Samsung: please leave Apple bashing to CERTIFIED professionals.

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Louis Rossmann : Samsung, I love some of your products: however, your Apple bashing game leaves much to be desired. If you're looking to hire someone to up the game of your PR/marketing/promotional team, look no further. You will sell more than enough phones to pay my seven figure salary. It will be money well spent. You know where to find me.

Neiva : "TouchJizz" as they used to call it.

Timi Akinlonu : remember for Apple, it's $29 till december then it's $79 again

Timothé Dorez : The notch haircut at 0:49 is so hilarious!

TechKerala : I bought A5, A7 & S9+ They are now running Samsung experience UI 8.0. Which is lighter and faster! than ever. And a lot of helpful software addition. You said you never heard someone need TouchWiz,,, yes that is true but it is dead, but now the new Samsung experience UI 8.0. is very good.. i will say i will go back to Samsung for Samsung experience UI 8.0... please try new S8 , s9 , A7 , A6 etc.. they all run Samsung experience UI 8.0....

Dorin Gaiu : I wrote on a Samsung forum a few months ago that my Samsung Tablet just suddenly died when I was watching a movie and they repaired it for free, even if it was out of warranty. They installed a new motherboard for my SM-W700 which costs about 250-300$. I have a lot of respect for them. p.s. after repairs they gave me a printed report on what they have done and what replacement parts they used. My tablet still looks like new after the motherboard replacement.

eXc : Meanwhile my LG G5 battery can by replaced by a 2 year old

The Werewolf : Hold on.. the reason Apple is offering the battery replacement at a lower price because of BatteryGate. It took a TON of negative advertising and press to get Apple to finally do this.

Blaxter : I don't know about the USA but here in the Netherlands they have a pick-up service which works as follows: - They send someone to YOUR ADDRESS to pick up the device - They fix the device with original Samsung parts and quality (or so they claim) - You can check on the progress with a Track and Trace-ish feature - After it's repaired, YOU pick a date and time to get it back, not the other way around To get a Samsung device fixed, you don't even have to leave your house. Apple, on the other hand, has a support page that literally just tells me to get my ass to an Apple Store (the equivalent of Narnia in EU countries) or to send it to them. Neato.

Olivia Lambert : The Apple battery price should be $79, it was only made $29 to reduce backlash from their hidden "feature" to reduce your processor speed as the phone ages. That seems to be the point about lagging too, unlike Samsung phones Apple get slower as time moves on. Also of note, Samsung batteries are noticeably better and more expensive than Apple batteries - they are famous around the industry sector for losing capacity dramatically slower over time with a slightly lower new capacity and higher cost. Not $40 difference of course, but its certainly there. They could have definitely done the advert better with a more to-the-point mention of Apple's throttling but that really seems to be the aim here.

OBG Jay : OFF TOPIC. ROSSMAN is killing it woohoo! No one company is SAFE from shady practices. ROSSMAN will get to you!!

jesse lopez : Your wrong battery cost 89$ for battery replacement at Apple the only reason it cost 29$ atm is because Apple got caught slowing down iPhones through there updating software so to calm down the angry crowd they are offering 29$ battery replacement since the battery is reason older phones are slow in Apple certified technician

Sweet Tooth : iShit made for iSheep thanks Samsung - Google -Microsoft - Amazon for make the world clean

joe nodden : Well considering the fact that Samsung batteries are usually well over 3000 mAh, while Apple batteries are usually around 2000 mAh, I think the price is reasonable.

