Neutral Response

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No strong feelings one way or the other


Nick _A : perfectly balanced, as all things should be

Pikablu : why must i dislike this to keep the balance? why me?

UnseenCrafter : If they delete the dislike button, there would be no point to this anymore :(

Ketsuban : In 2019 it will have been 10 years. I applaud us netizens, for this has had a perfect ratio for so long!

D Quinn : Still going strong 9 years later. This is one of my favourite things on the internet.

Mister McLeod : Btw, if you’re on a laptop/computer, you can hover between the likes and dislikes to see the ratio, as thanos once said, we must restore balance.

The Sixth Man : 10 years and I still feel no strong feelings one way or the other...

rebatotem : Dislikes and likes are 100 apart. Wtf is happening? Doomsday coming?


Pajamapants Jack : Thank you emperor lemon.

Jon Meyer : The balance is getting worse. QUICKLY DISLIKE SO WE CAN GET IT TO NORMAL

Your Average Joe Trainer : It is our civic duty to uphold the balance.

Angry GOAT Plays : Next up: One person uploads a video in which someone says "Tag, you're it", while looking at the camera. *All hell breaks loose.*

Ambassador Past : I am so proud of this community

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : one of the most legendary videos on youtube disliked

Waly Waly : 10 years later and it's still perfectly balanced

Jack R : UPDATE There are about 20 more likes than dislikes

enderdestroyer 102 : Great job on restoring the balance guys! Edit: Ok who disrupted the balance? Edit: And the balance is back again, good job guys!

Kango Bango : Balanced as everything should be. An eternal pendulum of serenity

CarnivorousVegan : perfectly balanced as all things should be

GenericFellow 24 : UN: And what is Switzerland’s stance on this issue? Switzerland:

Jessie De Weyrd : Gave a thumbs down to help achieve neutrality again 👍🏻

Aidan Hammond : Wouldn't just be great if we sabotaged the ratio?

Eowyn Buhl : 453,356 / 453,356 we have done it. 10 years, still going strong (btw it's April 12th, 2019)

WildBlueYonder : I find myself thinking of this video from time to time, and each time, I return out of curiosity. When I arrive, I'm met with the delightful confirmation that the balance is still strong. Occasionally, I'll do my part, and I'll change my like to a dislike, just to nudge the forces of truth and evil back into alignment. My people, this is a game of ying and yang, and through the years, I have found solace in the fact that this is the one place on the internet where people can actually work together. This video has brought balance to my life, and I hope to someday share this special clip with my grandchildren... Thank you so much, and have a blessed day.

WatanabeKun90s : Too many normies liking this video

ロリコン : Just balanced the bar with a dislike. Even with Youtube rounding off the numbers we can still keep this alive.

Batuhan Türev : 454K vs 454K

ULTRA20 : Tomorrow will be the 10th aniversary, what a historical moment for youtube!

Brad Taste in Music : I came here from Emp Lemon to help restore balance to the internet

LostRightShoe : We got too much likes now people. Time to dislike it!

enderdestroyer 102 : Cmon guys lets restore the balance!


Stefan Bugeac : Happy 10th year anniversary Neutral Response!

Snidbert : The real Net Neutrality.

Orlando D'Rivero : Lets see if the balance keep up

The Senate 2 : Damn. This video is a testament to the power of the internet. Like team rules!

a1rzf0rc3 : April 10th, 2019 453,483 likes / 453,483 dislikes.

coFalco - : Can't wait for this to be the most *Liked* and the most _Disliked_ video at the sane time...

Peaches : I don't even know why, but this makes me so incredibly happy.

Sean McCord : "Perfectly balanced, as all things should be" - Thanos

Mini tomate : The balance still prevails till today. *Impressive*

Dawson Pierce : perfectly balanced as all things should be.

theelous3 : Ten years today. Humanity's greatest display of co-operation.

Ming Dinkleburg : This video is one of the greatest in youtube's history, but I am forced to dislike to restore balance. The hardest decisions require the strongest of wills

Logan Boven : Perfectly balanced as all things should be

• Irishboi • : aw f*ck, missed the 10 year anniversary by 5 days. My response wasn't neutral :(

Oh no! : Just doing my online duty and disliking this video.

blue text on white background : it's the 10th anniversary of this video and i have no strong feelings one way or the other about it.