The Cycle of Life

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lammybacon : "The Cycle of life" was premiered to Campbell stockholders during a late December 2018 projection meeting. Keith McLoughlin, Campbell’s interim President and CEO stated, “Umami has captured our brand vision and direction for the future of Campbell. We are very excited to have his art communicate that 'Real food that matters for life's moments.'" Campbell net sales Increased 25 percent reflecting impact of recently completed acquisitions and prognosis for the upcoming seasons are expected to rise. - Newsweek Jan 2019

surreal entertainment : Strangest soup ad I ever saw

Me and my BobbyGee : *Japanese person* : Why are people freaking out? It's a normal add lol

Bearistotle : I have no idea why this popped up in my recommended feed, but I will be forever grateful to be acquainted with my true pantry pal.

Nutt Cracker : When a youtuber/artist reads all the comments

Ryker Humphreys : This is really something beautiful I like how odd yet warm all of your animations feel like I’m inside with the blankets on a cold winter day and running for my life at the same time

Justin Y. : I hate it when my soup causes me to have an existential crisis.

Henry LastName : This actually made me really sad. The people worked so hard to get the soup into everyone's home and then he makes them painfully aware of how little they have achieved for themselves, because he took it all. People working behind the scenes to bring greatness to others deserve a lot more recognition. Just as you do. Thank you for working so hard to shed these pieces of humanity, so that those of us graced with your videos may commune like vultures to a carcass at the bottom of the sea.

Iahan : thats a lot of mouths to feed

Poncho : You know when you see an intruiging thumbnail and you suddenly have this intuition that this will be a good video, something unique, something fresh and magnificient that you will always remember as a little gem of internet weirdness ? Didn't happened to me in a long, long time, but Pantry Pal was all I needed.

max boehm : Wow, this art style and animation is absolutely phenomenal. This damn video, through its unique and message has effected me in such a strange way. Very good work U N A M I.

Neilogical : This is a religious experience.

kira yoshikage : *_have i seen god?_*

Gahstly Soups : This video deserves more likes... and an Oscar

nothing : I am holding back tears.......this video is so powerful

Gar Fierield : YouTube for some reason gave me a push notification that this was recommended to me and I'm so glad I'm here

Cyranek : this motivated me

ed and 69 others : Thank you UMAMI, very cool. Really dude this is fucking amazing work! Keep it going! - your soup son

JirroZ : As much as this entertains us all, I feel like u m a m i is trying to tell us that, whenever we go viral from a single video, no one will always remember you throughout your other creations, as the people watching are too traumatized of your gag that they don't bother watching your other videos.

Salty Hellriegel : This is officially the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen on youtube

xX2FOOTNINJAXx : I thought the soup was going to speak Japanese from the way the thumb nail looked lol

Chris Kogos : This needs to be a legit Campbell's commercial.

Guadalupe Montero : Let's get this trending guys. The world needs to experience this aswell.

Yung Go Fuck Yourself Idiot : Noodles, an evolutionary being just as biological as you who's roots are not in micro-bacteria, fish, or primates, but instead in grains, flour, and leavened dough, paired with broth-based soups that are equally biological create a harmony that brings out the best in both ingredients, birthing a new cross section gifted to this reality of the beautiful symphony that is the higher dimensional Pantry Pal. His evolution has been bastardized, manipulated, and siphoned off of by those seeking monetary/caloric/energetic gain. Pantry Pal, unhappy with this manipulation of his passed on gift of life, lashes downwards in dimensions, and incarnates into a being constructed of pure soup, and appeals to them not with hypocritical claims that severs upwards causation but instead points directly upwards towards the source of not only his own existence, but also everything else's.

Jimmyfish The3rd : While watching this I smelled chicken noodle soup

DB Pixels : I must moisten myself with the soup each and every day for now on. Its broth filling my pores. Its meaning soaking into my bloodstream. My eyes will absorb its odor and steam. Creating a haze. Blinding me from your reality. And helping me see the new light that which the soup provides.

Asmarite : What's with umami and soup

nameless Manuel : This is how you make ads

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : This blesses me.

Logan F98 : I believe we have found a god that can contend with the might of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. We must prepare for the coming battle, because our universe might not be able to survive the clashing of noodles.

Sunipoe : This video is truly a chicken noodle soup for the soul

an0nymooose : I want u to condense my noodle UMAMI


Elongated Muskrat : In which dimension am I in right now?

Federico : tomato soup is better.

Jason Stathehem : Lol this is some next level irony. You’re trying to be fake-deep using a symbol specifically used by Andy to show how shallow art had become. Great animation though, it’s the message that needs work.

Zeeeko : All hail our faithful pantry pal

Major General Pootis : feels like a fever dream ...or is it worse?

Sad Hours : that moment when your soup begins to give a life changing speech

Munden : When people ask me, "What is art?" I'll just link them to this video

Mateofaustrialia Yup : This video truly demonstrates the cultural significance Campbell soup has brought upon our race it has fed us for generations and if anything we shall extend our gratitude towards it . It has fed the hungry through the Campbell Foundation and when the Earth is it it's most desperate time we all know that Campbell's soup will pull us through. Although we in fact are temporary .Campbell soup is eternal and it throughout eternity it will feed us our proper nutrients and it will add meaning and significance towards our small lives through it's delicious, exquisite and excepcional flavor .All of this cumulate into the grand conclusion that Campbell soup is and will always not only the supreme but most ultimate form of food and that is why we say thank you for being with us for 150 years the human race will not be where it is without your assistance.

EpicDonutDude : When life gives you soup

Brandonlm2010 : i just finished the video. should i get my blood tested?

Jarrod El-Khouri : Campbell's super bowl commercial 2019. They need to put it all on the table, pay for this 3:30 spot and air this.

NINJA's Depression : Thank you collective human conciousness, very cool.

Martvel : _Camp🅱️ell_

Vivid Crystals Dubs : Now I want some soup boi in my stomach.


Ruler of Monkeys : This sold me on Campbell's soup better than Billy Mayes or Phil Swift combined. GG bro. F

TheVoice OfTruth : Looks like my soup expired