Neutral Response

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Ry Zeus : If the ratio is not balanced, WWIII will commence.

TheKeller101 : I switched back to Old YouTube and when asked why, I selected "My reason isn't listed" and commented "I have no strong feelings one way or the other!"

Amber F : I have no strong feelings.

The Poke'Saurus : There's an equal amount of likes and dislikes! 414k! Does that mean something!

Stack Guy : If you don't want to switch back to the old layout, hover over the like/dislike bar (the one that's blue and grey) and it'll show the exact number! Like so people can see!

ROGUE LEGEND : The first time I have disliked a video... at least it was for a good cause

Zain Nasir : I just re-balanced the universe

Hungrybox : the

19ACE93 : Old layout people, hold the line!


iGod : I did not downvote, nor did I upvote. In fact, I did the complete opposite.

Driggy : welp... the new youtube style has ruined this

YouCubing : the new youtube update means i can't see whether or not it's equal fuck

Lion : You can see the exact likes and dislikes if you hover over the line under the like/dislike symbol. Like so people can see.

Titanium Fish : I liked it, but I disliked it... a very quality 4 second film.

Psychostick : muahahahaha


αrmαndσ 7w7r : neutral response

Lord Headcheez : No! The YouTube update killed it!

tutota999 : hola soy el unico que tubo osiosidad

Prestige Clips : Here at 340,193/340,193

rottin_ : OH NO! you cant see the exact like count anymore! the video is doomed!

Adam B : Bringing balance to the Force.

sebastes2014 : Error 404: no strong feelings found.

scorpix96 : bloody new interface, youtube has ruined this video. we can't balance it anymore !

pottman101 : Shit, it's unbalanced.

korrect method : to those that try to disrupt the balance, it doesn't matter to me either way.

TheJJGamer : *!! FOR THE PEOPLE USING THE NEW YOUTUBE LAYOUT !!* Mouse over the like/dislike bar!

Josh Jackson : I disliked what did you do? lol

Kaido Alex : 408,702/408,702!

Ilona L. : I don't even know why, but this makes me so incredibly happy.


Gerwin Bergsma : God f*cking damnit, YT. You broke the purpose of this video!

Marcus Lewis : New YouTube has ruined one of the greatest things on the internet.

Marcus Borderlands : one more dislike...

I don't do YouTube anymore : This was a video.

J3ST3R : now with the new YouTube UI, we can't fucking tell if the likes are balanced. thanks YouTube

Exquisite FuckBoy : Am I the only one who misses this show? We can’t get enough of it they should revive the show

MR.Gamer 2 : Its at 413,064 for both no body change it.

carch117 : Guys, new youtube doesn't show the exact number of likes and dislikes, but you can click on the button to the right of the bell and scroll to the bottom and select restore old youtube in order to fix this mess. The balance is off people, we need to fix it!

David Boucard : I occasionally come back to this video. Currently at 331,341 to 331,341. Ahhh. All is right with the universe. This gives me hope for humanity. One day when we've conquered the galaxy, our descendants will look upon this video and know that we held such promise.

Dregoro : This should be added to UNESCO cultural heritage.

Dr. Mr. Jeff : this reminds me of captain literally; BALANCE RESTORED

Austin Franco : Keep it going Oh

Randomguy 101 : NNOOOOO NON ONK NONMOMKO O NO 4! extra likes????!!! how! send four helpers ASAP!!!

Oreos64 : The internet impresses me with its ability to succeed at doing completely pointless, but also really entertaining tasks. The like bar is a good example.

Shooshi : i liked, it made it unbalanced but someone will dislike and make it even again, so, i have played my part in this community and when someone does what i did and it is unbalanced i will change to a dislike to keep the balance

Samson B : TO EVERYONE USING THE NEW YOUUBE LAYOUT: click your account on the top right of the screen and click restore old youtube, then you can contribute to the balance.

Multinia : This video has affected all of leetag's other videos. They also have neutrality in their ratings. I love the internet.

NANDRU JASWANTH : super now equal d se dab