Jeff Bezos announcing that Amazon has picked up The Expanse
Jeff Bezos announcing that Amazon has officially picked up The Expanse

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With The Expanse cast attending along with Jeff Bezos at the International Space Development Conference there was some pretty big crowd pressure for Jeff to #SavetheExpanse Big thanks to Chantelle Baier for making so much of this happen here.



Kor Taffel : Benzo Jeff, got rich by selling stuff on the web. Now saves the expanse. Thanks bro!

Kenttheclark : Get ready for Amazon Prime cargo ships in the show

Kagua : Best woke up news

Mrdead Inmypocket : Where were you when Firefly was cancelled dammit!

Damien Spectre : my favorite tv show since battlestar galacitca

jokh1976 : Jeff Bezos, the billionaire with a heart. Thanks for listening to the sci-fi fans and inspiring a new generation of manned space travel.

Kris : FO DA BELT!

Giratina143 : HELLFUCK YEAH!!!

onekool Guy : I clapped to!

Larry Byrne : They just got a new subscriber.

James McDonald : Oh my heavens : *Wise investment for Amazon.* The show has a good story that is stretching around the arrival of alien technology in our solar system.

coldsun1187 : Best news I've seen all year.

Jovian999 : Better finish watching it on Netflix before it hits the aether.

BaptainBalcon : *holds up phone*

Soundwave119 : The people at Amazon Prime are awesome! The work can't stop. #SaveTheExpanse

Alexander De Leon : too bad he they havent picked up better working conditions

Condè : Well done beltalowa

ASFALT21 : Now announce that you gonna treat your employees with some dignity

-igMac- : Now all thats left is give proper worker conditions in amazon

IcyScythe : so the cast was there?

Leonidas Mark : SAVED

Awol991 : Great place for the announcement too.

Ramil Doe : Ура! Хорошие новости!! Может еще и Dark Matter спасете?)

MrZiiiro : lol, the kid on the bottom left

Astijfequn : Wow! If he can do this maybe he can give Amazon warehouse workers proper working conditions!

martin mendez : no puedo estar mas feliz

steeve cordier : thx amazon

emanon noname : Good news

Sparky : So I wonder will they continue this story? or how will it work because I imagine this current season is geared for it to END after this season as SyFy probs knew they'd be cancelling it. Might be a soft reset same characters, world and story to extent but a new chapter then. And Amazon should do this Justice, it has some great shows like Bosch (Great Detective show) which nobody talks about and many other good original shows like Goliath, I mean it is still below Netflix quality but it is pretty damn impressive the shows they produce there.

Andre Bullitt : First season was good. loved the old lady and the space battles. could not watch the second season. became a bit to much. i will just watch the youtube space battle compilations later. that was always the best part.