Community rallies behind boy falsely accused of sexual assault in `Cornerstore Caroline` incident

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YA BOY O : Corner store Caroline more like Flat Ass Howard Stern

Leslie Sinclair : The 9 year old is more mentally grounded than Corner Store Caroline. She traumatized the children, upset the community, impersonated a police officer ( a felony ), attempted to make a false police report. This should not go without punishment. There needs to be consequences for this behavior.

Whatchu Talkinbout : Emmett Till 2018 type shit.

Marley Ex : This woman is a weirdo. It's weird that as soon as she realized it was a child that young who bumped into her, her mind went straight to sexual thoughts. Thank goodness she's not an elementary school teacher. They need to check her computer for lewd images of children. A kid that age bumps me I usually don't go to thinking they're being sexual. I usually think to myself how rude they are for not saying excuse me.

Inka Koutná : This is so sad. This breaks my heart. He is so scared. He is scared and for absolutely no reason at all. The situation is so stupid I can't even believe it

Britt A. : You cant falsely accuse a child and face no charge. She needs to be disciplined. Or else others will follow suit. This is how Emmett Till died. Lord help us

Sonja Baris : I'm so sorry he had to go through that fear of the cops coming after him for nothing. That woman is wack job for sure. But if she faces legal action for it (finally), she'll think twice before calling 911 and scaring an innocent child. Wonderful community support for this smart boy!

FutballChannelz Entertainment : Gesos!! This boy could have been lynched 65 years ago for something he didn't do... OMG!!! Hold-up....How does a graze feel like a GRAB? I'm I missing something? She deliberately accused him of not what she felt, but what she thinks will bring a severe penalty to the young boy.

Connie Lowery : Thank you for airing footage of the community's support. It's absolutely terrifying to see an event reminiscent of the account of Emmett Till in the 21st century. I am relieved to see the community defending their children. Thank you Brooklyn.

Sam Jones : If this was the 50"s that boy would be swinging in a tree. These white women need to start paying the price for this crap. And the metoo movement is to blame for alot of this stuff too. That woman need to go to jail.

Charlotte Ziggy : When you hear that little boy's cry of fear when she said she was going to call the police on him ....that vulnerable sound he made. Jesus!

Solar Voice : This little boy is traumatize for life!

H krnz : Now imagine back before security cameras and all white juries and ... you get the picture. White women = Race Rats

Steven Ferruzza : Jerimiah(9 year old boy accused) Pure words of wisdom truth!!! What the hell is going... First the Caucasian woman who wouldn't let the African American man into his own building and now this. What's this world coming to? The last few years to present day people in today's society showing their true colors. What's going on Act accordingly the word doesn't owe you a thing. Stop pointing fingers to blame. The one person to blame is you fix yourself. This woman needs to be put in jail and evaulated. emotionally. And mentally

J James : She in flatbush with a flat tush!

Diamond Baby : Am fuking crying right now , wtf is wrong with people , God bless you Jeremiah❤️ I wish you alll the best young men❤️

Socorro Gilkes : We will Not Have It! Exactly

Black Rose : She tried to do an emmit till on this boy . Wicked white world yes

Proud Guy : Feminists want "To Kill a Mocking Bird" to be the normal treatment of all accused men & boys.

Zay : White PRIVILEGE runs amok.

lemmieatit : SUE HER first then she should have to register as a sex offender. Keep it up Flatbush..ruin her life

Alba Gonzalez : That woman is crazy ! the other day in a supermarket my mom walk next to her and she yelling at my mother for No reason too she only scare my two daughters who were with my mom .I was not with them that moment but my daughter's recognize her in the news .

Yin BB : She impersonated a COP!!! ARREST HER

Alex Rose : This is why black people shouldn’t side with the left. They scream believe all women in the streets, you think your black men are immune from that? The Democratic Party has kept y’all exactly where they have wanted you for so long, at their mercy. see the light and vote red!

