Quickie: Black Panther

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M'aiq Be lyin : That what r those joke did make me want to kill myself....

CrimsonOptics : Cool Cat saves Wakanda

M.H.0903 : I really enjoyed this film But that fucking "what are those" scene was hard to watch

That Guy qX : Yeah I preferred the first cat in the hat

Witless plum803 : "Most Marvel movies are plain average and boring"- best statement I've heard all year, thus far.

The Inconceivable Glue Man : Uh oh, did someone just have an *opinion!?*

Sapphire The Rain-Wing : I swear to god I'm losing brain cells reading these hate comments. Why the hell are people thinking Adam is racist. He just did a review. I understand disagreeing with him that's your opinion but these comments are ridiculous.

Disco Puppy : "It was boring" Can't wait to see the masses of comments saying you're racist

Roundabout : The thing that most makes me angry about the politics regarding this movie is people going "First black superhero of all time!!!!!!!!". It's because I fucking love Blade. Smh.

Hips : Wow Adam I understand where you're coming from but did you really have to recite the entirety of "Birth Of a Nation" 's script whilst placing pictures of Emmett Till on your personal alter? Not cool Adam, Not cool

UnCreative Deconstructionism : *Yo wtf adam, I thought you liked furries*

steelspartanzero : Idk why anyone is surprised, or offended by the review. YMS hates almost every film unless it's close to masterpiece level or universally acclaimed and even then he usually just says it's "good". His name is "Your Movie Sucks" guys, c'mon you know what you're here for.

Knurdyob : When will you review King Candy?

Gopal Vithlani : thanks for giving your honest opinion, Adam

2UNIEK : Spawn > Gimp Panther

AugustMovieReviewer : This makes two Disney movies were it gets intreseting after a scene a casino

Letty Lunasical : I keep seeing comments complaining about people are being called racist for not liking the film, however I've yet to see one person actually legitimately calling anyone racist for not liking the film. It's almost as if SJWs aren't the only ones guilty of making up conflict to push an agenda.

Abu Mohamed : This guy is one of the few YouTubers actually giving an honest review on the movie

DemonicRemption : I'm two minutes in, and this review has made me realize something... Instead of the acting, story, action, this film was sold to the general public based on RACIAL POLITICS!?!?! Like YMS said, it's a kids', well technically family film, and it was sold on racial politics... All these other hero films starring white guys aren't politically promoted, why must this one be any different? The stupidity of this offends me, and I'm black BTW...

Joel Miller : I get you weren’t a fan of the film.. but did you really have to resort to calling every cast member the n word?

Nun Yabusiness : Well someone finally said it

Cupcake-kun : Nice critique of the movie, but I would've enjoyed if you didn't keep yelling "white power" after every sentence.

AsironID : Black panther is Marvel's Lion King

Ethan Cox : I enjoy the Marvel universe but basically its a below average marvel film. Strip away the politician bullshit and considering its Marvel, its a poor film.


Julie: Pokemon Trainer from the Tartarus Region : WHAT ARE THOSE

Devin jedi master99 : Before you get triggered Remember sjws adam is gay.

Siouxbb : I love how Adam actually reviews it like any other movie - equally. Instead of giving it a biased review simply because it has black people. I wouldn't want him to do that with any movie! I want an HONEST review, and as someone who doesnt like Marvel either I wouldnt enjoy it either. I respect Adam and his honesty. I think this movie is great for showing diversity, and if people want to watch it simply because of that then amazing. If thats their new favorite movie, fantastic! But do NOT call someone racist just because it has a black cast and they didn't enjoy the movie. And because they watch it outside the realm of just a 'black superhero movie' - but instead he watches it TRULY EQUALLY - like any other movie.

