Evolution of Dance: the 80's to Now

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Kristen : the guy in the white shirt felt this with all his soul

Volt Gaming : 2018 kids be like *WHERES THE DEFAULT DANCE*

LIT CAINAN 88 : I'm just gonna pretend the lady didn't say elavation instead of evolution😂😂😂😂

Kelaija Thomas : Who else is watching in 2018?

lynn beauty : He did that😂😍💪❗❤

MTG. 600 : Bet you $100 this guy is a gym teacher at this school😂

Simbahh! :3 : 4:41 Legit the only white girl in the school xdd

YnS_Jr : No Michael Jackson Moves No Party !!

Anagirl Boz : The dude in the white shirt in the back is killing me

Maj J : I'm actually not embarrassed at the amount of times I've watched this lol

BoofToop : Little did he know 1:40 would become a fortnite dance

TheYouTuber254 the ROBLOX Car Wash Fanatic 2004 : Where's the ChaCha Slide?

San D.R.O : So nobody gonna talk about that kid peeking his head out of the curtain ? lmao

kana senpai : Watching in 2018 and u know u got awesome parents when u heard all these songs before😂😂 this is great

slikdarelic : he forgot the Wop.. but he still did great.. Lol..

Savannah Lavoie : Mom: You know your old when you know ever song Me: Mom I’m 12 I know every song Mom: *sits in silence* Me: *sits in silence* Brother: ICE ICE BABY Sister: CANT TOUCH THIS

Martina Bettencourt : Omg at 2:03 the verse that is being said is in bodak yellow😮

Liberal logic : This is before the dab and the whip and hit the folks...

Dave Schultz : E L E V A T I O N S

Gamingwith Daylin : 2018 anyone?

LukeIsChilling : Classics Vs 21st century.

Lil Potato : 0 white people in the crowd lol

Adam Watts : I was like where’s the whip and the woah and hitting the folk and the naenae and revers and then I looked at the date 2013 5 years ago 😂😂

la batelieraaa : you know u're old when u recognized every dance 😂😂😂😂

Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX} : So Dope.

vagazzon tv : At the end The only white girl on the crowd was enjoyin it ..but she dont know how to act, at the same time lool

Christal Burgess : One question ..... WHAT ABOUT POISON

TJ Sealey : Yasssss! He did that thoroughly and perfectly done. You go boy....loved it...made my day...entertained through the whole video..

Jessica The Drunk : sad that the kids only knew the lyrics to the newer songs. :(

Maria Ramirez : This was so legendary

Sandra A QUEEN : This was excellent. I had to lollll b/c I remember doing all these dances.

TheLookatit : Onnnnnnn poooooiiiiiiiinnnnnnntttttttt!!!!!!!!ayeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoe Alter : That kid in the corner sticking his head out 😂😂😂

YOU TUBE - YOU ASK WHY, I SAY WHY NOT : *Wow. That was amazing. A great dancer*

Make Paladins Meh Again : YES!!!! Totally made my day.

Suzieq q : I love that the people on the edges are restraining themselves from fully joining in

Sasha Thomas : This was SOO much fun to watch this blunt made it 10 times better 😅! 🙌 #2018

Yo Girl : You know your old when you know every dance and song

Kayden Noel : Where’s hit the quan

Monkey Moo : Imagine he did the fortnite dances

Dimples Ramirez : Wow good dance moves 😀🤩🤩😍💓

Riva Benzikri : Teach Me How to Dougie you teach me how to Dougie

That Girl : i cannot express my love for black people. YALL LIT AND BEAUTIFUL AF

Dominic Obryan : 2018 Default Dance

Iconic Queen : I was like what about the whip, then I check and I saw 2013😂😂😂

Lichtblick Vegan : This is what i call "Hype"

Dorian Konietzko : 😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️ Excellent , congratulations!!!

Joshua Montoya : They were all elementary kids!! 80's and 90's babies would've recognized everything lol

Rina Rock : I love this video so much and I wasn't born in those days but I know so much of the songs😂😆✅👍

NoSkinBtw : One of these dances needs to be in Fortnite