Samsung: please leave Apple bashing to CERTIFIED professionals.
Samsung please leave Apple bashing to CERTIFIED professionals

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This Samsung ad that keeps showing up on YouTube, IMO, is ridiculous. Samsung exhibits many of the SAME flaws they make fun of Apple for, even WORSE than Apple!


Void : I thought my adblock wasn't working for a second

Francais Lover : I love Louis “unknowledgeable customer voice” talking to Samsung..... ......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Bartek Pękala : Now that lady sounds like she's wasted

Crimson Ghost : Please tell me you have a framed certificate for "Apple Bashing" hanging up on your wall at work.

Deus Ex Machina : Samsung should hire this guy as a professional Apple/Microsoft/etc. basher as well as design consultant

Dylan Happenny : Try building a phone with the parts website. Lol

Jack Keedal : The lady on the phone sounded like she was drunk 🤣🤣🤣

Harvey B. : Went to Apple to change my battery in my IPhone 6+. Waited a couple of hours. Went home and discovered I could not type most letters for emails or text. Had to come back and waste another couple of hours. But they said the screen was defective because of (tech jumbo jumbo)..? Anyway aside from inconvenience they did the right thing and replaced my phone with new older stock, no charge. Bottom line, I give them a F for replacing the battery but A+ for customer service.

Brandon Maples : $40 more too stay away from a apple store sign me up

Orbitom : Great video, very valid points. My only criticism is that the only reason Apple battery replacements are so cheap at the moment is because of the whole throttling performance issue. It was a public image damage control move to *massively* reduce the price of battery replacements.

Olivia Lambert : The Apple battery price should be $79, it was only made $29 to reduce backlash from their hidden "feature" to reduce your processor speed as the phone ages. That seems to be the point about lagging too, unlike Samsung phones Apple get slower as time moves on. Also of note, Samsung batteries are noticeably better and more expensive than Apple batteries - they are famous around the industry sector for losing capacity dramatically slower over time with a slightly lower new capacity and higher cost. Not $40 difference of course, but its certainly there. They could have definitely done the advert better with a more to-the-point mention of Apple's throttling but that really seems to be the aim here.

Theo Stadick : Remeber when they bashed Applr for having permanent batteries when promoting the S5, then decided to make their batteries permanent for the S6? Samsung fanboys seem to forget that.

Andrew Hager : Lots of people now live near a Samsung service center. Ubreakifix is now an authorized service center for Samsung phones. 2 hour walk in repairs guaranteed. I am an authorized Samsung repair technician.

Just First : Also they were comparing a iPhone 6 to a Galaxy S9

josimar pierre : I subscribed to you today because I realize you are objective in your reviews. We need this. I don’t mind biases if the person admits to be but good job on your videos and video subjects

LemonWasHere : Opens and fixes macbooks for a living. “I dont want to repair it myself” Oof

Jinzzy : it's £50 in the UK to replace your battery and yes their service is better than Apple

Naif Mansury : Samsung is the last company who should be making fun of another company’s batteries

TaranTatsuuchi : I bought an lgv20. Most recent phone I could find that still came with a removable battery. Also, I'm really liking the 2nd screen feature.

RyanHu : Even though there was a $29 price tag to replace the battery on an iPhone, that only lasted until the end of 2018 and it's like 70 something bucks. Edit: Apple also kind of had no choice to implement that temporary $29 battery replacement after it was exposed they were slowing down old phones (by the way, my iPhone 6 seems like it's being slowed down by apple)

Lev Armyakov : Great content, objectivity and skills that deserve admiration. Respect you for that. Subscribed.

Deni Cnex : Though I have to hear another Apple Fanboy, thanks for proving me wrong. Btw first time watching you, left a like. Great Video.

Jack Keedal : Traded in my s7 edge for a note8. Very satisfied.

Nilo Cantonjos : not with Note 9 ... I don;t know anybody who is bashing that Phone.

Mr Noll : I agree with most of this although newer android phones just overall are better than iPhone.

Phil Morton : Interesting point on the memory chips, I'll keep that in mind next time I'm purchasing a phone

Timi Akinlonu : remember for Apple, it's $29 till december then it's $79 again

meseyc : S7 was the worst phone I ever had switched to Motorola

ArcAiN6 : I think you completely missed the point they were trying to make.. the lag they are talking about is more than likely the fact that the OS itself would lag the phone when it realized the battery was old. This was a software "feature" in iOS, and even if the battery was physically good, the phone would still lag due to this "feature". It wasn't until after this had become public knowledge, did apple lower their prices, mainly due to the negative backlash. *shrugs*

Hypεr : 29 dollars battery repair +100 dollars "water damage" +apple tax Your bill comes out to 140 dollars

Itech Iwizard : How could you understand that assistant?

DrMacintosh : Say what you will about Louis, but at least he criticizes everyone when they deserve it xD

Over Excited Gamer : I love the touchwiz man 😍 that's the one of main reason for me to buy samsung

Peter S. : keep in mind that samsung's batteries are in most cases a lot larger than the ones apple uses so that adds up for the cost

Ismael Rivera : She sent her mom a Text, Not an iMessage 😉

Leonard Graf : Hey man, best video I saw 2019.

mjc0961 : 3:35 - That shade and self promotion at the same time, very nice

Red Dragon : I had an Samsung galaxy s3, which never lagged(I even played games on it). Now have an j7 max(still doesn't lag). Is it luck or what?. Also the s3 is working even though it's been 8 years and the max has been 3 years

Todor Tihomirov : Apple sells and replaces cheap batteries because of the trothling scandal :D Still probably on profit though.

roboZ starrr : Holy shit, you sell that MacBook IPD flex connector for the trackpad.... I'll take two!!!....(what a flimsy design)... thxs

duckmad : great channel. keep up the good fight. WORST random comment. I am so impressed i am not the only person in the world to still run HELIOS screen saver (y)

Evans - : Hello Louis! Man i love your channel, so informative and helpful. Man, i need a genuine battery for my 2012 Macbook Air? Apple are not selling those and what i have gotten from ebay have not been good batteries - they die in an hour!

Mrk 101 : Me (clicks video) *ad about samsung appers* ok skips video (louis video appers) sees part of the Samsung video ( i get bamboozle )

UnusualPlague : Alright... Apple you can have this one 😂😂

Rek Xar : Using a Moto G3 to watch this. dropped to often and been in super high temperature. Not the fastest, but heck. Still isn't slow or laggy.

Honk Hill : Meanwhile my LG G5 battery can by replaced by a 2 year old

Enzyme Boost : You teached me soldering. Thank you Louis Rossmann

Desh_26 : Louis Rossman literally looks like joey Tribbiani from impractical jokers cousin.😂

alucard alucardidis : 7:05 really??? (I am honestly asking :P)