The Hennessey Jeep Trackhawk HPE1000 has More Power than a Bugatti Veyron!

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Shmee150 : Hennessey have taken the already ridiculous Jeep Trackhawk and created the HPE1000, offering 1,012bhp - more than a Bugatti Veyron! Join me on their private runway to discover and enjoy the entertainment that it provides!

GTIracerr : Now that's an SUV and a half. Thanks for sharing these petrolhead dreams with us. Probably the closest we are ever going to get to some cars, and that's because of you!

Oliver G.M : The type of car to pick when your wife say a family car! Edit: I didn't know that you can get so many likes by just write The type of guy! Thank you so much!

Donkey Teeth : well shmee this is 'merica we like our torque

Lambo Lapdog : My buddy has this truck. It's an absolute BEAST!!!

Diego Pasten : For me, this is the perfect all puropse car

sithlordsoup : *When you have to pick up the kids at 3, but have to hit the standing mile at 4.*

Chewits : type of car you get when you have a family but the boy racer still lives inside you

Keitumetse Mabuza : Save your urus money and get this

Pizzay Wizzay : This is the type of car that a guy would just normally drive most of the time and sometimes randomly just does a loud rev to scare off the cars next to it

A F : This thing must suck gas like an escort sucks.... ;)

alex symmes : “Foot on the brake” “Start button right here” *ad starts* Wow what a sound

Adam Blyth : I want a trackhawk so bad

WE ARE VENOM : 2.7 sec is INSANE

ProdX : That moment you realise you're laughing with , Tim!! haha! The Trackhawk HPE1000 is insane! but can we just take a moment to appreciate that supercharger whine... <3 #Shquad

kevin t : When the Brit says its sweltering and the car says it’s 79 degrees. Haha

Dan Dan : Shmee pls stop the "car starting" part and "play an add". Cant even hear it...

esteban muñeton : You're absolutely right, there's no other way to explain how quick that car is, the sound of the supercharger and the exhaust is unbelievable. What an incredible experience you had around Hennessey´s private track to drive the car!!!

Ashy Gee : This the only suv i want on earth

Abid Hassan : Pretty sure the person who buys this will use it for nothing more than daily chores

Wauwthur : Trackhawk really sounds like "trekhaak" in Dutch. Wich means trailer hitch :)

The happy Penguin : Thats the best sounding SUV I've ever heard!

Ðéstino ÃzéLL : God Almighty what a monster of a car...and that supercharged V8 sounds so GOOD!

YUVAL SBERLO : One word: *WOW*

john jackson : U need to tow a trailer tank full of gas with it..

SemiAuto_NiNjA : I have one of these and people keep saying it looks like a police car. Do any police or feds even use this? I always see them in Ford.


random uploads101 : I love when shmee comes to the U.S.! Awsome review dude that launch was incredible.Will they let you drive any of their Venoms ?Those shifts remind me of the rs7 lol that Jeep is such a sleeper for supercars until you see those HPE1000 badges

Alex Comeau : Hennessey is a crook, for the amount of money you pay for 1000 hennessey horsepower you could have 1500hp its a proven fact.

wrangler Rubicon : i want to see that engine inside a ford raptor f150

Mr Man : But it’s still a jeep !

President1303 : Nice SUV. Shame that you'd have to do business with that scammer John Hennesey to get one...

CHIDALautos : Seriously wish we knew you were coming to Texas! Saw you already passed through Austin, you've got some fans with some pretty neat cars around! However, this whole state is loaded! Enjoy!

Jordan Rothstein : i think everyone is secretly wanting this to be the new FF. who needs a quarter of a million pound ferrari, when you can get twice the performance for half the price and double the fun. :)

juan carlos vanegas : This will kill the urus

Manuel Ferrera : Ok Tim, next video Henessey Venom F5 ?

Ryan Spalding : That's the HPE1000 meaning it's only producing roughly 1000hp at the CRANK, but only makes about 850hp to the WHEELS. Sorry, thats not more powerful than a Bugatti veyron. Only the HPE 1200 package will produce 1000hp to the wheels.

Willy Lamb : Crazy seeing Tim here in Texas.

Jadden : How‘s the gas?

Go PackGo : Hennessey is a major scam artist at his finest

Ibetiwon : Only a Soyboy track test with the AC on

DiscoR53 : Did we just witness a Shmee -ganism?

FILIPPO LOSCHI : 6:43 Mad mood ON

Mark Stone : Or you could even tow your house

M.W.E.C COD : I've heard about this SUV and it's a beast!

Daniel Sadjadian : 1000hp of supercharged V8 goodness! Sounds fantastic too!

Nathan Burton : Nice to you you soaking up some Texas sun :)

Aliens: Zone-X : the great thing about American cars is that they are very well built, they have great interior, and exterior style, as well as unreal tech for the money. they are a fraction of the cost of imports, yet really are much better cars in many cases. I absolutely love my Dodge Durango. Equally nice is the Chevy Traverse, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the GMC Arcadia, and the Ford Explorer. And for sports cars, the Camaro, Mustang, Challenger, and Corvette. Also many wonderful Cadillacs and Buicks and Lincolns. Perhaps not to "Supercar" or "Hypercar" status, but these cars still have insane power beyond what you can even use, and wonderful comfort, handling, and supreme audio, leather, and many high tech luxuries beyond imports, for a fraction of the cost.

omar rashid : Great Video Shmee=D

Sai TECHNICAL : Well the type of car to go to office as well as MOON!!!!