prasad kadam : I like stock android other ui sucks

XSportSeeker : Prefacing: I'm neither an Apple fan nor Samsung fan. Nor hater of either too, though it's fair to say I probably dislike Apple more than Samsung. Some ideas and thoughts... It's possible that Samsung put out the idea of this ad before Apple started offering cheaper battery replacements. Remember that between the reveal that throttling was a thing, Apple admiting it really did happen, and then Apple offering battery replacements at a discount, there are at least a few months interval there. If the ad was produced in that interval, it makes a bit more sense. Not a whole lot more sense, but still. Apple's out of warranty battery replacement program used to be... 79 bucks, right? They cut 50 bucks out of it months after admiting the whole throttling thing. Then again, even at 79 bucks a Samsung battery replacement still costs more. But I don't think that's the focus... the ad is implying that Samsung phones don't have throttling at all. So, more specifically, this is about the scandal because it reached national news coverage. It's all about targeting, but more on that later in the comment. About Touchwiz... believe it or not, lots of people actually love Touchwiz. I'd go as far as saying that some people like it so much that they almost sound like people who cannot live without iOS. Don't believe me? Go to Google and search for "Why do people hate Touchwiz"? The reasoning is simple. Lots of people have used Samsung phones for a very long time, they always had Samsung phones, and they see Touchwiz as an Android version that has more features, that has the apps they use, and that they are familiar with. They don't care about a little bit of extra lag, if it's a bit slower than vanilla Android and stuff like that. And I honestly get it. My mom is having a hard time transitioning from an LG phone to an Android One phone because of the change in interface - even though I tweaked a lot to get closer to LG's own skin. Nowadays they are actually pretty close, closer than ever probably, but familiarity plays a huge role for non techie users. And in a sense, iOS operates in a similar way. From a logical standpoint, and this is a common thing people migrating from Android to iOS will say... iOS interface can feel super clunky and outdated. Not a lot of customization, lots of iPhone users I know have a huge mess of icons, they have a hard time finding apps that they don't use often, the way the configuration menu is organized can be pretty unintuitive when you are trying to reach less common settings, etc. But for someone who is familiar with it and has been using iOS from start, it's really really hard to start over again with something else. Specially for most of the market, who are not necessarily comfortable with messing around until they know what everything is. Ok, given all that, the last thing about it would be... targetting. It's kind of a scummy ad strategy and cringeworthy one, which Apple used in the past against Microsoft, but Samsung is probably targetting people who are not all that much into tech. They are trying to capitalize on the scandal, in kind of a desperate and ugly way, just to create controversy and get the attention of people who don't actually follow what's happening in tech rounds on a daily basis. It's also appealing to fanboys and long time users I guess. Do I agree with it? Nope. My opinion goes line in line with Louis basically. But the thing is, Samsung probably doesn't give a rat's ass about our opinion. They are trying to sell an image for the average joe. And the thing is - it works. Think about it. Just a couple of years ago Samsung had a scandal worth of closing up doors and never selling another smartphone ever again. I don't think Apple capitalized on the scandal, but sure as heck lots of their fanboys did, and the press also piled up. But Samsung somehow managed to not only get out of it, but set record sales on the next device in line. So it must have fans that are close to if not on par with Apple fans. So they keep dancing that dance. Much like other multi billionaire oligopolies. I'm just hoping for some mid-range reasonably priced smartphone with vanilla Android or Android One with direct from Google updates... no middlemen. Of all brands, Nokia might be a candidate. xD

syndicator : Lg V20 REMOVABLE battery SD slot Decent speed 64Gb built in storage Good camera a HIFI dac I will never buy a phone with a sealed battery

Vavency : Touchpiss would have been replaced with stock android immediately if 90% if consumers had complained. Invert that number and you can see the problem.

Paolo Calaycay : But at least good old Sammy won't mind if you choose to have your phone's battery replaced by another technician or shop, not like crApple does.

Show bobs and Vagene pls : Apple at this point is just a status symbol in Third world countries and a cult in developed ones.

Gamblor : Samsung phone rep sounds like she's working from her bed on a laptop.

Lukas S : This is why I went with Huawei p20 pro. This phone doesnt need to proof anything. BTW Apple with not replace your battery in 90% of cases. Phone needs to be in immaculate condition so they can do it. If there are scuffs or chips on the phone they will refuse the service. Check by yourselves.

4p143m3 : - certified..... Coming from the guy who says certifications mean nothing. LoL -

FastLikeUNO : Samsung has been making excellent phones since the S6 and S6 Edge. But their hits on Apple were so obvious they were weak. Apple could easily pull an S5 clip from 2014 and it will make the iPhone faster again.

joseph taylor : Two things apple does better? 1) There are a lot of 3rd party repair shops, for android, that are cheaper, easier to find and are actually more efficient than apple repair shops. It's like General vs "A very specific and hard to find type" Apple. Replacing samsung batteries doesn't have to be a specific $70. I can pm anyone repair shops that does this for a lot cheaper. The point, ANDROID/SAMSUNG BATTERY REPLACEMENT IS GENERALLY CHEAPER THAN WITH IPHONES 2) A ton of good information online for self-repair for androids vs for apple which is very secretive btw, so secretive they didn't even bother to inform their customers about the previous IOS updates that is going on for years basically slowing down their phones, in other words, making IPHONES MORE LAG THAN SAMSUNG/ANDROID in general

