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Dylan Quinn : Still going strong 9 years later. This is one of my favourite things on the internet.

AE17 : I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that I was able to help keep the like/dislike ratio neutral.

Moeen Khan : Just so you know, with the new YouTube update, you can still see the amount of likes and dislikes a video has. Simply hover your mouse over the blue line that's under both the thumbs up and down buttons and you will see the actual ratio of likes to dislikes.

Lion : You can see the exact likes and dislikes if you hover over the line under the like/dislike symbol. Like so people can see.

cyclojoshep tuestaalmohadas : We must restore the balance brothers!!!! 415.342 /415.336

Titanium Fish : I liked it, but I disliked it... a very quality 4 second film.

19ACE93 : Old layout people, hold the line!

MiniMango : *!! FOR THE PEOPLE USING THE NEW YOUTUBE LAYOUT !!* Mouse over the like/dislike bar!

pottman101 : Shit, it's unbalanced.


Dick McNasty : The Neutral Comment

Shadow 3091 : I have to come back to this video every now and then just to make sure the like bar is still Neutral

Adam B : Bringing balance to the Force.

skimasktheslumpgoat : PROTECT NET NEUTRALITY

Driggy : welp... the new youtube style has ruined this


Namer Hurr : This is the internet's Switzerland.

Melody Storm : Guys, the current numbers are: 415,782 / 415,777 WE NEED MORE DISLIKES

sebastes2014 : Error 404: no strong feelings found.

The Poke'Saurus : There's an equal amount of likes and dislikes! 414k! Does that mean something!

Elfonzo : The universe is at balance again thanks to me.

PsychoSpider : This is incredible...A running joke that has been kept intact for 7 years on the internet. Good job everyone!


The Most Honourable Moe Lester : Am I the only one who misses this show? We can’t get enough of it they should revive the show

Randomguy 101 : NNOOOOO NON ONK NONMOMKO O NO 4! extra likes????!!! how! send four helpers ASAP!!!

The real OGs : If you move your cursor on the blue line under the likes and dislikes you can see how many.

Žymantas Venislovas : I had to like it to keep the neutral balance

Muffinmurdurer : Please attempt to fix any imbalances. Or don't. I'm fairly neutral on this issue.

Josh Jackson : I disliked what did you do? lol

Alexander Roodt : 408,702/408,702!

Stack Guy : If you don't want to switch back to the old layout, hover over the like/dislike bar (the one that's blue and grey) and it'll show the exact number! Like so people can see!

PrimeKnight : Who came from CaptainSparklypants??

F2.Smoker : Keep it balanced

J3ST3R : now with the new YouTube UI, we can't fucking tell if the likes are balanced. thanks YouTube

MR.Gamer 2 : Its at 413,064 for both no body change it.

carch117 : Guys, new youtube doesn't show the exact number of likes and dislikes, but you can click on the button to the right of the bell and scroll to the bottom and select restore old youtube in order to fix this mess. The balance is off people, we need to fix it!

samfortunato : perfect example of the internet working together to do something great

xlimGaming : Pro tip: if you hover on the blue line under likes and dislikes you can still see the exact number of likes and dislikes.

Dregoro : This should be added to UNESCO cultural heritage.

Dr. Mr. Jeff : this reminds me of captain literally; BALANCE RESTORED

Austin Franco : Keep it going Oh

5000 Subscribers with no videos Challenge : Who came here from TrendCrave

Samson B : TO EVERYONE USING THE NEW YOUUBE LAYOUT: click your account on the top right of the screen and click restore old youtube, then you can contribute to the balance.

Multinia : This video has affected all of leetag's other videos. They also have neutrality in their ratings. I love the internet.

NANDRU JASWANTH : super now equal d se dab

Th3b1gboss Mox2015 : poop v:

Revered Legend : RT Podcast 347

tutota999 : hola soy el unico que tubo osiosidad

Sander Wezelman : just made it equal again. :))))))

sambony94 : removed upvote to restore balance