Amadden mind : Give that woman the death penalty

g sun : Poor baby Oh I feel so bad

eualadindeal : no surprise here, she is a feminist, and he is a "male" therefore a default "agressor" in her mind everything was completely normal, she was just "resisting the patriarchy" after all... remember, feminist women are celebrating gendered abortions... they are that insane

ulysses scruse : Appreciate the people coming out! POWER to the PEOPLE! But you know what? When these people like the D.A. tell you that there investigating, that means there trying to stall to see if people are going to keep pushing the powers that be. So, if it was my child you wouldn't have to worry. I'll be outside that D.A.s office EVERYDAY hounding his or her ass. I'm a grown up. But my children! I'm ready to die for them. REAL TALK!!!

Broke Astronomer : Do you mean to say you didn't #believeher and the boy shouldn't have been innocent until proven guilty? Such a strange concept.

Waskelwee Wabbit : A perfect example of the leftists "rape culture". this is the sickness that has infected leftist women. It's despicable. This is what happens when "men" are guilty before proven innocent. vote red in November, or this kind of sick mentality will increase.

WOKEN'T : The _really_ crazy part of this travesty? 'Cornerstone Caroline' _actually_ seems to think someone would _WANT_ to touch her hideous ass ... or anything else. _Someone_ needs to be sued and in jail, but it _ain't_ this boy. I guess #DoNotBelieveWomen Caroline will be shrieking that she's a "survivor" next ...

yeahitso K : Weirdo woman for sure. I'm disgusted by her actions. Honestly do you think she would have called if it was a white child? My initial is no but then thinking about it and how it escalated I don't think she would have.

Jessica : Poor boy and his sister traumatized at such an young age. I don't blame him for not forgiving her.

Hopeful : typical liberat! didn't come as a surpirse to me (btw i know a little something about her, and not simply assuming)

princess Ty12 : She should have been arrested WHO SAYS A 9 YEAR OLD ASSAULTED YOU HE'S FREAKING NINE

Michael JoToya Jackson : Now that's where the kid should have stayed we can't keep forgiving the Racist for their actions and this just tells them they can continue to do their WICKED DEMONIC PURE EVIL ACTIONS. So days later who made this kid besides his Mother forgive that pure Racist EVIL female....that is the question.....!!!

Marly Bud : beat those crackas ass and run them out of Brooklyn PERIOD!

Technews : The mother is teaching her son garbage. Klein is very dangerous. Klein needs to be persecuted and send to prison! Without the footages Klein would have "taken this case to court" and won. Mom send to jail for “posing as a cop”, children taken away form her. Or at least the daughter, if Jeremiah hadn't been killed already. Why did Klein not forgive the mother for “allegedly posing as a cop”. Why did Klein not forgive Jeremiah for “allegedly groping her”. Why is it Klein wanted to impose the law of wrath and have the mother and Jeremiah persecuted? Realize what could have happened to Jeremiah or the mother (Someko) if these footages weren’t available. Klein "apologized" because she had charges coming at her. It was a diplomatic act, no more than that! And this mother (Someko Bellille) has no damn clue.

none of your damn business : Now, you understand WHY White Males are going MGTOW.

Astu : White women with slave massa mentality, she needs to be sent to the funny farm. SMH❤🖤💚💛

Imani Evans : This kind of stupidity and blatant disregard consequences can have tragic consequences for young black boys. From Slavery to Jim Crow to right now. It's not a game people. It's simply not a game. This makes me very sad.


Tabs T : This is great to see. Now also these need to happen: Police arrest this woman Neighbourhood protest like this for local gang violence Be on police watch for abuse.

levar Graham : Where is the man hating #metoo feminist

Michael JoToya Jackson : +YA BOY O : Hehehehehe lol isn't that the TRUTH.... Hehehehehe lol.

Tomorrison28 : This is the end game of #metoo. All men are guilty. Wake up black people.

Dianna OGrady : God Bless you, Jerimiah. This should have never happened to you and I'm so very sorry it did. There are many people in this world who do things and act in ways we will never understand. There are also amazing, kind, people in this world, and I think we always have to remember that. I wish you and your family all good things. Much Love!

Lenssen Dado : I wish there was a father

Antonio Johnson : see what Me Too is doing!

J Will : Foul cracka smh