Dog Shows His Mean Face

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Tori V : that made w laugh too cute how his lip just went up and down like that. very good!!

Yuki Dragon girl : Damn this dog will rip u to pieces with teeth like that! 😨

captain P : awesome trainning !!!! he listens super well !!! gj

J R : aww he listens good. i'd be scared

ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed : What language is that?

Dandy Lion : At eye .... Bumwilly ... At eye .... Bumwilly ..... At eye .... Bumwilly

Brady Egbert : ha funny dog knows

wolfangblade : how do u do that

Ram Ghimire : wow!

Chuck H : awesome!

railfan 777 : Lol this is too funny

Ty Prows : nice dog

h8ncars : My dog get a cup of water thrown in his face for flexing like that!

pretty selected : lmao

Thor Wessex : who the fuck is yahoo

daniel smith : alright were gona need an internet detective to determine the rightful owner then we can call the internet police and report an e-robbery

TehSparks : Holy Crap its Bear of Person of interest

playboycali21 : he is telling the dog 'Want to go for a walk?' and the dog looks happy. Then he says 'i take it back' and the dog growls. so funny. very well trained dog

kunt zmashur : ... it's water, relax. it's not going to hurt it

kunt zmashur : ... good for you

myownruin187 : Lol awesome, love gsd

jada truong : tat is wat my dog happy does (he is a German Sheppard too) when he is angry

NuclearNympho : cute

dangerliker : SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE!

Toby Taylor : That dog is better trained than the one on the 2nd

Toby Taylor : I hope your dog bites you for throwing water in its face, you mug

Renee Leventhal : works for a long time without reward.

Yenigm : Hahahahahahaha lol :)

gigga97 : Hey! The original owner should just feel fortunate that he has a cool dog!

Scenic Approach : "he just uploaded it for others to see".. umm not really. He uploaded it in hopes that it goes viral. You see, he gets paid for the advertising on the bottom of the video. The real owner of the vid won't see a penny of his profits.

titily winks : I bet this dog has bit off so many c*cks

Jordan Pringle : Lol yep...It was a adobe flash player error....On command

Joe Dixon : I don't a problem with this guy 'stealing' the video, he just uploaded it for others to see, as long as he's not spamming 'like/favourite and subscribe' everywhere then it's cool

Just an account : I don't know which is funnier, the dog's mouth or the sound the dog makes XD

MartyMcFly858 : I'm teaching my dog this right now... It's not working out!!

urmamasays : so are all the videos on youtube.. they are all copies..

Scenic Approach : This guy saw the yahoo version, and decided to steal the video. The original video was not posted on March 2nd.

FreeFaller991 : like if you came because of yahoo

bigbird1217 : @DABEARSPEPPER to get raped by a dog