Stinky Beans Ad Parody girl scared by her fart on fire

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Steve Cupp : That's weird.

NTチャンネル : 0:08

Rachid benjira : WTF

Carrie Esford : Awkward

Gru : Where would one find these stinky beans? Asking for a friend

Samseen : Whaaat was that? That girl was stinkin'.

Ikuzek s : 0:09

Kitty Cat : That’s just weird

Mackenzie Polos : Okay that's just weird and gross

Gummy : *wtf*

NTチャンネル : This is a movie or something, right?

Wolfgirl 217 : WIGO

野田英克 : 5回ヌいた

SpookyAvenue : Where can these be purchased?

Max David LaFoon : That’s disgusting and sick.