A rare galaxy that's challenging our understanding of the universe | Burçin Mutlu-Pakdil

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Winistan : This talk should have been longer

And then I fired And I missed : Comment section full of basement dwelling nacho eating fatasses who have done absolutely nothing with their life except falling from their chair and pissing themselves and hating on someone spreading knowledge just because she is a female muslim scientist? Tells you a lot about what they've achieved in their life.

Massive Branflake : Her enthusiasm and passion makes me smile inside. I bet she’s a lovely person to talk to

Friends r like family : 2 minute silence for the racist in the comment section 🙏

dark day : Looks like Americans are, as usual, totally clueless. The Islamic world's contributions to astronomy are incalculable. "Azimuth" and "nadir" are Arabic words. If you aren't a total imbecile, that fact alone should put things in perspective.

Octobris : Imagine having a type of a freakin' galaxy named after you. Incredible.

Hassan A. Mohammad : The only people who i afraid of her from is the majority of Muslim themselves. Those will call her a blasphemous just because she is an educated cultured woman. I'm a Muslim Man and really respect this woman cuz she is an inspiration to all the Tolerantly Muslims . God bless her.

Sam Geurdi : This comment section is a toxic waste dump

Diss Dude : I just came here to see all the hate comments, wasn’t disappointed Also she seems very passionate about this discovery, god bless her

Lord Touch-me : what a sad comment section :/

Vikram Srinivasan : She is energetic beautiful youthful and above all exploring. It's the unknown so the learning never ends. I am little surprised as to why science always believes in Visual observation. Couldn't there be things beyond eyesight?

Ismail Topa : Studying and discovering new horizons of the universe. Still believe the creator of said universe will get pissed of her hair is exposed

Gonzalez Aramburu : So sad that many people in the comments are talking about the way shes wearing and not pay attenttion to her talking

ProfessorBorax : Maybe the Qur'an can explain it?

David Davies : she's an astronomer yet she believes the moon was split in two

D. Wilson : A bright, educated and highly talented female scientist from a community where women are regularly marginalized and subjugated.. So she is taking the open stage, speaking in public, might makes some douchebags and control freaks to freak out.. Go girl.. carry on spreading knowledge.. God bless..

hobaaa : If she can discover a rare galaxy, I don't care if she is regularly wrestling with pandas or wearing a turban. It's a similar kind of irrelevancy on her work. She might do it to prove the mightiness of her God, but the rest of us can simply interpret her findings as a curious step forward to re-realize how little we know about this universe!

John Benjamin : I am automatically skeptic when I see a religious person pretending to be all devoted to facts and the scientific methode.

Pedro Gonzalez : TLDR: Found new type of galaxy. We don't know how the universe works.

Jordan Lee : You can tell how passionate and happy she is talking about this. Great talk!

Omar R : interesting video ,,,i wish the comments tackled the scientific side of it rather than the religious and culture of her

J. Knight : I wonder if her husband gave her permision to talk on the stage

MetaSteve777 : Respect to the people who only came to view and commented about the topic at hand...……………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Jase Boon : A scientist...………...in religious dress...………………..oh dear, good luck reconciling that equation lol

Azliana Lyana : Burcin's Galaxy! Cool!

thowa1 : I find this lacking in substance, for a TED talk ( it's not TEDx): "I found a new Galaxy type, we know nothing about it"...or is this really about "you can be a muslim female scientist and get a galaxy named after you" (see comments below)?!?

Musketeer009 : This is about Galaxies guys, nothing else. My theory is that there's a giant super-massive black hole in the centre of the galaxy causing the empty centre. The gravity waves from this hole have corralled the starts into a ring. A Smaller black hole in the galaxy, is orbiting the centre and has cleared a gap in the ring, resulting in two rings. The older redder stars are towards the centre and the newer brighter stars are in the outer ring. Just my theory and I'm happy to have it shot down....'coz I'm sure someone will be all belligerent about it and get worked up in some way or another. Congratulations to Burçin and her team for finding it. 👍

Rofindra Alif Iskandar : It saddened me that people judge her for hijab Well how about naked lady explaining that she discovered galaxy and named it a "Boob Galaxy" Will that satisfy you? You want to get respect or good karma but you dont respect other people

neo somaliana : Damn mozlems invading everywhere - now they're islamifying outer space! Soon NASA will be based on sharia law.

