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10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : one of the most legendary videos on youtube disliked

LeeTheNPC : *Thanos would like to:* _know your location_

CarnivorousVegan : perfectly balanced as all things should be

Corous : It has been 9 years and I'm still doing this shit. Thanos would be so proud of us.

Couch potato cowboy : I have failed all of you for you see I am on mobile and cannot see the number the best I can do is to not click and Risk upsetting the balance

King Cacti : The ironic part of all this is that in order to reach new heights, this video must be unbalanced, and then re-balanced again by someone else

Snidbert : The real Net Neutrality.

is da vog : every so often i come back to see if it's still neutral likes. nobody told anyone to do this, people just did it. that is my favorite part of the internet, is that collectively we can come together without EVEN SAYING anything and work for a common goal

Pajamapants Jack : Thank you emperor lemon.

trynachill : I also came here from emplemon, but saw this video was already perfectly balanced, so I disliked it to cause that when the balance is restored, it will be even more balanced than before!

JOHN GALELA : Us mobile users could never contribute to such a masterpiece for we could destroy such a perfect balance

Evan Tsukahara : Here because of captain sparkles

BigBearM : I established true neutrality 445873/445873

Dylan Quinn : Still going strong 9 years later. This is one of my favourite things on the internet.

Kingm3 : so tempting to like and see how fast balance can be restored

Noah Rahal : Fun thought: What if we would make it the most liked AND disliked video. Edit: Thanks for the 140 likes, now give me 140 dislikes and we're all even. (joke) :D

- SeremineR4MPG3 - : perfectly balanced as all things should be

RiGxn : Bois we did it 442,152 likes 442,152 dislikes

Brad Taste in Music : I came here from Emp Lemon to help restore balance to the internet

NoopSoop : One of the many beautiful historic videos in Youtube's history. A time before Rewind, before demonetization, before the drama; A time of unity between all users. The Golden Age if you will. Oh I could only imagine the beauty of those times. But, those days were not to last, a lot has changed. Thus, we should preserve videos like this, do your part and keep the balance.

SpaceVeggie : it is so off right now :((

Kibchi Redanlae : Mouse over the thing to ensure the count remains balanced.

Krzysiek F : i am a hero, i restored the balance lol

Dank Matter : I love how a community can cooperate as one

Lucy Arisato : Perfect balance. As all things should be.

Brad y : Perfectly balanced as all things should be


MrShroud : So, I only just learned that hovering the mouse over the like/dislike bar shows the exact value of likes and dislikes, and knowing that, I can't even contribute because it's balanced

EdboyWins : I hit dislike not because I dont like it, but because of the love i have for it.

EnderRyzen : Came from Captain Sparklez

SpazAlicious : perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Barisch1602 : removed my dislike to bring balance back!

Finikksu : the Balance is off by 60. We need to fix this.

George B : One of the many wonders of the interweb

Astral Fennec : The balance is currently off by 105! We need some dislikes!

Med Íík : the balance is in 17.11.2018 at 15.56 445090/445089

3DylanStar - TF2 : 10/21 Balanced achieved. 442,180 likes and dislikes

Some Dude : We are 23 points in the positive! We are losing neutrality!


Goku : Thanos nibbas be like : "We need balance on the likes and dislikes"

malcolm : little does everyone know, this video was actually made by thanos promoting his ideology perfectly balanced, as all things should be


Michael A2 : restored

MrChabry : The balance must be restored!

Dan Yami : perfectly balanced... as all things should be.

kingzcool : It cannot be unbalanced oh my god this is the youtube relica

Your average youtuber : I will do it lads I WILL BREAK THE BALANCE

Draw Like Venom : We need 9 dislikes asap

PsychoSpider : This is incredible...A running joke that has been kept intact for 7 years on the internet. Good job everyone!

Nova : It looked alot better when youtube videos had the EXACT like and dislike numbers instead of 446K