W Dora : Mr. Rosman.... you talking to non technical people.. so she stick to manual.. hahaha... why samsung hire someone not on credibe... damn man

jonh hancock : Galaxy phones are trash

Wizzle Dizzle : FYI Apple didn’t refuse to change batteries on a 3g/3GS. The repair was an exchange for the price of the battery, which was a GREAT option considering all the esthetics were new.

MiUi & stuff : Louis Rossmann the point of the ad was that Apple intentionally slowed iPhone 6 and that Samsung doesn't do that *I thought u did more research before making a video* 😶

Orbitom : Great video, very valid points. My only criticism is that the only reason Apple battery replacements are so cheap at the moment is because of the whole throttling performance issue. It was a public image damage control move to *massively* reduce the price of battery replacements.

Void : I thought my adblock wasn't working for a second

Dale Holtzhausen : Apple are replacing batteries for that price just to save face for all the crap that was brought to light

Apple Exposed : Apple just replaces your phone no questions asked!

Diogo Lourenço : Hi! I’m a true Apple fan since I met the company And there’s nothing people can say that will change my mind But I do respect your opinion I do not care if you prefer Samsung over apple Everybody as the right to choose what they want! Very well thought out video! Keep doing amazing work! Greetings from Portugal! <3

urcritic : Am I the only one who actually likes TouchWiz? I've always felt like it got some bad press with earlier Galaxy versions and since then everyone has jumped on the band wagon. Each to their own I guess. Probably the reason I don't mind it is because I've never personally experienced lag with it. It's about as buttery smooth now as the day I got it and I'm talking about an S6 so it's pretty old. The only times I've played around with a stock Android phone, it felt a little simplistic, a little bit ugly and more importantly, it didn't seem any faster.

Ardee Blancas : iPhone SE's single core is much way faster and higher than a Note 8... it loads very fast every apps with no lags. :)

IronBat : Could you build a phone from scratch from there.

wooo weee : Yea you sell your product, you don't mention the competitor, you don't give the competitor your mind share. Big fail with Samsung.

Deus Ex Machina : Samsung should hire this guy as a professional Apple/Microsoft/etc. basher as well as design consultant

Steve Games : TouchCrap

Crimson Ghost : Please tell me you have a framed certificate for "Apple Bashing" hanging up on your wall at work.

flaconY1 falconY1 : thats why apple will always be better than samsung copycats never win!

MegaMech : I thought the batteries in apple phones are soldered in.

LenNay : these are just facts, not bashing; btw they left out the auto shutting down part

C G : Can you buy and build an entire phone from that website?

картошка ро : I ditched Samsung in 2014. used to have my first android phone galaxy ace and bought up to 2 phones: galaxy grand to S3 i hate over the years how their software become more crappier (mimicking iOS), adding a bunch of bloatwares on top of their mid-high end phones becoming more expensive than other android brand phones in the market. Maybe if the phone life cycle atleast reach 3 or 5 years. But for godsake its like every week they release a new model. to me Samsung is more or less same with apple now- the very thing they are competing with

theeccentrictripper : Am I the only guy who thinks he sounds kind of like Ferris Bueller when he's on the phone? Love your videos bro, keep doing what you're doing.

Julio Ortiz : Hey Louis, I work at a repair shop called UBreakiFix, we are partnered up with Samsung to provide same day repair for In-warranty and out of warranty. We have about 400 locations nationwide, I believe the person you spoke with on the phone wasn't that knowledgeable. I myself have worked in a call center and she didn't sound confident at all during the call or very informed, the call should have been handled very different then the way that it went.

OBG Jay : I love the fact that Samsung has selective memory when it comes to their Apple bashing commercials. Pitting the latest Samsung against older Apple products and making fun as they are slow... Let me remind you Samsung that your Galaxy devices slow down to a crawl after months of use. Only the uninformed will believe these ads.

josimar pierre : I subscribed to you today because I realize you are objective in your reviews. We need this. I don’t mind biases if the person admits to be but good job on your videos and video subjects