Quickie: Black Panther

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The Inconceivable Glue Man : Uh oh, did someone just have an *opinion!?*

Witted Acrobat19 : Really liked this movie. But I accept your opinion on this movie. It's an opinion people. You can agree with it or not. It's your choice.

CrimsonOptics : Cool Cat saves Wakanda

New Crazyguy : The whole series makes no sense its starts with the pink panther, then pink panther 2, now its black panther. There is so much to explain between the films

Caramel Horse : everyone is saying that blade and this black panther dude are the only black superheros, I think they are forgetting the most important....my man frozone

Sargon of Akkad : I always knew Adam was a racist, and this proves it.

Noah Todd : 0/10. Africa by Toto wasn't in the film.

Cupcake-kun : Nice critique of the movie, but I would've enjoyed if you didn't keep yelling "white power" after every sentence.

yebo : I feel bad for the actors, a lot of people were talking about the color of their skin instead of their acting ability

Joel Miller : I get you weren’t a fan of the film.. but did you really have to resort to calling every cast member the n word?

Yakka : Adum is a racism, unsublimed

Disco Puppy : "It was boring" Can't wait to see the masses of comments saying you're racist

AsironID : Black panther is Marvel's Lion King

Witless plum803 : "Most Marvel movies are plain average and boring"- best statement I've heard all year, thus far.

hardrockfreak1337 : 5? Adam usually gives these movies 6. Adam confirmed racist

Ben Masta : if adam says Black Panther is a boring movie, then its definitely a boring movie lol

SATURNWAVE未来 : Wow the new Cool Cat reboot looks pretty good

Kehinde O : the reason people don't consider 12 years a slave and moonlight the "black movie" is because we are tired of every black movie being about gansters and slaves. This was a different type of black movie, a popcorn flick that other races have gotten to enjoy forever while black cast movies have to be relagated to slaves and gansters in order to get any attention. The fact that this movie did so well shows than black people are getting past the point of being marginalized and type casted. That being said the movie was pretty generic and the action was pretty bad to be honest.

steelspartanzero : Idk why anyone is surprised, or offended by the review. YMS hates almost every film unless it's close to masterpiece level or universally acclaimed and even then he usually just says it's "good". His name is "Your Movie Sucks" guys, c'mon you know what you're here for.

Annonymese : This movie is overrated. It’s good, but way too overrated just because there is a black superhero. Also, Hancock was the best black superhero movie d@m

Dr Shaym : Get ready for dozens of articles calling you racist, resulting in a social media shitstorm which will ironically result in you becoming substantially more popular, like what happened with James Rolfe and Ghostbusters.

Hips : Wow Adam I understand where you're coming from but did you really have to recite the entirety of "Birth Of a Nation" 's script whilst placing pictures of Emmett Till on your personal alter? Not cool Adam, Not cool

Teh Gamist : Ironic that people are talking about apparent "people saying he's racist" and acting like they're defending him when in actual fact there's more people talking about these comments than the actual number of comments themselves.

Windoze95 : Everybody in Wakanda knows kung fu!

Daniel Williams : I've just scrolled through a *lot* of comments and there are a lot of people saying "stop saying people who don't like the film are racist", but I haven't seen a single comment actually accusing anyone of being racist!

Letty Lunasical : I keep seeing comments complaining about people are being called racist for not liking the film, however I've yet to see one person actually legitimately calling anyone racist for not liking the film. It's almost as if SJWs aren't the only ones guilty of making up conflict to push an agenda.

陈嘉鸿 : “Some people just wanted to watch a big muscly black man wrestle people in a cat costume” Is it bad to say that that’s literally all I watched the movie for

Ethan Cox : I enjoy the Marvel universe but basically its a below average marvel film. Strip away the politician bullshit and considering its Marvel, its a poor film.

Spartan057J : While I obviously understand that Marvel films aren't to everyone's liking, I feel like the majority of this review was simply bitching about the fact that it's a Marvel movie designed to appeal to a wide audience, and that it's not sophisticated enough to be seen as a stepping stone for black filmmaking. I normally quite enjoy these reviews, but this just came across as a bit too aggressively snobbish. I know this is only meant to be a quick review but there wasn't really much explanation about why you disliked it beyond the fact that it was a Marvel movie. The complaints about the bloodless throat slitting and spear wounds are fairly redundant when talking about a movie with a 12A (PG-13) rating, because obviously there's not going to be much gore. The complaints about there not being enough action scenes for an action movie are also a bit pointless because this isn't a pure action movie. It's a comic book movie with the primary purpose of introducing a new area of the shared universe. While this obviously entails action scenes, the main reason fans go to watch Marvel movies is to see what they add to the whole universe. Marvel movies are stronger when viewed as part of a greater whole. With regards to 12 Years a Slave and Moonlight being better examples of black filmmaking, you may be right, but that does not take away from the fact that Black Panther is the first mass market film to have a primarily black cast and crew. 12 Years a Slave and Moonlight were both very successful, but they're not accessible in the same way Black Panther is. Another important thing is that both of those movies show black people as downtrodden but able to get through adversity, which is already a real life narrative. The characters may be inspirational through their courage and their strength in adversity, but no one wants to be in their situation. Black Panther instead shows black people already in power, noble and strong, willing and able to help others, while still acknowledging the current situation, where black people, while not persecuted in the same way as in 12 Years a Slave, are still heavily disadvantaged. It shows something to aspire to. A world in which an African nation is able to provide aid and compete on the world stage on a level with western powers. A world in which black people have the same opportunities as white people. While it may not be quite as polished or hard hitting as an Oscar winning drama, it is still a well made and important film. Marvel movies may not be highbrow movies or to your tastes, but that doesn't mean they forfeit their right to have a positive impact on society. I personally enjoyed Black Panther. I tend to enjoy Marvel movies not because I'm a Marvel comics nerd, but simply because they're my type of movie. While I often find dramas and biopics interesting, I don't usually find them fun. I like Marvel movies because they're all, at the very least, fairly well made and fun with some amount of substance behind them. I enjoyed Black Panther because I found Andy Serkis and Letitia Wright's characters hilarious, the action scenes were engaging for the most part, and I felt the connections between the characters were real. I understood and empathised with Michael B Jordan's villain, and his plan made sense. Is it Oscar worthy? No. Is it on the same emotional level as Moonlight? No. Is it an enjoyable movie? Yes. Not every movie has to be a perfect work of dramatic and cinematic genius. That would be like having every meal at a Michelin star restaurant. Sometimes you just want a good quality cheeseburger to fill you up..

