the a12 bionic is the most powerful a.r.m processor on the market unfortunately I can't deny that iOS intergration on the a12 bionic is smooth as hell and benchmarcks higher then any snapdragon processor Im not sure about the snapdragon 855 tho

Riki Dutta : The most painful thing is that people are saying they loved this parody but also saying they love their iPhones and are gonna get the new one. Smh lmao

Joshua _ : Well played apple,I clicked on this cos I thot it was a parody

Tường Vũ : Hmm.... gonna stick with my android.

Minh Đức GamingVn//Intro Và Gaming : Please Dude They have an MASSIVE upgrade to the Iphone each time... They make it more expensive This time,they are improving it like crazy After all,it is the IphoneXpensive$

Garage Ghost : Watch 0:47 with subtitles on...

{Flarem} : Reported for scam/clickbait. This is supposed to be parody, it's the official video.

Sevugan Muthurajah : Truly, its make me laugh. I think better Apple tell the truth like this😂😂😂😂😂😂

Crazy Materials : 3:20 you can't even say the iPhone right

DatDude7802 : You just earned a subscriber! This was hilarious!😂

3ricPatel : Where's Steve Trabajo???

Big AL : Apple is terrible and perfectly designed for pompous smug people

ChrisCarGuy - : This video low key made me a little mad cause it has a TON of wrong stuff in it and I’m not just getting mad cause I’m an apple freak🙄

jonathan jonathandavis : Only stupid people used iPhone x series 🤣🤣🤣

Daily Noobs : this makes me want to get the iphone x s and smash it in the apple store

Santiago Martin : Who wants apple to comment this?😂🤣

TECHNOPEDIA : Only thing they upgrade regularly every year is its price.