Neutral Response

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No strong feelings one way or the other

Comments from Youtube

Snidbert : The real Net Neutrality.

490o : This is the only social experiment gone right.

James : what if this became the most liked and disliked video on youtube?

Ketsuban : In 2019 it will have been 10 years. I applaud us netizens, for this has had a perfect ratio for so long!

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : one of the most legendary videos on youtube disliked

is da vog : every so often i come back to see if it's still neutral likes. nobody told anyone to do this, people just did it. that is my favorite part of the internet, is that collectively we can come together without EVEN SAYING anything and work for a common goal

Pikablu : why must i dislike this to keep the balance? why me?

NoopSoop : One of the many beautiful historic videos in Youtube's history. A time before Rewind, before demonetization, before the drama; A time of unity between all users. The Golden Age if you will. Oh I could only imagine the beauty of those times. But, those days were not to last, a lot has changed. Thus, we should preserve videos like this, do your part and keep the balance.

Nick _A : perfectly balanced, as all things should be

CarnivorousVegan : perfectly balanced as all things should be

Mister McLeod : Btw, if you’re on a laptop/computer, you can hover between the likes and dislikes to see the ratio, as thanos once said, we must restore balance.

UnseenCrafter : If they delete the dislike button, there would be no point to this anymore :(


AimAnd Fire : Sometimes i come here to change my side... Just to keep the neutrality going. Like ir should

Pajamapants Jack : Thank you emperor lemon.

Arch Knight : someone like so i can dislike

slobknob : Perfectly balanced, just as everything should be.

Table_C-137 : It looked alot better when youtube videos had the EXACT like and dislike numbers instead of 446K

Your Average Joe Trainer : It is our civic duty to uphold the balance.

edub12385 : I have no strong feelings about this video.

Sixshot : Every few months I must go on a pilgrimage to this channel, and restore the balance to this, and his other videos.

Kango Bango : Balanced as everything should be. An eternal pendulum of serenity

sunnysea24 : The like/dislike ratio on this video reminds me that we as people truly are capable of coming together to achieve a goal

JC Denton : Still going strong 9 years later. This is one of my favourite things on the internet.

FLAZ : "Perfectly Balanced as All Things Should be"

Ambassador Past : I am so proud of this community

joshua powell : Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.

Aidan Elder : OH SHIDD I JUST BALANCED IT (even 5 years later it's still an amazing feeling)

Brad Taste in Music : I came here from Emp Lemon to help restore balance to the internet

Dawson Pierce : perfectly balanced as all things should be.


Sr Patata : 10 years and the likes and dislikes still are same :)

the dude : I have no strong feelings one way or another, from this video.

Ming Dinkleburg : This video is one of the greatest in youtube's history, but I am forced to dislike to restore balance. The hardest decisions require the strongest of wills

ZeGoodStuff : One decade later and this masterpiece of technological scenery still brings me joy.

Zeno Salazar : I have brought balance to this neutral feeling. 452,397 / 452,397

Daniel Castillo : It's been literally 10 years Ages of inspiring and downgrading moments for humanity People died and took whole childhoods with them And yet this still makes me smile

idfk : *perfectly balanced, as all things should be*

MadEvo606 : wow, I don't think humanity has ever been this cooperative

Your Friend DuckMcLuck : When you keep pushing the middle option on the mass effect trilogy

Logan Boven : Perfectly balanced as all things should be

#PussySlayer# : officialy balanced it from 447,019/447,020 to 447,020/447,020 edit: nwm it's at 447,021/447,019

Brodu Sullivan : and to this day the likes and dislikes are perfectly neutral.

ma boyz : so humanity can only work together about a joke?

malcolm : little does everyone know, this video was actually made by thanos promoting his ideology perfectly balanced, as all things should be

AnnoyingVulture : Perfectly Balanced, as all things should be.

Bumper Bonnie : one more month, lets keep it together, (only 2 votes away)

Loonk Loonk : haha you fools its i am going to make a strong felling

WildBlueYonder : I find myself thinking of this video from time to time, and each time, I return out of curiosity. When I arrive, I'm met with the delightful confirmation that the balance is still strong. Occasionally, I'll do my part, and I'll change my like to a dislike, just to nudge the forces of truth and evil back into alignment. My people, this is a game of ying and yang, and through the years, I have found solace in the fact that this is the one place on the internet where people can actually work together. This video has brought balance to my life, and I hope to someday share this special clip with my grandchildren... Thank you so much, and have a blessed day.