Bizarre: Parents kissing their kids at pep rally

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Today on the Internet This video is very confusing. Parents kiss their blindfolded kids as part of a pep rally...It seems to be out of hand Like, Comment, and Subscribe! Facebook: Instagram: @realcomedysouth Twitter: @comedysouth Web: Inquiries:

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Ramiro Wesner : Quien vino por dallas? :v

JuanRSoto : *DalasReview :v*

Atulya Kumar : 0:29 did she just put her own son's hand on her butt WHAT IS THIS

Dat Gurl Jæy : this is actually sick and embarrassing i feel solemnly bad for the children but have no sympathy for the parents or head of the school🤮

Tha Hoova : The first guy couldnt wait to kiss his daughter wtf

Dlink Blink : Alguien vino por el vídeo de Dalas Review? Porque yo sí 😂😂

Siobhan Gibbens : even if it wasnt their parents, what school has their students make-out with other people at assemblies...? adding the fact that they were the parents makes it even worse

Yadira Munguia : This wasn't the principal's fault! The parents were in on this... wtf

Blake D : Someone took "YES DADDY YES" a little to literally

xxvain : The mom with the green vest at 0:29 graves her sons hand and placed it on her butt.... I don’t even know what to say other than I’m ashamed of being the same specie as her....

Cande_ Studio :3 : like si vienes por dalas *autolike xd*

Kurlee Fry : ARE YOU OK AMERICA?!?!?!?!? 🤮🤮🤮🤮

J.C able able : She really put her sons hand on her butt.....

Dallas Brown : David Dobrik and Jason Nash sent me here, watch their podcast “views” and you’ll understand.

Jasmine Ah : Is this not pedophilia ?

F3A4LESS : Incest

Samuel456 : Like si vienes por dalas xdxd

Purple Ash : Wtf. What was the purpose of this? To shock and disgust their kids?


Idk Idc : Lol David and Jason sent me here. Who else?

Lizbeth V : If my father did that to me I’d make sure he’d go to jail in a heartbeat

iam_thequeen veliny : Like si viene por dalas pelón 😂✌🏻 Salu2

El OjO de NERF : Dalas estuvo aquí😂

John Park : sick man. whoever did plan on this is sick.

Loopita! : Here cause of David dobrik

philbio66 : I had the following conversation with the student who was involved in making the video. He told me the truth about what happened. Q: You started this thread 7 days after the pep rally and it appears the conversation lasted a week or two. I was told that all the students only received a peck. I was wondering how is it that you didn't know it was only a peck before you started the thread and while the discussion was going on? A: It wasn't a peck. It was a lot more than that, and it was a hilariously uncomfortable experience that drew attention to the small town high school I was attending at the time. I was only involved in the making of the video, not the event itself, so what you see in the video with the butt groping, etc. was exactly what I saw. Q: Mostly everyone said that all the team captains were perfectly OK with it and thought it was funny. You said they were pissed. Did you talk to the them about it afterwards? If so, do recall anything that they told you? A: I remember a few trying to just grin and bear the unwanted type of attention and just laughing it off. There was one student involved though, who refused to even talk about it, and got mad whenever anyone brought it up. It just kind of got swept under the rug. Q: Did students and parents lie to the public and media in an effort to make all the negative publicity go away? A: Yes, they basically tried to make it seem innocent and play it off as harmless. Q: Did the team captains feel the prank was innocent and harmless? A: Some of them did but others felt that they had been humiliated. Q: How many of the team captains felt humiliated? A: I would wager most of them, at least it seemed that way, but most just didn't talk about it. Q: Aside from not wanting to talk about it, what made you believe most of the captains felt humiliated? A: The fact that I shared classes with many of them, and the teacher flipped out if someone brought it up. Q: You said that the parents were pressured to play up the kissing. Was it just one teacher or were all the teachers and the principal involved in this? A: Brooks, the English teacher was the main one in charge of pep fests. So I guess he would've been the one playing it up. Q: Was the principal there when the prank happened and did he know how it was going to play out? A: Yes, and Yes. Q: Students had said that all the team captains were laughing after they took off the blindfolds. I believe the principal said that afterwards the team captains and their parents were all laughing, hugging and talking. He described it as a positive experience and it was all good. Then I read a comment from a woman who's daughter was at the rally. My daughter goes to school there!!!And she kinda thought it was funny until a young man was "groping" his mother and didn't know it until he saw to his horror who it was. How did it really play out when the captains removed their blindfolds? Did the team captains look like they genuinely found it funny and were completely OK with what just happened? A: I suppose those who seemed to be laughing were playing along to hide their embarrassment. After the fact, though, they tried to speak of it as little as possible. Q: Did none of them seem the least bit shocked, horrified or upset? Maybe they were in disbelief about what really happened. A: They covered it up pretty well, but I agree, they must have been in disbelief. Show less

Yutubegurl1 : Brooo their houses aren’t going to be the same now. I can tell you that much

conejitas enmascaradas : like si bienes del video de dalas

Mercer Fries : Sweet home Alabama

andwhataboutit : sounds about white

infires man : Ok but can you imagine how uncomfortable you would be around your parents after this.

Do jung Soo 6143 : la mayoría vinimos a ver esto x dalas

Allan Garcia : Sweet home alabama

Spongebob SquarePants : This disgusts me 😂

R P : Wait are the parents NOT also blindfolded????? what in the actual..

Dude Person : I had no choice... I had to dislike the video.

Eman Egnarts : That's so sick

Martele Beals : Views?

Jaylen Bl8ke : OH NAH! WHAT! IS! THAAAAT!

TJKicks : I would actually take my own life. I would be so traumatized I would never be able to look at my parents the same way let along trust anybody ever again.

Manuel Alonso Domínguez Vázquez : *SWEET HOME ALABAMA!* 🤠

VERGAENTUJETTA 666 : A famous youtuber comment your video, his name is DalasReview

Bagel_Water : Alabama schools be like

Mr. Wade : Making America great! 😂😂😂

sophai c : meanwhile in Alabama

Ghetto Gothics : Sweet Home Alabama...

p4ch1 1111 : Es la wea mas enferma que eh visto en mi vida wn

CactusRoc : Wincest am I right?