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Moeen Khan : Just so you know, with the new YouTube update, you can still see the amount of likes and dislikes a video has. Simply hover your mouse over the blue line that's under both the thumbs up and down buttons and you will see the actual ratio of likes to dislikes.

Cain : *I have disrupted the Balance, I apologize, but this video must be in my liked playlist*

TheSaladino176 : Yt fuck it up ... but i have no strong feelings

AzoriusGamer : -I lied about my dislike. I actually like it, but I wanted to balance the exact number.-

Caiden Wichert : There are multiple videos of this and they are all have equal likes/dislikes lol

DJH2006X : I'm aware that hovering over the blue/gray section of the bar shows the real likes/dislikes for this video. YouTube need to make an exception for this video and show the true count or at least indicate that people can hover to show the true numbers. I've been following this video since 2009 and it's a testament to the Internet and working together to 'keep the balance'.

When Pigs Fly : Just cuz you can’t see the exact amount of likes. When one goes up 1000 then just press the other one.

City93 : We need 2 more dislikes to balance it again. If you liked this video and now you dislike it, then the balance is gonna be restore

Mohammad M : Exactly an even amount of likes and dislikes. What the fuck.

GrijashCX : It pains me, but I had to dislike to restore the balance

Wicketz Fattyz : Last time I checked the video, it was 50k and 50k

Shahax : Guys you can still see ratio on phone app

GamingLimited : Please keep it like this


Jessica Lynn : How have I only now discovered this? And how has the joke kept going after eight years?

Lukas O. : For those who want to see the exact like/dislike ratio, hover your mouse over the blue/gray line under the like and dislike button.

SPEED WEED : nice video, i think im just gonna leave a like.

Thoth D Knight : hahaha I'm a rebel 411.753 dislike!

fredricklindberg : 411,589 - 411 574?????? What's going on here! What are you maniacs doing?

Jon Irenicus : I came here to restore the balance.

BayesianBits : 410,912/410,888 it's starting to diverge! Click your profile on the top right and reset to the old youtube to fix this calamity!

INVIZ : Remember you can scroll over the like/dislike bar to see the actual numbers.

Nick Westfall : Here at 410,579 / 410,576. Quick, someone fix it!

JAKK KKAL : 410k/410k. You all make me proud

Peter : It's 410,549 upvotes vs 410,540 downvotes. there's a disturbance in the force

Rahyra TheStronk : People!!!!! You can still see the actually like/dislike count. just hover over the bar!

Ceser : For 8 years now, balance has been maintained.

. Jason : Every time I watch this video I feel a very strong indifference.

Drackzgull : The balance has been restored.

TheAGCteam : Heh, this is the third time I visited this video in 5 years.

Crash : You can just hover over the bar and it tells you the exact numbers. Right now it's 409,760 / 409,757

Celler Celleriac : Also you can return the old design by clicking somewhat in the menu top right, I'm not really sure since I've already done that and I donno how to turn it back.

Alan Raptor : the video is ok

FuriousG : They brought it back! 409639 / 409637 good news I have a vote up, by switching this I will create a true Neutral response to this video!

Lonjyoobondyloomeroobotarand Jones : Oh shit I can't see the exact number anymore just 409k.

Some Commenter Guy : Almost 10 years later and it's still equal

korrect method : to those that try to disrupt the balance, it doesn't matter to me either way.

S&D Gaming : just made it equal again. :))))))

Travis Travis : R A D I C A L C E N T R I S M

TheJJGamer : *!! FOR THE PEOPLE USING THE NEW YOUTUBE LAYOUT !!* Mouse over the like/dislike bar!

J Ocean : I disliked what did you do? lol

Jawzhar : For those who don't feel like changing the layout because you're like me you can just hover your mouse over the bar under the like and dislike buttons and it shows the specific amount.

Michael Minor : If you hover over the like/dislike bar you can still see the numbers.

Dick McNasty : Can this comment get an equal number of likes and replies?

Prin Does Art : I did my part and disliked. I am ashamed that I had to dislike, but proud that I kept the balance of the universe in order.

Dr Earnhardt : the new youtube GUID update makes it impossbiel to see the lieks/dislikes. i just says 405K on both.

Romans Noail : I messed it up xD

Sacx1B : 👍 405,082k 👎 405,080k New Record Or Error Of YouTube???

El Show De Pablo! : wow good video :D

Jakob Morris : I shall offset the balance