American Idol 7 Audition - Let My People Go

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so far...this season's "RED".'s funny...but you gotta admit..this guy takes it pretty good.

Comments from Youtube

DrugzRKoool : His co-workers are the best trolls ever. "Oh yeah, you've got a great voice. You should definitely sing."

chuckyko : It sounds like this guy swallowed a tuba.

Infinite Sky : For the love of Moses, let his people go!!!!

moonlight Beth : He took the abreviation "ppl" to seriously lol

Robby Reese #1 : his coworkers are bad people ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


LeGamingDino : (Goes to Pharaoh) Me: LET MY PEEBOL GOO

Arse Robinson : sounds like rocky balboa singing

B. Rod : I almost fell to the floor laughing omg. I mean I feel bad at the same time because he seems like a nice guy but this is too much.

BrotherhoodCT : Randy reminds me of when ur in class and your trying not to laugh in front of the teacher, but you just can't hold it back hahahah

DAHLicious Wafflez : Imagine him singing happy birthday at a kid's birthday party

Break the ice : this is what happens when you keep typing "ppl"

VIOLENT DUCK : i feel sorry for him and i feel more sorry every time i watch this

Michelle Little : At least he was nicely dressed

Jess Price : Lol he sounds like a beached whale ๐Ÿ˜ญ


Vetle Larsen Gundersen : I have not laughed like this for a long time

Meecy Griffin : No matter how many times I watch this, I just can not stop laughing! Damn you Paula and Randy! And DAMN his coworkers!

Hamitic Bloodline : I wish this guy was sent to Pharoah. He would let his people go immediately. "Just Go, And don't come back!"ย 

CrisRocksuTUBE : Simon was disappointed with the way the judges acted. Simon is a great judge although he can and maybe rude at times, i feel as if he has reasoning for the things he does.

crimson gate32 : Kudos to Simon for not laughing and apologizing on behalf of other judges

Mark Batarina : He has more confidence than me though.

Gabriel Cabrera : i admit i laughed, but i really felt bad for this guy

Mike Chase : He sound like Joe from family guy lol

l00katdatRPG : Poor guy. He was heart broken

MiniGemini : Let my pimple grow

Yusef Talib Siraj El-Bey : How in the hell did Simon keep a straight face listening to this?

Skullknight1101 : It sounds like he took helium but the effect was opposite

Aidan Reigler : I feel more sorry for him than amused by this.

kecola g : I feel bad for this guy. Honestly, I think he might be mentally challenged a little bit. Maybe that's why Simon didn't laugh either.

SprawledOut : At the end.....he thought he got rejected because they were older Christian songs and not contemporary....he will be back....


Dante : Leeeeeet myyy peopleeeeeeee gooooooooooo!!!

Wellch : If Moses tried that be4 the Pharoh , Moses would be thrown to the crocodiles.

Ifeanyi Duru : James:would you like me to sing something else? Simon:NO

Binura Liyanage : "let my ppl go!" he sings like he texts.

Caulder Bradford : Something tells me that on the following Monday, he went to work and shot all of his co-workers dead.


Abi Assi Raymond : It's like he's saying : Let my kebaaaab glooowwww

skip982 : Encouraged by his co-workers? More like his bullies if you ask me. Poor dude. He'll find his talent though.

Flower Power 2016 : So Papa Bear wants to let his pebble go?

Divinoamor : Aw He seemed like a kind guy and he can work on his voice maybe. At least he tried and pursued a passion. Better to have tried and failed than to have not tried at all, He has everything to gain and very little to lose. Most successful people in the industry and in sports have failed many times and it is this failure that has brought them success. They learn from their mistakes and self improve.

Russell Barnes : It's sad that the co-workers convinced this guy to try out. I would have told this guy NOT to audition.


Olivier Kobi : He sounds a walkman with flat batteries. :)ย 

Muffinmurdurer : lit mah pebble groooooooo

cheesball96 : When he started signing the second song, that's what got me!! Pmsl

Sharkonabicycle : I know so many people hate Simon, but wow. The only person who remained professional during this. We got some punk laughing in paper, some girl who is blowing her wad, and the only person to look this guy straight in the eye (while chewing on a pen - big deal) is the person so many hate. The person that has the tenacity to say in the most professional way, "You can't sing." Wow...ย 

Peresee : Sounds like he was yawning the whole timeย :D