Passenger believes bag conveyor belt will take her to the plane
First time flyer believes airline luggage conveyor belt will take her directly to her plane

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The is the hilarious moment a first-time flyer stepped on to a luggage conveyor belt hoping to be whisked down to the plane. But after cautiously walking on to the moving bag transporter, the confused female passenger is scooped off her feet and crashes down on her back. Her embarrassing blunder was captured on CCTV at the recently opened Istanbul Airport in Turkey.


stacy mirba : While it would have if they didn't stop the conveyor belt.

Jon Irenicus : Technically, she’s not wrong...

houcine rajaoui : 🤣🤣🇲🇦👍

that__one__guy : time traveler.

PhoenixNoor : They should have something like that take you to your aircraft.

Some Other Dude : I actually feel sorry for this lady. This is up there with pooping yourself on national TV.

Gretchen LLong : No one can make a mistake anymore.

SuperLordHawHaw : She was just hoping she'd get misdirected to Hawaii like her bags

soumit ghosh : When you have walked the treadmill all your life and haven't reduced an inch

구독자70만명되면속옷만입고노래한곡한다 : 안다쳐서 다행

李承融 : 幹快笑死

Lari N : Reminds me of Kramer

_______ Lulu : Ngl I wouldn't have stopped it

Niki V : Русо гладно няма,....умно също!!!

Chrovon : Who came here from Reddit

madina baksan : Бедняжка,

Facundo S : Rubia tenia que ser

MANOWAR KILLS : Blonde.Nuff said.

Kev : Why are they all just sitting there watching here walk on up. Surely someone should've said "hold up there just a minute". Crazy people

hetcer : guy in purple never takes hand out of pocket. "uh, can you make sure im not on her flight please."

Brian Nielsen : She conveyed intelligence.

dragon : How thick do you have to be

Mr Mike Hilliard : Same thing happened to me the first time I flew. Honest mistake.

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar : Each day we stray further from God's light.

J. Ramsey : Just remember, her vote is equal to yours and there are billions just like her.

WhoPonders : bimbo

RespectProcess : instead of living with the embarrassment she should probably just kill herself and hope reincarnation is a thing

Shart : The intelligence of a woman