Dilbert Season 1 Episode 10 Y2K
Dilbert 1999 S01E10 Y2K

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Peter Arnt : At 0:10, Dilbert says that June 30 2014 is a Thursday. Wrong! It's a Monday. ...And, the 1st day of the year 2222 is indeed Tuesday as Dogbert guessed.

cpd2725 : The warm milk.......OMG I CANT STOP LAUGHING

Squareplanets : Omg, Spongebob voiced the Chimp! 😍😂

Matthew Stinar : I was delivering pizza when Y2K came. The amateur radio club had a temporary radio base in front of the police station and there were a bunch of cops and other extra people at the hospital.

Brian Blanchard : June 30th 2014 was a Monday.

Shamar : Dilbert's mom sounds the the mom from Roseanne

Aaron : Ah Wally. The shows everyman.

Rapscallion2009 : Now a little voice in my head is going "Whoa black betty, bam-a-dam..."

bethany smith : Lol, I love that lady in the bank, shes great with her revenge

SATAN : All I can think of when I hear dilbert is the wonder years voice over guy

BJL Tv : Pointy Haired Boss - not now Dilbert, am reminiscing. Black Betty the mainframe. 😂

Alan Aspinall : I love how wally was once a brilliant worker lol

Mico Berta : God damn! January 1st, 2000 sounds ancient, yet I was actually there!!!

Demonetization : This is made in the late 90s and early 2000s yet has really smooth animation

- King - : YIIK in a nutshell

Eddie Reptile : Have glass of warm milk. XD

fschutt : 16:11 That's not cobol, that's C. It even has comments in the code - what an unrealistic show.

IZZy FUNDy_band : .....bam balam

F And : Black Betty would be considered racist in 2019

InfiniteMushroom : I was THE loser in engineering school when Y2K came and went. I was in my off-campus apartment, heard all the partying, had a few drinks by myself, and went to bed.

seededsoul : Oh man!! The milk scene was too much!

seededsoul : This is so typical in an office environment...everyone tries to evade work.

Ryan Dunham : 11:15 "Or chasm..." Giggidy

Togo Burrows : Loyal to the minion of Catbert

Robert Currie : Alice is the smartest engineer there, so she should know the next equivilant bug would be Y10K.

Austin Viken : 19:31 potential meme content (also the code keeps repeating itself lol)

Isaac Cool : Well how do we deal with the year 2032 problem

VicerExciser88 : Some of the C code variable/function name & documentation easter eggs around 16:10 : [1] GetMarkScheib'sHeight(); Purpose - To get the height of a plant; Returns - plant height, a double Joe Wiseman | [2] main(); Purpose - To manipulate an array of MarkScheib's heights Damla Dogan | [3] InputHeights(thePlants); Eric Melrose | [4] OutputHeights(thePlants); Damla Dogan | [5] for (int num = 0; num < MAX-MELROSES; num++)

Elliot Gabriel : 14:03 Sp... Spongebob?

panther105 : Can't stand the loud guy

rutabagasteu : And 2001 was the start of the Millennium.

Wyatt Booth : Woah black Betty bamble amble! Woah black Betty bamble amble!

rutabagasteu : This turns into follow the yellow brick road and see the wizard !

Tadesan : Omg the guy on the couch

Sivanah Barbee : The Boss makes me want to punch him.

Ricky Ray : LOL loud howard

Mr.Wellington Von Duke III : I was 12 sitting on the floor watching the ball drop with my parents eating from a large vegetable tray, I never ate from another vegetable tray since.

Robin Gilliver : They have Spongebob for the money?

Drake Dragon : lol

NSNOfm78 : 12:49 did he leave his keys in Dilcar?

Chronos : Dogbert and catbert are lower lifeforms they cant have power

pop5678eye : Moo!

DeathAero : 15:13 the sound of the power turning on in CoD Zombies

BFKC : I have a feeling the loud-talking guy only exists for one scene where he cries very loudly, instead of just being a little sad, which is kinda funny (sort of Peanuts- or Snoopy-like). I think in Season 2. Other than that, I really don't see a point in this character, that is literally the only joke that seems to work with him.

Nico Ayala : Does the monkey have the voice of spongebob?

Emmett Carr : y2k

Jacob Black : Trump is the boss

The Carrot Clarinet : Trash guy is just a taoist