How Chick-Fil-A Training Gotta Be Like

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LongBeachGriffy : RDCworld must work for Chick Fil A because these video are 10 out of 10 service. I tried to come up with a clever comment, I'm awful at this....

Kash E. : I can't even lie, I had that car part happen to me lmao 😅. Years ago my last car died in the drive through of Chik Fil A in the middle of summer. Maaaann the workers came out, took my keys, pushed the car in neutral out of the drive thru, and gave me a free milkshake because it was almost 100° outside. All with a smile, and when I said thank you so much, they all said my pleasure when they left. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. I've been a loyal customer ever since. 👍🏾

6foot6 E : Chick fila gonna watch my daughter today while I go to work. Now that's customer service.

oop : chic-fil-a broke they ankles then gone say “my pleasure.”

Caleb Ledet : 💀💀 I work at chick fil a and when I said “your welcome “ by accident I almost got fired😂😂😂

Heavenly Controller : Damn Chick-Fil-A employees would cross the shit out of me

aidan paul : The 148 people who disliked this vid works at Arbie's

Tyler Towberman : I work at chick fil a and this is the most accurate vid I’ve seen. The bosses are nice to the customers but behind closed doors are constantly breathing down our necks to get that clean service

Sweeneytv : 0:56 A reminder to all, if someone comes up and stretches like that. They mean business.

jjohnsonnccc : “ Give it back! GIVE IT BACK!!”


UnderDog D : LMFAO just imagine getting crossed by a chick fil a worker and they say afterwards “my pleasure”

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen : One time I was jacking off in the lobby and one of the managers came and helped me finish. Afterwards I said, "Thank you," and he responded with "My pleasure," with a smile! Been a loyal customer ever since.

SE Games : I work in a grocery store and I had to change a customers tire one night. I’d say we get a 9/10 chick fil a woulda bought the customer a new car

VinceMcmahon : All these dislikes are from salty McDonald’s employees.

Super Black : Chick-Fil-A will do nothing short of saving your life, all for great customer service

Imani Wj Wright : "This ain't Arby's, get out of here!" 😂😩😩😂😂

Javian Johnson : Chick Fil A serving up crossovers "my pleasure" lol

Stoned DONUT : This video is false if your car really broke down like dat then chick-fil-a would of bought u a new one

Flashy Finesse : *Last time I went to chick fil a* 🐥.. Somehow they gave me the car in front of me's food (it was a bunch of shit) and then they were like.. 'oh our bad you can keep it' and gave me my original order Too 😂 I ended up pulling off with like $70 worth of food

Brandon Adrien : I thought dude was gonna get cut for balling on the court. Boss: You cut! Trainee: But I was hoopin! Boss: But we don't do people dirty like that!!!!



Christopher Townsel : They really do have good customer service. During my last visit, after I ordered my food and grabbed a straw, I made my way to the dining area and immediately ran into an employee who was carrying my food looking for me. Best customer service ever experienced!

Jalen Ross : The fact that this is so accurate is just....... I can't even describe it

Roddy Rod : 😂😂 MY PLEASURE!!

Darnell Yiadom : 0:58 your boy's got some clean handles, I see why they call him the "Handle God"

Panda : I worked at Chick-fil-A. Can confirm.

Permeation : 10 👏 / 👏 10 👏C U S T O M E R 👏 S E R V I C E

kikyoC : I didn't know lebron worked at chik fil a

O Meo : Chick-fil-a workers doing the Lord's work by day and crossing people on the court by night.

LeanFather : 10/10 Chick-Fil-A employees are top 10 draft picks

Javian Johnson : LMFAOOOO Chick Fil A is really this nice!!! The "my pleasure" at the end took me out!!!

Duke Alpha : At chick fill a you dont pay for food you pay for the customer service


Sky Wiz00 : Anyone else saw this video on Instagram before it was uploaded on YouTube Legend has it that the guy inside his car at 0:20 is still sitting there to this very day

brenden buggage : And they make time for god on Sundays, go Chick Fil a

6'5, Give Me Some Leg Room : Crazy how its been the same squad for years 💯

Shybaka289 : One thing we can all agree with Chick-Fil-A is their Chicken Sandwiches and Chicken Biscuits are so damn good 😌

三H20 丶Drip三 : "THIS AIN'T NO ARBY'S" 😂😂

The Rice Fields : That's not very cash money of your employee

Commander Savannah : The accuracy is uncanny.

Uniquely_ _ Awkward Simply_ _ Beautiful : Honestly going to chick-fil-a is kinda creepy to me sometimes 2 and 3 people will say "my pleasure" at the same time with a creepy smile on their face with a high pitch tone lmao idk its like their robots ....overly nice comes off as fake and creepy ... I was exiting the restaurant with my food and the manager yelled get the door and the dude dashed pass me to get the door with his eyes all bucked saying my pleasure like 3 times😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😂

Juss Ace : Mans really said my pleasure at the end 😂

James M Sims : Bro you are life never stop making videos 💝

Tex Hammond : Your videos are SOOO ENTERTAINING AND FUNNY!!!

Monkey D. Zoro : *I ate some waffle fries one time and realized I had an enlarged heart, they took me to the back An did a perfect heart transplant for free with a free shake included.*

Tyler Crowell : Can lie I just died laughing when they showrd up on the court"work him" "work him"

Lilly Parker : I feel like the funniest part of this video was using the kitchen window as a drive thru haha

Raven Vertica : I got my iPhone fixed at Chick-fil-A 🙂🙂