Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al

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GFY GFY : Oh look mom! A music video without porn in it! Thank you 80s❤

Ana Justice : Just in case you were wondering... Chevy Chase is 6'4'' Paul Simon is 5'2''

oldfrend : welp time to go back down that 80s music rabbit hole at 4am. who's with me?

FireMedicChick164 : Paul Simon hated the original video he shot for this song so he deleted it and he and Chevy Chase filmed this one. I love it! 😂

Nayari Kellogg : I have a very embarrassing story about this music video. I saw it recorded on one of my dad's old videotapes when I was younger (don't remember exactly when but no younger than 16 because of certain life events going on at the time). I knew who Simon and Garfunkel were, but I had never actually seen a picture of them. I also had no idea who Chevy Chase was. So when I saw this video for the first time, I thought the really tall man was Garfunkel and I couldn't figure out why Simon seemed so annoyed by him. It took an embarrassingly long time (about 14 years) for me to learn that that was Chevy Chase in the video.

Mr Prox : Don't know why but this song is so satisfying for me!

Brian Strachan : In my top hundred, don't ask which number please.

Woods Nickelsan : Just dancing to this song with my window open and all of a sudden I spot a lot of neighbors enjoying me and myself dancing like a happy weirdo. Now I feel a little awkward ⚠️😂👌

Fire Dice : Chevy Chase is the Will Ferrell of the 80's 😂🙏🏻💯❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥👌🏻

Mily Martell : 3:25 and on... best EVER. 👍🤣😎

HeyDuffy459 : I like the part where Chevy Chase drops his glass through the drum holder like it was supposed to be a table. Just a little gag, but it cracks me up.

DaksLife 1 : If pop was more like this now-a-days, I would listen to it more.

lindy pop : This film clip is pure genius

X X : Anyone 2018 ?💞✌🏽

Toby Pollett : The last time Chevy Chase wasn't a prick.

Brendan Carberry : The bass part in this song is outstanding!

Siddhartha Moravekar : Watched this on mtv in the late 80s? Anyone or m i just old?

Libertà e perline colorate : Paul is me trying to do my homework downstairs and keeping forgetting things upstairs.

Kia Loves : I don't care what ANYONE says I looooove Chevy Chase 🤣🤣 I also love this song and video. Favorite part is him drinking from the glass then setting it on the invisible glass he thought was there. 😂😂 Classic Chevy. I miss music like this.

Brandon Williford : I'm 20 and I love this song! Always loved listening to 80's music.

Andreas Hoppe : Those lyrics are soo deep that the even the oceans are jealous

Scott Lunsford : I remember (30+ years ago) buying "Graceland" for this song. I really had no idea what the rest of the album was like. After playing the entire album through, I was overwhelmed...this was a true masterpiece! I quickly became addicted to this unique and magical music. More than three decades later, I remain totally captivated by Paul Simon's "Graceland".

Andreas Hoppe : That glas simply disappeared lol

ALBERTO SANCHEZ : I was born in the wrong generation : I'm not sure if I love the music or the video more? My mum fancied Chevy Chase...I think it was an 80's thing.

dragonflower50 : I was 5 years old when this came out. I thought Chevy was really singing and I wondered who that other little guy was.

San Diego : modern musicians just don't write lyrics like this any more.... so intriguing & thought provoking.... & impossible not to sing along with the lyrics yourself, at least in your head.

The Truth : Chevy Chase was the man..spies like us...every minute you do not answer my question I cut off a finger...Chevy Chase...mine or yours. Fletch what great basketball player height is 6 foot 2 6foot 6 with afro. Bwahahahaha

Hexspa : Seeing this as a kid, I never realized Chevy Chase didn't sing this hence the dismayed look on Paul's face in the first verse.

kk kat piter : See, Chevy Chase IS cool kids!!

Fenway Fan : my dad’s favourite artist. my dad’s favourite song. RIP buddy.

MrHardGuitar - Guitar and Ukulele Lessons : One of the funniest music videos ever

matsamnic fam : Love many memories..❤

Vickie Davie : Not only is this on my list of perfect songs, but it's one of my all time favorite videos.

Jackson Ward : This sound will never die

RocketCityDaylily : I would want Paul Simon's "Graceland" with me if I were ever stranded on a desert island.

Gamer Addy 99 : This music video just proved how awesome the 80s were! I'm going back in time!

Quix : I've heard this song many times but never seen this video. It's really odd that Chevy Chase plays Paul Simon and Paul Simon plays backup man. It is impressive how little budget they could get away with and still have an unforgettable video.

Floating Apple Productions : "You want us to walk down the aisle to You Can Call Me Al?" - Pam Beesly

tanya ms80sfreak : Chevy chase and Paul Simon u can't get better than this I had a crush on both back in the day lol miss the good old days

001 002 : AWWWWW MUSIC before AUTO TUNE lol

Tammy Ferguson : Ive always loved this song. My uncle use to play it wide open in his lil 280z Always puts a smile on my face when I hear it R.I.P. uncle chubby

actioncomics : As a kid, I thought this was a Chevy Chase song and he brought in Teller to help him with the video.

Dragonetta : One of the funniest, cutest music videos EVER made!!! <3

Benny Hill PL : OMG! I did not know my best comedian actor of my childhood (Chevy Chase) performed music of Paul Simon

ryan f : Is t just me or is this song makin a big comeback.. I remember hearing it like maayyybe once as a lil kid in the early 90s ... now I hear it EVERY where

it's me Laura : Chevy looks gorgeous here lol

Timoo 619 : This song will always have immense sentimental value to me, Dad used to play it growing up along with a bunch of other Paul Simon songs. It's coming up on a year since he lost his battle with cancer and I play & appreciate this song more than ever.

airdriver : There I was in an Irish pub called Casey. McNabb's in Big Rapids, Michigan. It was Friday happy hour with 75 cent drafts. I was a student at Ferris State University. When this video came on the tv, everyone saw Chevy Chase and we all stopped talking. Within ten seconds we were laughing our drunken asses off. A good memory from my third year at college.

FILNAT2011 : You can call meow