iPhone Marimba Ringtone but its guitar harmonics! (and a tutorial!)

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What's more iconic than the instantly recognizable "Marimba" ringtone often heard from iPhone users around the world? I thought it would be a cool idea to do this video since I hadn't seen any done on Youtube till now that had both incorporated the marimba ringtone AND the performance of it done entirely with guitar harmonics. My inspiration to make this video came from another clever video which actually plays the marimba ringtone with a real marimba. I structured my video similarly to that one as it starts out with a few runs of the real iPhone ringtone and then breaks it down slowly in a tutorial form. I figured me doing this tutorial would be just as practical, if not more, than a marimba tutorial, since as of now I personally know noone who owns or plays a marimba, while I know a ton of guitar players personally and online that might be interested in seeing how this can be done but maybe never thought of it before. With that being said, I suppose a marimba is laid out similarly to a piano? Anyone know that to be sure? lol I'd love to get an answer of that if anyone knows and can help me with that query... The marimba video behind my inspiration is here: https://youtu.be/qcejjyUmX2Y If any one has questions about what I'm doing specifically on the guitar to get this sounds that isn't clearly shown in the tutorial, please leave me a comment in comment section. Or if you just wanna say hi or say this video is "rad" or something, that'd be ok too! Please subscribe , like, and/or comment! I love feedback (trolls are ok too). I have a ton of cool and different content planned for upcoming videos so please check out some of my other videos as well! Peace!

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Nancy Marie : Hello Dave.. Your such a character, in a good way with your video performances, your so talented and precious..

Random Idiot : Now we just need a tutorial of how to set this ringtone on your iPhone :)

Cristina S : Interesting tutorial, Dave! Have a nice week end, Cristina

hubertgunpowder : Awesome, Dave !!

Federico Borluzzi : Wow, this was so cool and original to watch and listen to! ;)

Rebecca Vocal Athlete : Oh my gosh. I adore this. So creative!! ♥

Alan Free : That is cool, Dave! Thumbs up!

Michael Wilson : Fantastic Dave

jonathanKorn5 : Nice one 👍😌

missingremote : i never saunt it


Herfortz : Will SOMEBODY GET THAT PHONE ?????? ...... I'm TRYING to HEAR this TUTORIAL !!!!!!!