iPhone Marimba Ringtone but its guitar harmonics! (and a tutorial!)

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Real_OrionChill : Can you do this on electric? Also what's the tuning?

hubertgunpowder : Awesome, Dave !!

Rebecca Vocal Athlete : Oh my gosh. I adore this. So creative!! ♥

Michael Wilson : Fantastic Dave

Federico Borluzzi : Wow, this was so cool and original to watch and listen to! ;)

Random Idiot : Now we just need a tutorial of how to set this ringtone on your iPhone :)

missingremote : i never saunt it

Cristina S : Interesting tutorial, Dave! Have a nice week end, Cristina

Alan Free : That is cool, Dave! Thumbs up!

Nancy Marie : Hello Dave.. Your such a character, in a good way with your video performances, your so talented and precious..

jonathanKorn5 : Nice one 👍😌

Functional contractions : 💡

Herfortz : Will SOMEBODY GET THAT PHONE ?????? ...... I'm TRYING to HEAR this TUTORIAL !!!!!!!