hardrockfreak1337 : 5? Adam usually gives these movies 6. Adam confirmed racist

Alexis Winston : Hey Adum, I totally understand some of your points like not enjoying most Marvel movies (something i normally do too lol) but I just wanted to share why my (and many others of color) experience of the movie might be different from yours! Its easy to just ad this to the list of endless superhero franchises but as a black person it means so much more than that (hear me out please!) I got emotional attending this film with my father & although people say race shouldn't matter, for us, to see a young, thriving African-American director and a predominantly black cast in Hollywood, which has never produced a blockbuster this overtly black....it felt monumental to us. Representation where our brothers and sisters are Kings and Queen, strong, intelligent, wealthy, hardworking and more importantly joyful characters....Its important for us to have black characters who aren't predisposed to the stereotypes associated with being black which is prevalent in many films throughout history. Its narrative includes vibrant and joyful perspectives on black life and tradition which is seldom seen across america. This movie is making (and rightfully so) millions of dollars in which characters are unapologetically and respectfully pulling ideas from African culture, traditions while also challenging being disconnected from that identity which so many black people can relate to, including myself. This is what makes Black Panther so incredibly important. So before dismissing it, I pray you and whoever else reads this learned a little more as to why people are defending it under these conditions. This movie isn't going anywhere and will go down in history for being this cultural phenomenon. No Black Panther isn't a perfect film, but its important to understand why people love this film already without even seeing it yet! Representation matters! Much love

Geahk Burchill : I gave it a 6.5/10 but I totally agree with this review. I felt it was better than average but no where near great. Don't see it in 3D or all the "giant" cityscapes just look like tiny little models. 3D entirely ruined the scale of the film.

SATURNWAVE未来 : Wow the new Cool Cat reboot looks pretty good

Homer : Some asshole: Black Panther is important because something-something-black-people. Me: You'd love Steel.

TheWarriorpony : No, you are not racist for not caring for the movie. The reason though why this movie specifically has become so political, is that, while 12YaS and Moonlight are wonderful, gorgeous, powerful and important, they are still ultimately about black people as what black people are always portrayed as; slaves and drugdealers in the hood. But, this movie shows them unapologetically as proud and dignified and as royalty of a country that has flourished precisly because it hasn't been colonized by white people. Whether you like it or not, "dumb action blockbusters" like MCU movies (especially MCU movies) will always have a far bigger audience and impact on the current Zeitgeist as smaller, maybe better movies. Even if Disney's executives are currently swimming in money and laughing at how important this movie has become, the movie itself is still the product of love, passion and hard work of a group of black people that get the chance proudly present their Afrikan heritage without shame and a budget usually reserved for, well, other big blockbusters. If this movie makes a shit-ton of money (and it already is doing that) it could change the landscape of Hollywood for the better. (same with Wonder Woman) It proves that there is a demand for stories with majority black (or other minority) casts, for stories that aren't America centric, stories where most of the badass characters are women, and so on and so forth. So no, your apathy doesn't make you racist. You did rate the movie on its own merits and how that relates to your personal tastes, but in the grand scheme of things it also doesn't matter because little black kids finally have a superhero just for them and a future where more films like this are not just a distant hope, but almost a certainty. And I think that's wonderful.

InvisibleHiccup : so the only good black movies are when they're slaves.... COOL

EXCEPT : I liked the movie but it wasn’t my favourite Marvel flick. I didn’t really enjoy Martin Freemans character.

Dk UK : Never watched it because it's black

Raymint : There are political undertones to this film's existence that cannot be avoided. It's fine, I don't expect you to see and understand those undertones, there are just some aspects of being black that cannot be understood by white people. However, I do agree with everything else you've said, it is indeed boring for all the reasons you said it was and more.