SHIVAM INDORE : the moment i saw the video .. i was damn sure about the nature of comments

EZee VZee : Funny thing is that she's talking about advance scientific research while wearing a headscarf which believers of flying donkey wear. 😂 😂😂😂😂

Aman The Conqueror : Its better that she didn't bring allah in between crediting allah for the mystery of galaxy..lol

Ploppy Ploppy : We've found a galaxy. We have no idea what it is. We have no theories to put forward. We have nothing else to say about it. The end. What a great 'talk' that was. I suppose it had to happen eventually as Ted talks have been slowly getting less interesting. I can't wait for another talk about something else they have nothing to say about. A talk is actually far more interesting if it gives us things to think about or explains what we know. This to me is the equivalent of pointing at a cow and going - look there's an animal... the end.

R M : So cool to have a Galaxy named after you. Talk about accomplishments! 👏👏👏

nass c la classe : she discovred a freaking rare galaxy and named it with her name and hater are here butt hurted trying to insult her what an amazing life u haters have :)

Vladimir Lenin : *Speaks in **-kebab-** English*

oSJme : So intelligent but still following the rules of a book written by a man who heard voices in the desert 🤦🏼‍♂️ Edit: Please, I don't want a fight about religion. I think it's absolutely ok to believe in a higher being. I mean, on a logical way it might be possible that there is some kind of "god". But what I don't get is why intelligent people follow the rules of a book written by a man in the desert from a time where people explained their world with wonders and magic.

Hel Trom : 90% of the people talk about ''she discovers a new type of galaxy, yet thinks that the creator will be pissed off by exposing her hair'' like, in the first place why do u care ? Lol, she has a religion, she believes in it, and that's all, just enjoy the damn video guys :/

Toni Jam : That’s pretty awesome :) well done.

Satrya Kurlova : Can't you guys just respect her and be happy that someone finally found something new? Im a muslim by choice and i totally don't mind with nonmuslims being good at this and that. I don't care if einstein a jew, or if stephen hawking an atheist. As long as they're being useful for humanity, i respect them and happy for their existance. If she's a muslim then just let her be. It's her life, not yours. What a spite 😓

Lazarus Kent : Beyoncé like that galaxy so she put a ring on it... oops there’s more ring on it! She loved it. You go girl! Great explanation and I want to have my own galaxy named after me haha. Ps. Am I the only one who’s not concerned about how she dressed or about her religion? I should not have come near the comment section... such a toxic waste land.

James Miller : Omg...did u see stephen hawking in his wheelchair giving a talk...aww he was so adorable...so cutee..such a sweet and intelligent man....comments in here even from the "feminist" and "anti islamophobe" are still loaded with bias...this talk urgently needed more of an explanation. A new object was found. The end. What about the bit about how it changes our view of the universe? I get the feeling this was more about trying to legitimize a muslim woman in scientific community than anything else...its been recommended on my feed for weeks...

Jon L : How do people make everything about religion and race, just enjoy the damn video

Atheris Green : It's always been a paradox to me how you can be religious and a scientist. One cancels the other out. Especially in extreme cases like this. A Muslim women studying the cosmos, yet has been brought up to believe and likely still believes a man rode into space on a magical horse as her crazy religion teaches. Im sorry, but you are either with science 100% or you're not. You dont get to look for answers in the universe while cradling a primitive belief system as truth.

deavman : She studies galaxies and the amazing wonders of the universe...but abides to a 7th century violent cult requiring her to hide her hair. Totally logical.

annakeye : Ms Mutlu-Pakdil is so obviously full of the joys that doing what you love brings. Like a female Neil deGrasse Tyson, she doesn't stop smiling. Bravo Burçin and your team and congratulations on this fascinating discovery. I hope to hear more soon.

Ashutosh Sharma : When you believe in something and then you use science aren't you a Paradox by yourself?

Kiran Kumar Sahoo : Thank God she didn't give any quranic verse to prove that her research are already mentioned in allahs ultimate word for whole mankind (the quran). 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

Morgan Kodysz : What's she doing breaking multiple Sharia laws? Stone her!!! 😂

lchpdmq : She runs a team and still allows people to force her to cover her head? Makes me sad for her