Introducing iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR (PARODY)

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Valk : Lmao this was the first parody that actually made me laugh... I mean, I’m an Apple fan and am still gonna get this phone, but this was funny af.

Ofentse Mwase Films : Why is this Official video called Parody..?🤣

J : "iPhone XS Max: Starting at $599 (back glass only, does not include phone).

Mika : It ain’t a parody if it’s true😂😂😂

trevor random : This is so ture it's not funny... ☺

Luci & Mario : The people that dislike the video are Apple workers

XXXtension CORD : “And you’ll think it’s something special “ 😂

Lewis Dwyer : Turned to Samsung and I'm never going back

Michael M. : Steve rolling over his grave with what they have done with his legacy lol

ThatRandomguyCommenting : When you have to mask the truth with a parody disclaimer so they dont come smoke you in your sleep.

Trexide : Face recognition: perfect so that we can suck your soul and send that data to the CIA and FBI

Technical Op Tricks : I guarantee.. iSheeps will dislike this video 1000%

Full Time Senpai : Liquid retina display?!?! There just lower resolution Samsung displays m8

Mango Steel : We need more people to see this before Apple PULLS it down. It’s just genuinely funny

beatstork : It's ridiculous how people finance cellphones now days . Just to look rich and cool. But making payments on a cell phone

Kremson Kahn : Been using iPhone for 6 years and this is 1st time I'm considering to buy android! I think its time to switch

RelentLess Enterprises : .. and not only did we take away your headphone jack to force you to buy our "lightning" connection patented products.. after finding out how wildly unpopular that was.. we decided to keep going with it, just to show you that you'll still buy it anyway.

Jindřich Urbánek : if you wait a year you can just use this audio and place it over new video and it will still make sense because i bet they will not introduce anything new they will just use this again

Leagai Tala : Probably made by an Apple worker tired of lying to the masses.

Shirtango : R for Retarded

Kalyn & Robert : It's really sad. I left iPhone after 10 years and went to pixel 2 a.d have not looked back. This phone works better is more customizable and never runs out of storage. It's amazing for only 600

Mr.cardvaughan 12 : I cant wait for Samsung to make a video like this for apple!

Andre Roleff : I love how the length of time the video is exactly the error code you'll get using a trash iPhone

Alex : those 4 thousand dislikes are apple workers and steve jobs

WILLOWS CHANNEL : This voice sounds like a really really calm KSI. I can’t be the only one that hears this

Sai Rithvik n : *_The same shit over and over again_*

Terry Garcia : I was just waiting for this video to be made 😂😂

Reah VOLKER : Farewell the Little Angel, the Small Titan, the Budget Savior, the Pocket’s Love, the Long Liver, Rest in Peace, the iPhone SE, You will be missed...

kr4zyy : Wonder if iPhone X would exist if Steve Jobs was still alive

Kenshin Ushiroda : It's a luxury brand at this point. Make it $2000 and I'm sure people will still buy it in droves.

Flarem : Reported for scam/clickbait. This is supposed to be parody, it's the official video.

aral aral : Hey apple stole your video

Albert Lacén : This video is 100% accurate lol Sad but true I will stay with my Android anyday 😂😂😂 love the video nice work

Newt Scamander : Hmm.... gonna stick with my android.

Chris1111116 : I liked the parody but the liquid part was totally wrong. What do you think LCD stands for? LIQUID crystal display - so that’s where the „liquid“ part comes from!

Riki Dutta : The most painful thing is that people are saying they loved this parody but also saying they love their iPhones and are gonna get the new one. Smh lmao

- JAVA - : I left Apple a few years ago for Samsung after learning how much of a better company Samsung is (look it up!) Never looked back.

Allen Suarez : Apple has lost its touch. And I think people are brainwashed

Eragonfrost : iPhone XR has no 1080P

Phoenix Gutierrez : All the same thing, except you shouldn’t buy the cheapest one... because we don’t want you too!!

Big AL : Apple is terrible and perfectly designed for pompous smug people

1000 subs with useless videos : *_TRIGGERED APPLE FANBOIS COMING THROUGH_*

Q Huynh : Hilarious!!

Shaq Kromah : You will still buy it because it looks cool

Simulus : This was soooo true. I hate apple. Money Grabbing Scum. This made me laugh so hard as well ;')

TECHNOPEDIA : Only thing they upgrade regularly every year is its price.

Lenn baller : I wish apple was honest about their phones

The Decent Guy : After turning on captions... *iPhone Tennis*

The Gamer : 5k Apple Fanboys disliked this video.They just cant accept the truth.

Fábíánó : Ich bin phallus und Terrorist