Army of Darkness (1992) KILL COUNT

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marsclaws : Ash why did you replace your chainsaw arm with a power glove

Little Meap : “See this, this is my BOOM STICK!” That’s the best line in the movie.

jpillz vidz : this movie should of lowkey just been pg 13 the violence is cartoonish

grizzly adams : That's not a shotgun,its a lever action repeater and smaller calibers could have up to 14 rounds loaded into it

Steven Osooner : 0:48 is that James A. Janisse?

Hasbill : 12:27 Fun Fact: this is the only time in the EVIL DEAD trilogy ash ever drops the f bomb.

Kateland Weeks : Hey, do a Kill Count for Gremlins & Gremlins 2!!! They're awesome & creative. The puppetry is so cool.

Hiiper Wolf : i just realized like 3 or 4 years ago i played a mobile gane for this and now i understand the story 😂😂😂😂😂

pandaman 1175 : That gun he used at the end of the movie was actually a Winchester, Winchester rifle is a comprehensive term describing a series of lever-action repeating rifles. Not a shotgun

baconfer daz : this movie is GROOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVY

Hippie kid : At the end when you said that shot guns don’t shoot that much. Welll that’s not a shotgun that’s a Winchester rifle lever action

J3EF _ : I love every video you make and your narration in them, keep up the hilarious puns and jokes 😂👍🏻🔥

Mike Marks : This movie is hilarious

Pseudonym : You should do Reanimator (1985). It's kinda like Evil Dead b/c of the comedy-horror thing.

Bailey Higginson : Things I hate 1.overused jokes 2.peeple who don't know how too speel 3.edited comments 4.asking for likes 5.peaple who reply to there own comments Like if you agree

Marcela.Const : These kill counts are too good. Even when you haven't watched the movie.

Tv References : You should do a kill count on Ash Vs Evil Dead

Uriel Tomsov : Ohh no... a PG-13, goreless, nonsensical, close-up-filled special effects show with many attractive women and poorly placed comedy?! they went full Michael Bay! (insert Admiral Ackbar exhaling "It's a trap!")

Quack Silver : This is my BOOM STICK!!!!

Aaro Kuuja, Galaxy Emperor : "I'll swallow your soul" a phrase i heard on the last level of one of the gauntlets on the game Geometry Dash... And it comes from a ACTUAL MOVIE... IRONY IS HITTING HARD THIS MONTH

Tell It Animated : It was nice of Evil-James to crunch the numbers ;)

Loomi동물 : The ice cream man is the first dead meat video I saw

D̸у̨́l͞a̢и́͟ B̸͜ґ̸a̷ц̀̕͞п̧́ : Best movie of all time

Eli Collins : I have a horror series (tremors) there’s about 6 movies with plenty of kills

Zero Hero : 15:10 ish, When the car exploded, a soldier that operated it with Ash also get killed right?

Cxdy : COMPLETELY caught up on the entire Kill Count series after finding you guys a month ago! Soo addicting!

Oscar Townshend : 5:53 This is my BOOM-Stick!

Unable To Respond : I know it's a dead joke, but the first soldier who jumped into the pit made it look like he was offstage in Smash Bros and hit the blast zone.

Yair Herrera : Isn’t 9 +8 =17

Kevin Doodoohead : I know it's after Halloween and vampires aren't in the season but I would really like to see the lost boys kill count

Lets do it : *Oh Ash from Evil Dead to this* 😂😂😂

CJrock10 Saboy : Leprechaun is coming back

XxWinteryCashxX Gaming : That’s not a shotgun at the end, it’s a reapeater rifle

Joey Sikorsky : Do DeadPool please

SD player : You can do kill count final destination 1-5. There is lot of kills.

Terrance S : Notification Squad! What's good people?

Jay Sperber : How did you not do a kill count on Texas chainsaw massacre

Shawn Lyall : almost 2 000 000 subs

megacamper xd : Can you do better watch out kill count please

Red Lake : Can you do The Texas chainsaw massacre

acid tab : Never realized how much I love this franchise

SKITCAST : Bad-ash is a Badass

Ants Americana : The Dark Crystal needs a Kill Count, it’s scary enough

Angel Landeros : Shot guns can only shoot 6 times

Leo Hernandez : Romeo s

Coach Renaldo : Good, bad, James is the guy with the kill count.

BroodyAirplane0 Dab : Do death note it is on Netflix

Zachary : 19:33 damnn that the way i am

Casey Pilarczyk : My favorite movie