Mc FruityBooty : I think its nice to see a movie like this with black culture and cast! doesnt interfere with the whole average marvel formula, but to the people calling him racist for not enjoying it please stop he’s allowed to not like it cause apart from everything its just another marvel movie so on that merit he isnt really wrong.

not shadowbanned yet : 0:30 (((white)))

ES SI : moonlight was too dank for human kind

Spartan057J : While I obviously understand that Marvel films aren't to everyone's liking, I feel like the majority of this review was simply bitching about the fact that it's a Marvel movie designed to appeal to a wide audience, and that it's not sophisticated enough to be seen as a stepping stone for black filmmaking. I normally quite enjoy these reviews, but this just came across as a bit too aggressively snobbish. I know this is only meant to be a quick review but there wasn't really much explanation about why you disliked it beyond the fact that it was a Marvel movie. The complaints about the bloodless throat slitting and spear wounds are fairly redundant when talking about a movie with a 12A (PG-13) rating, because obviously there's not going to be much gore. The complaints about there not being enough action scenes for an action movie are also a bit pointless because this isn't a pure action movie. It's a comic book movie with the primary purpose of introducing a new area of the shared universe. While this obviously entails action scenes, the main reason fans go to watch Marvel movies is to see what they add to the whole universe. Marvel movies are stronger when viewed as part of a greater whole. With regards to 12 Years a Slave and Moonlight being better examples of black filmmaking, you may be right, but that does not take away from the fact that Black Panther is the first mass market film to have a primarily black cast and crew. 12 Years a Slave and Moonlight were both very successful, but they're not accessible in the same way Black Panther is. Another important thing is that both of those movies show black people as downtrodden but able to get through adversity, which is already a real life narrative. The characters may be inspirational through their courage and their strength in adversity, but no one wants to be in their situation. Black Panther instead shows black people already in power, noble and strong, willing and able to help others, while still acknowledging the current situation, where black people, while not persecuted in the same way as in 12 Years a Slave, are still heavily disadvantaged. It shows something to aspire to. A world in which an African nation is able to provide aid and compete on the world stage on a level with western powers. A world in which black people have the same opportunities as white people. While it may not be quite as polished or hard hitting as an Oscar winning drama, it is still a well made and important film. Marvel movies may not be highbrow movies or to your tastes, but that doesn't mean they forfeit their right to have a positive impact on society. I personally enjoyed Black Panther. I tend to enjoy Marvel movies not because I'm a Marvel comics nerd, but simply because they're my type of movie. While I often find dramas and biopics interesting, I don't usually find them fun. I like Marvel movies because they're all, at the very least, fairly well made and fun with some amount of substance behind them. I enjoyed Black Panther because I found Andy Serkis and Letitia Wright's characters hilarious, the action scenes were engaging for the most part, and I felt the connections between the characters were real. I understood and empathised with Michael B Jordan's villain, and his plan made sense. Is it Oscar worthy? No. Is it on the same emotional level as Moonlight? No. Is it an enjoyable movie? Yes. Not every movie has to be a perfect work of dramatic and cinematic genius. That would be like having every meal at a Michelin star restaurant. Sometimes you just want a good quality cheeseburger to fill you up..

Rico Esquivel : I've never really disagreed with a review yms has done until now

Just Viewing : Why are people saying the antagonist escaped the marvel trap. It's nearly the exact same villain as the iron man 2 movie. Antagonist relative gets fucked by protagonist family and seeks revenge by making a chiang. Seriously go watch the movie and then this one

BenIs2Bored : If there’s anyone I can count on to be realistic even when everyone is freaking out, it’s YMS, love you bro

Seth Rogen : Thank you dude. Seriously people give me so much shit for not loving this movie

Original Pandapool : I liked it but fair play to your opinion. You proved a point

Official CornHub Reviews : 97% rotten tomatoes

Edindro Whitehall : It's a movie about a black ethnostate where despite their technical advances they literally chuck spears and ook like monkeys. How could you not like it, racist?

Daniel Vousden : One thing that was the real takeaway for me, was that it was definitely entertaining. You may say that the politics should be set aside, and for critical analysis, yes, but this is the FIRST all black generic popular movie. There are all black casts in others, but they have nowhere near the amount of marketing power and budget that this has had. That kind of support for black entertainment is a must, even if it is shitty generic garbage. White people have had shitty generic garbage for generations! This IS a breakthrough, because of the support and popularity it’s gained. Can’t wait for the next generic shitty all black movie!