Evolution of Dance: the 80's to Now

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Kristen : the guy in the white shirt felt this with all his soul

Volt Gaming : 2018 kids be like *WHERES THE DEFAULT DANCE*

the smelter : Who's watching this in January 2019

LIT CAINAN 88 : I'm just gonna pretend the lady didn't say elavation instead of evolution😂😂😂😂

Anagirl Boz : The dude in the white shirt in the back is killing me

Simbahh! :3 : 4:41 Legit the only white girl in the school xdd

YnS_Jr : No Michael Jackson Moves No Party !!

Suzieq q : I love that the people on the edges are restraining themselves from fully joining in

BoofToop : Little did he know 1:40 would become a fortnite dance

Maj J : I'm actually not embarrassed at the amount of times I've watched this lol

Savannah Lavoie : Mom: You know your old when you know ever song Me: Mom I’m 12 I know every song Mom: *sits in silence* Me: *sits in silence* Brother: ICE ICE BABY Sister: CANT TOUCH THIS

Christal Burgess : One question ..... WHAT ABOUT POISON

kiyonexus : The crowd/kids were more into it in the beginning with the old classic hip hop songs... kids that old or they just know what real music is... because the newer raps suck lol

Lemonade lemon : Where all the 90s babies at😀

Dave Schultz : E L E V A T I O N S

Dilan Khudhir : 2018 kids be like *there are some fortnite dAnCeS*

Liberal logic : This is before the dab and the whip and hit the folks...

Adam Watts : I was like where’s the whip and the woah and hitting the folk and the naenae and revers and then I looked at the date 2013 5 years ago 😂😂

Vishavdeep Bhopal : Theres like 1 white kid in the whole school

LukeIsChilling : Classics Vs 21st century.

Sandra A QUEEN : This was excellent. I had to lollll b/c I remember doing all these dances.

Mr Quevedo : Watching in 2019 holy damm

slikdarelic : he forgot the Wop.. but he still did great.. Lol..

마리야ᄏᄏᄏ : This was so legendary

DiamondSaint3 : Who tried doing some of these dances after watching this cause I did😂

Pluxz : the guy in the white tee....anyone?

Riva Benzikri : You have to admit the guy is awesome but you need to admit the guy in the background with the white shirt on is basically the show he is too awesome

Yo Girl : You know your old when you know every dance and song

Bridget Jafta : Me expecting to see the Orange justice,shoot,Millie rock,The floss,whip and neh neh and the dab at the end before realising this was made in 2013 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Patrick Cotter : Do the fornite dances

K Trigs : 3:45 Delete

Quatey Young : This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😮😮😮

la batelieraaa : you know u're old when u recognized every dance 😂😂😂😂

Nikki D : He killed it😘😊😁

Tarento : No Michael Jackson ? Really ?

J2K _ : 2019 wheres the default dance 💃

Alexander Leal : I can’t believe there’s no Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean dance

That Girl : i cannot express my love for black people. YALL LIT AND BEAUTIFUL AF

vagazzon tv : At the end The only white girl on the crowd was enjoyin it ..but she dont know how to act, at the same time lool

WoodGrain Studios : Dope!!!! We FUX witchu....DEC.

Just A Random Guy : Wheres the *MOONWALK*

Iconic Queen : I was like what about the whip, then I check and I saw 2013😂😂😂

Insubordination Fuel : This is the blackest school I've ever seen lol

Sasha Thomas : This was SOO much fun to watch this blunt made it 10 times better 😅! 🙌 #2018

I just leave funny comments : Thanks for recommending thid Youtube🤣🤣

Riva Benzikri : Teach Me How to Dougie you teach me how to Dougie

Khenza Hmung : I like the part where they where dancing

Kelaija Thomas : Who else is watching in 2018?

Channel Channel : I be flossin

Vince Vids. : Call him Fresh Prince or what! 😂