Quickie: Black Panther

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UnCreative Deconstructionism : *Yo wtf adam, I thought you liked furries*

CrimsonOptics : Cool Cat saves Wakanda

That Guy qX : Yeah I preferred the first cat in the hat

Witted Acrobat19 : Really liked this movie. But I accept your opinion on this movie. It's an opinion people. You can agree with it or not. It's your choice.

hardrockfreak1337 : 5? Adam usually gives these movies 6. Adam confirmed racist

Dodogama Drama : That what r those joke did make me want to kill myself....

SATURNWAVE未来 : Wow the new Cool Cat reboot looks pretty good

New Crazyguy : The whole series makes no sense its starts with the pink panther, then pink panther 2, now its black panther. There is so much to explain between the films

Noah Todd : 0/10. Africa by Toto wasn't in the film.

Ethan Cox : I enjoy the Marvel universe but basically its a below average marvel film. Strip away the politician bullshit and considering its Marvel, its a poor film.

Caramel Horse : everyone is saying that blade and this black panther dude are the only black superheros, I think they are forgetting the most important....my man frozone

DLCom : Comment section: 90% complaining about comments calling Adam racist 9% jokes about the movie 1% comments calling Adam racist

Hips : Wow Adam I understand where you're coming from but did you really have to recite the entirety of "Birth Of a Nation" 's script whilst placing pictures of Emmett Till on your personal alter? Not cool Adam, Not cool

Abu Mohamed : This guy is one of the few YouTubers actually giving an honest review on the movie

AugustMovieReviewer : This makes two Disney movies were it gets intreseting after a scene a casino

Disco Puppy : "It was boring" Can't wait to see the masses of comments saying you're racist

steelspartanzero : Idk why anyone is surprised, or offended by the review. YMS hates almost every film unless it's close to masterpiece level or universally acclaimed and even then he usually just says it's "good". His name is "Your Movie Sucks" guys, c'mon you know what you're here for.

Teh Gamist : Ironic that people are talking about apparent "people saying he's racist" and acting like they're defending him when in actual fact there's more people talking about these comments than the actual number of comments themselves.

Daniel Williams : I've just scrolled through a *lot* of comments and there are a lot of people saying "stop saying people who don't like the film are racist", but I haven't seen a single comment actually accusing anyone of being racist!

The Inconceivable Glue Man : Uh oh, did someone just have an *opinion!?*

Kehinde O : the reason people don't consider 12 years a slave and moonlight the "black movie" is because we are tired of every black movie being about gansters and slaves. This was a different type of black movie, a popcorn flick that other races have gotten to enjoy forever while black cast movies have to be relagated to slaves and gansters in order to get any attention. The fact that this movie did so well shows than black people are getting past the point of being marginalized and type casted. That being said the movie was pretty generic and the action was pretty bad to be honest.

Windoze95 : Everybody in Wakanda knows kung fu!

Prisoner : If the fbi agent had asked if they were using black magic to power their technology I would have given it 10/10

Joel Miller : I get you weren’t a fan of the film.. but did you really have to resort to calling every cast member the n word?

Nun Yabusiness : Well someone finally said it

not shadowbanned yet : 0:30 (((white)))

Cupcake-kun : Nice critique of the movie, but I would've enjoyed if you didn't keep yelling "white power" after every sentence.

Witless plum803 : "Most Marvel movies are plain average and boring"- best statement I've heard all year, thus far.

Letty Lunasical : I keep seeing comments complaining about people are being called racist for not liking the film, however I've yet to see one person actually legitimately calling anyone racist for not liking the film. It's almost as if SJWs aren't the only ones guilty of making up conflict to push an agenda.

Yakka : Adum is a racism, unsublimed

silantbill : DAS WACIST

Charlie Aldridge : I liked it but fair play to your opinion. You proved a point

AsironID : Black panther is Marvel's Lion King

BenIs2Bored : If there’s anyone I can count on to be realistic even when everyone is freaking out, it’s YMS, love you bro

Geahk Burchill : I gave it a 6.5/10 but I totally agree with this review. I felt it was better than average but no where near great. Don't see it in 3D or all the "giant" cityscapes just look like tiny little models. 3D entirely ruined the scale of the film.

yebo : I feel bad for the actors, a lot of people were talking about the color of their skin instead of their acting ability

Annonymese : This movie is overrated. It’s good, but way too overrated just because there is a black superhero. Also, Hancock was the best black superhero movie d@m

Zarathustra : I really don't get why people get so offended when someone says a marvel movie is underwhelming or boring. Jeez, it's just an opinion and it's just a movie. If you loved it, well good for you, that's it.

Archie WahWah : Think you've missed the mark with this one, actually buddy. The point is that it IS a trashy commercial piece of pop-culture, that just happens to be full of black people. It's not about gangsters in the hood, it's not about slavery or servitude, it's not about poverty. When was the last time you saw that? Er, never, that's when. That's why it is important. When black people and women have equal roles in the pop culture, then we'll be close to equality. So yeah, Black Panther was never going to be a great movie - it's a marvel movie, and they're hardly ever great. But it is an important cultural milestone. Also fairly entertaining popcorn stuff, that wasn't badly done.

EXCEPT : I liked the movie but it wasn’t my favourite Marvel flick. I didn’t really enjoy Martin Freemans character.

Kevin Heart : I think pink panther was better to be honest I’m joking don’t get butt hurt people

Thomas Ortiz : 3k people don't use their brains apparently.

Sharkie : We need GOOD movies with black actors.

Jonny Lupus : Best quotes from the black women in my theater: *character explains her motives* "Mm". *Michael B Jordan takes off shirt* "HOOOOO THATS MA MAN!!" And other gems. Would not trade back the experience.

That pink head-humping grimpoteuthis : WHAT ARE THOSE

skaddle doodle : I feel like Marvel is too afraid to experiment. When they kinda experiment, such as in Guardians of the Galaxy or Spider Man: Homecoming, they do it really well, but they all have the same underlying plot: Guy was hero, someone takes that status away, and Guy has to regain it. Although this was the case in Spider-Man: Homecoming, they’re usually the same plot. They also go for the “This is the biggest threat ever” scenario, such as a secret Nazi cult in shield or the villain making a weponozed suit that can shrink. SMH had a villain scheme that’s reasonable and something his size, and it was the most real marvel movie to me. I love marvel movies, but I can’t help but notice these things. I’m real fun at parties

Pedro Vivot : are you a rasisisim?

Barkalona since 2009 : Black panther movie seemed like James bond movie with African costumes and lesser IQ

cookiechomp : Wow adam I didnt realize you were a kkk member

ES SI : moonlight was too dank for human kind