Army of Darkness (1992) KILL COUNT
Army of Darkness 1992 kill count by Dead meat

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Coach Renaldo : Good, bad, James is the guy with the kill count.

Saiko Kujo : MEDIEVAL DEAD would have been an AWESOME name!

Unable To Respond : I know it's a dead joke, but the first soldier who jumped into the pit made it look like he was offstage in Smash Bros and hit the blast zone.

Enderblawk : Lmfao i love that one liner when he gets his power glove just *_WHIIRR, RIR_* Groovy. flawless

Rickar -Mercenary- : "Shop s-mart" ..... *_"YA GOT THAT"_*

Julio Echevarri : My new favorite James A. Janisse quote "skeletons don't count, GROW SOME SKIN YOU F****

Melvin Big Smoke Harris : Hey it's not a shotgun is a lever-action rifle

Robi_CK : "Med-evil dead" that title was AWESOME! Universal, what were you thinking ?!

whydididothis why : James:Ash begins to fight back with some Sonya blade moves Mk YouTubers:ASH CONFIRMED FOR MORTAL KOMBAT 11!

marsclaws : Ash why did you replace your chainsaw arm with a power glove

I’m Depressed : Anybody come here after seeing ash in deadbydaylight?

Bejiccolo : "Dude, she got all the sugar in the world to give, you're talking to Miss Honey right there!" YOU'RE THE MASTER OF REFERENCES, JAMES

Sky Maggiora : Aren't skeletons technically humanoids? Asking for a friend...

TDBH Gaming : When Thanos gets the infinity gauntlet *“Groovy!”*

cocoboi dick racoon : The thumbnail is jawdropping

Coked_Out_Corpse : Me: **inhales** Thumbnail: *B L E G H B L A R G H*

a rebel's insanity : When Ash was showing everyone his boomstick th dude in the bottom left corner is SSSSSHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOKKKKK

Geonative 3 : The ending kill isn't with a shotgun that was a Henry rifle

The Shadows Of Regret : Ash officially has the power glove. You know what that means? *NOW HE'S PLAYING WITH POWER!*

Laizzou : Cmon whaaat??? Medieval Dead would've sounded much better.

Chantel Smith : Does James play that knight it shows in the intro

Super Atario : "Skeletons don't count, GROW SOME SKIN YA FUCKS!" Hands down best comment ever!

Deutalios 818 : My favorite part was the battle between the soldiers of King Arthur and the army of the dead. I FRICKIN LOVE BATTLES!!!

T - Block : (Mechanical sounds) *GROOVY*

Ibro 47 : 18:56 this isnt a shotgun its a win94 a lever action rifle😑

Jamie Serrano : James, I really love the Three Stooges slapstick action in army of darkness that’s my favorite bit. The over the top slapstick is what makes this movie great

Jonah Roberts : i have a theory that ash is finding the zombies as less and less of a threat that why is funnier in every movie

Codrin Moisa : Welcome to the guild cow! Youtube transalation: LVL 99 God Father

Marcela.Const : These kill counts are too good. Even when you haven't watched the movie.

Taktiqul : That wasn't the shotgun in the final shotout , it was a Lever action rifle

Cowyn Bartotti : 16:39 "Ash vs Ash in a kick Ash battle"

Peter Cipra : "CGI is 10/10" -No one ever

Spooky Ghost : 14:03 game of thrones season 8 episode 3

Spookyboi 9000 : Never realized how much I love this franchise

That One kid : Most iconic horror movie line: GROOVY

Maddie Smith : did james just make an A$$ by big sean reference

Charlie Marsay : Not a shotgun it's a lever action rifle.

Dreaming Olives : 0:48 That looks like James, but with more hairy eyebrows. And a bit more thick beard.

Chris Hensch : This kill count is....... GROOVY

Robert Eisiminger : Shop smart, Shop S-mart

What are you doing Gaming : I feel so bad for ash after everything his been through

Joshua Miranda : James: “Skeletons don’t go on the count” Me ANGEY DOOT

Mitchbs : 7:55 thank me later guys

Hasbill : 12:27 Fun Fact: this is the only time in the EVIL DEAD trilogy ash ever drops the f bomb.

Hari Ashwath : Man, Bruce Campbell is so cool

Ryan Hartwell : Also, the phrase, "klaatu barada nikto" was from movie _The Day the Earth Stood Still_ .

Ethan Kaminski : Yo I live in Grand Rapids! Sick

Kons37 Flyingreapper : 19:07 *after those spooky scary skeleton kills

Logan Fury : The fact they changed the Name “Medievil dead” is the most evil thing about this franchise