Robert Jones : Appreciate your candidness in this review. It's insane we live in an age where people are witch hunting critics who don't buy into the hype of popular movies about ethnic "minorities"

Captain Patchwork : 1% people calling him racist 10% people complaining about people calling him racist 20% people complaining about how many comments are complaining about people calling him racist 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure 50% pain 100% reason to remember the name

Prisoner : If the fbi agent had asked if they were using black magic to power their technology I would have given it 10/10

dzhellek : A character made up by two Jewish guys in the 1960's is now the apex of African culture shown in a positive light? Why the hell not?

YaBoiBribbles : In all honesty once I heard this got 100% on rotten tomatoes and it was by Marvel I knew "This is gonna be overhyped" Wasn't a bad assumption

Sharkie : We need GOOD movies with black actors.

Theyungcity23 : I absolutely value Adam's opinions on these things. But I feel that he at least should have acknowledged the objective importance of a movie like this in the context of hollywood casting. This opens up the door for more big hollywood blockbusters with black leads. It opens up the door to more young black actors who can dominate the box office in a way that Will Smith and Denzel used to. (eventually they are just going to be way too old to bring in audiences) And yeah Moonlight was brilliant but it was yet another story about a black person in the hood. 12 years a slave is yet another story about a black people being slaves. There are other stories to be told and with this bp's success those movies have a much better chance of being greenlit.

Zarathustra : I really don't get why people get so offended when someone says a marvel movie is underwhelming or boring. Jeez, it's just an opinion and it's just a movie. If you loved it, well good for you, that's it.

Jonny Lupus : Best quotes from the black women in my theater: *character explains her motives* "Mm". *Michael B Jordan takes off shirt* "HOOOOO THATS MA MAN!!" And other gems. Would not trade back the experience.

Pedro Vivot : are you a rasisisim?

cookiechomp : Wow adam I didnt realize you were a kkk member

skedaddle : Nah, it was great. I'm not going to say a movie was horrible because they made a tacky joke. That villain was on point.


Monad Rymael : I'm a fan of the MCU for it's characters and comedy. I went into this movie expecting it to be Marvel's attempt at a "serious" film, and it was boring like I expected. My brother and I both facepalmed at the same time when the "what are those" joke happened, but it was probably the most memorable part of the whole movie. I also loved Martin Freeman as he played his usual role of "being dragged along for the adventure". But that's just me being biased cuz I love that actor. We saw a trailer for the next Antman movie beforehand, and it looked far more interesting. At least they understand how stupid the Antman concept is, and completely run with it. Like I said, I love Marvel for the comedy.

iBluairJgR : "People are unreasonable - if we say we don't like it - y'all call us racist." Who called you racist? "Whoever said this movie was diverse is an idiot?" Who said it was diverse? Please show me one comment or article (beyond a troll) of someone genuinely claiming that if you DO NOT like this movie, you must be racist - I doubt it exists. This reminds me of the incident where people literally fabricated a story of being attacked while viewing the movie just to try and slander Black people. Loved the movie for what it stood for and what it represents for the people I am a part of. Nothing wrong with YMS's opinion - shit, you look at every other MCU movie he has reviewed, it's basically the same. My problem moreso relies within this dumbass comment section filled with folks who wanted the movie to flop or is mocking the "We were Kings" statement.

skaddad doodle : I feel like Marvel is too afraid to experiment. When they kinda experiment, such as in Guardians of the Galaxy or Spider Man: Homecoming, they do it really well, but they all have the same underlying plot: Guy was hero, someone takes that status away, and Guy has to regain it. Although this was the case in Spider-Man: Homecoming, they’re usually the same plot. They also go for the “This is the biggest threat ever” scenario, such as a secret Nazi cult in shield or the villain making a weponozed suit that can shrink. SMH had a villain scheme that’s reasonable and something his size, and it was the most real marvel movie to me. I love marvel movies, but I can’t help but notice these things. I’m real fun at parties

Charlie Aldridge : I liked it but fair play to your opinion. You proved a point

UnCreative Deconstructionism : *Yo wtf adam, I thought you liked furries*

Archie WahWah : Think you've missed the mark with this one, actually buddy. The point is that it IS a trashy commercial piece of pop-culture, that just happens to be full of black people. It's not about gangsters in the hood, it's not about slavery or servitude, it's not about poverty. When was the last time you saw that? Er, never, that's when. That's why it is important. When black people and women have equal roles in the pop culture, then we'll be close to equality. So yeah, Black Panther was never going to be a great movie - it's a marvel movie, and they're hardly ever great. But it is an important cultural milestone. Also fairly entertaining popcorn stuff, that wasn't badly done.

Kevin Heart : I think pink panther was better to be honest I’m joking don’t get butt hurt people

Mrkindalegal TheBagopaniest : Morgan Freeman's origin story didn't quite live up to the hype.