The Cycle of Life

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Comments from Youtube

surreal entertainment : Strangest soup ad I ever saw

Bearistotle : I have no idea why this popped up in my recommended feed, but I will be forever grateful to be acquainted with my true pantry pal.

Me and my BobbyGee : *Japanese person* : Why are people freaking out? It's a normal add lol

Jefferson Juno : _You need to understand that this is understanding_

Distinguishable Pie : Dude I could of sworn that soup was talking

Neilogical : This is a religious experience.

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : This blesses me.

kira yoshikage explores the internet : *_have i seen god?_*

Green Sabre : Its funny. I actually got sick over the weekend and went to the store to buy Campbell's. There's a lot of truth to this video. In many ways Campbell's is apart of our culture. It is our healer when we are sick, something we trust when we are looking for a hardy meal. It has probably even saved a few people from starvation... We talk about having "faith" in all of these distant, esoteric objects and concepts. But Campbell's, along with many other resources that we take for granted, serve a real, tangible need. We dedicate ourselves to their availability in a show of devotion that would make any God blush.

nothing : I am holding back tears.......this video is so powerful

QueenAmy : there is no ethical consumption under soupitalism

evesning : umami, we love you.

I’m not vaccinated : This video deserves more likes... and an Oscar

max boehm : Wow, this art style and animation is absolutely phenomenal. This damn video, through its unique and message has effected me in such a strange way. Very good work U N A M I.

Asmarite : What's with umami and soup

Lieutenant Boxballs : This artist has done us all a great deed. I shall appreciate this new pantry pal of mine for all of time

Yung Go Fuck Yourself Idiot : Noodles, an evolutionary being just as biological as you who's roots are not in micro-bacteria, fish, or primates, but instead in grains, flour, and leavened dough, paired with broth-based soups that are equally biological create a harmony that brings out the best in both ingredients, birthing a new cross section gifted to this reality of the beautiful symphony that is the higher dimensional Pantry Pal. His evolution has been bastardized, manipulated, and siphoned off of by those seeking monetary/caloric/energetic gain. Pantry Pal, unhappy with this manipulation of his passed on gift of life, lashes downwards in dimensions, and incarnates into a being constructed of pure soup, and appeals to them not with hypocritical claims that severs upwards causation but instead points directly upwards towards the source of not only his own existence, but also everything else's.

Guadalupe Montero : Let's get this trending guys. The world needs to experience this aswell.

Jimmyfish The3rd : While watching this I smelled chicken noodle soup

Zachariah Becerra : Your use of shadows is probably my favorite thing about your work.

nameless Manuel : This is how you make ads

Jewish Male : Umami is the flavour of meat and savoury and you use MSG To enhance it... *MCFEELS ALL MAKES SENSE NOW* 🤯🤯

Salty Hellriegel : This is officially the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen on youtube

MCGbeats : *Why am I crying?*

Cricis11700 : I don't even like Campbell, but this plot is as good as halo combat evolved, ADDICTING.

devin hall : ah, once more it is 3am and youtube knows exactly what i want

Nighteeer : The soup son did truly prevail what a blessing

Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker : Love the art style. You've earned a new subscriber.

Chris Kogos : This needs to be a legit Campbell's commercial.

Ruler of Monkeys : This sold me on Campbell's soup better than Billy Mayes or Phil Swift combined. GG bro. F

Infernal : Oh how I have yearned for this video... What an astonishing experience, I cannot stop watching it... again.

Sad Hours : that moment when your soup begins to give a life changing speech

Laurence Orais : Your animations are as good and ever. Kudos to you sir

ssj4goten432 : The sequel nobody asked for but everyone wanted.

Miles Anderson : When the soup asserts its dominance.

Polish Filipino : _I understand everything now_

Max Loh : Wow. Is this the new David Firth? So well done. So dreamy. I love it. Need more of this.

Matt G : That's some profound soup.

Maths on the Metty : This is the real art.

MrFlamoose : Thank you Mr. Algorithm and Mr. Umami. Great Soup.

king ghidorah : The trailer for deus ex 2020

VCR Tapes : Existentially T A S T Y.

Zeeeko : All hail our faithful pantry pal

sum dood : He’s my Canned Companion, my Factory-Made Friend, and my Chewy Chum.

Desert Foxchild : This is the first time I have wanted Campbell's chicken noodle soup in about a year or more, and actually when I think of this animation I find myself craving it again. I know its a strange animation but Campbell's should really consider paying this person for their efforts.

GD JACK : Wow sausage party 2 trailer is amazing..

Bubbablue : I have no idea what I just watched but I'm fairly sure my IQ increased by about 12

Mason Danger : This proves that not all movie sequels are garbage

A Gamer : >pantry pal