Samsung: please leave Apple bashing to CERTIFIED professionals.

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Louis Rossmann : Samsung, I love some of your products: however, your Apple bashing game leaves much to be desired. If you're looking to hire someone to up the game of your PR/marketing/promotional team, look no further. You will sell more than enough phones to pay my seven figure salary. It will be money well spent. You know where to find me.

Neiva : "TouchJizz" as they used to call it.

OBG Jay : OFF TOPIC. ROSSMAN is killing it woohoo! No one company is SAFE from shady practices. ROSSMAN will get to you!!

XSportSeeker : Prefacing: I'm neither an Apple fan nor Samsung fan. Nor hater of either too, though it's fair to say I probably dislike Apple more than Samsung. Some ideas and thoughts... It's possible that Samsung put out the idea of this ad before Apple started offering cheaper battery replacements. Remember that between the reveal that throttling was a thing, Apple admiting it really did happen, and then Apple offering battery replacements at a discount, there are at least a few months interval there. If the ad was produced in that interval, it makes a bit more sense. Not a whole lot more sense, but still. Apple's out of warranty battery replacement program used to be... 79 bucks, right? They cut 50 bucks out of it months after admiting the whole throttling thing. Then again, even at 79 bucks a Samsung battery replacement still costs more. But I don't think that's the focus... the ad is implying that Samsung phones don't have throttling at all. So, more specifically, this is about the scandal because it reached national news coverage. It's all about targeting, but more on that later in the comment. About Touchwiz... believe it or not, lots of people actually love Touchwiz. I'd go as far as saying that some people like it so much that they almost sound like people who cannot live without iOS. Don't believe me? Go to Google and search for "Why do people hate Touchwiz"? The reasoning is simple. Lots of people have used Samsung phones for a very long time, they always had Samsung phones, and they see Touchwiz as an Android version that has more features, that has the apps they use, and that they are familiar with. They don't care about a little bit of extra lag, if it's a bit slower than vanilla Android and stuff like that. And I honestly get it. My mom is having a hard time transitioning from an LG phone to an Android One phone because of the change in interface - even though I tweaked a lot to get closer to LG's own skin. Nowadays they are actually pretty close, closer than ever probably, but familiarity plays a huge role for non techie users. And in a sense, iOS operates in a similar way. From a logical standpoint, and this is a common thing people migrating from Android to iOS will say... iOS interface can feel super clunky and outdated. Not a lot of customization, lots of iPhone users I know have a huge mess of icons, they have a hard time finding apps that they don't use often, the way the configuration menu is organized can be pretty unintuitive when you are trying to reach less common settings, etc. But for someone who is familiar with it and has been using iOS from start, it's really really hard to start over again with something else. Specially for most of the market, who are not necessarily comfortable with messing around until they know what everything is. Ok, given all that, the last thing about it would be... targetting. It's kind of a scummy ad strategy and cringeworthy one, which Apple used in the past against Microsoft, but Samsung is probably targetting people who are not all that much into tech. They are trying to capitalize on the scandal, in kind of a desperate and ugly way, just to create controversy and get the attention of people who don't actually follow what's happening in tech rounds on a daily basis. It's also appealing to fanboys and long time users I guess. Do I agree with it? Nope. My opinion goes line in line with Louis basically. But the thing is, Samsung probably doesn't give a rat's ass about our opinion. They are trying to sell an image for the average joe. And the thing is - it works. Think about it. Just a couple of years ago Samsung had a scandal worth of closing up doors and never selling another smartphone ever again. I don't think Apple capitalized on the scandal, but sure as heck lots of their fanboys did, and the press also piled up. But Samsung somehow managed to not only get out of it, but set record sales on the next device in line. So it must have fans that are close to if not on par with Apple fans. So they keep dancing that dance. Much like other multi billionaire oligopolies. I'm just hoping for some mid-range reasonably priced smartphone with vanilla Android or Android One with direct from Google updates... no middlemen. Of all brands, Nokia might be a candidate. xD

Gamblor : Samsung phone rep sounds like she's working from her bed on a laptop.

W Dora : Mr. Rosman.... you talking to non technical people.. so she stick to manual.. hahaha... why samsung hire someone not on credibe... damn man

Void : I thought my adblock wasn't working for a second

Timi Akinlonu : remember for Apple, it's $29 till december then it's $79 again

OBG Jay : I love the fact that Samsung has selective memory when it comes to their Apple bashing commercials. Pitting the latest Samsung against older Apple products and making fun as they are slow... Let me remind you Samsung that your Galaxy devices slow down to a crawl after months of use. Only the uninformed will believe these ads.

TechKErala : I bought A5, A7 & S9+ They are now running Samsung experience UI 8.0. Which is lighter and faster! than ever. And a lot of helpful software addition. You said you never heard someone need TouchWiz,,, yes that is true but it is dead, but now the new Samsung experience UI 8.0. is very good.. i will say i will go back to Samsung for Samsung experience UI 8.0... please try new S8 , s9 , A7 , A6 etc.. they all run Samsung experience UI 8.0....

Doc. Volt : I love Samsungs but after 2 years they are toasted My s7 edge has reached that time and it is falling apart, so far i replaced -usb port. Common issue on all phone before usb-c -battery. Acceptable after 2 years. You can buy oem -main microphone. I had to change the whole charging flat because it was apparently a fault on the flat itself and I had to take the risky procedure of removing a glued 250€ lcd to do so - the phone worked fine for 2 months but now there is a line at 1/3 of the screen and everything under it is a bit darker than above. It is jist annoying on white but it is there. Turns out it is another problem of Samsung's oleds Now, i know I am not supposed to keep a phone for more than two years.. but what if i wanted to? It is also notocibly slower and I NEVER updated. The last android is a bug cesspool so I haven't updated since half of 2017 so it cannot be the operating system, so I am pretty sure it is another problem of ageing eMMC memory chip (The slowness remains even after formatting and updating. It actually gets worse) So ya.. Samsung flagships, you can love them like i do, but they will be like an Alfa Romeo after two years. Manteinance and extra costs every day

Picasso Pablo : I never buy Samsung Ga-laggy... Simply because it lags

LenNay : but samsung doesnt even have a shop in the US, I ask this cuz I've been waiting/wanting one for years now. They have the most consumer product line you can imagine, are they being blocked from even opening one? can they even open a pop up?

Ayan Choudhury : Louis, the 29 dollars is for a limited time. That too cuz of their shady phone battery throttling. Otherwise it's bloody 79 dollars afaik.

Alexandr Oleynikov : The support lady sounds drunk lmao.

Sir Smiles : If they had made an ad about bendgate that was funny, that would have killed Apples brand.

Toyo Masauce : Apple sells an experience! not parts Louis! Who needs parts to fix things and make things work when you can have the Apple experience!

Naif Mansury : Samsung is the last company who should be making fun of another company’s batteries

Mad Era : Have you ever thought about doing phone reviews? They would be amazing and much more insightful than many other channels reviews. I think a lot of us would love to know your thoughts on a phone/company before our purchase.

Jamil Nuru : keep in mind apple didn't do the $29 battery until they got caught with their pants down after that 11 update

Cirno : Removable batteries NEED TO COME BACK!!

Noah Champy : Sorry, but I actually really like being able to periodically changed my skins(themes) through touch wiz. I have a galaxy S6 active. It's pretty good. Touchwiz does make it less responsive considering my older smartphone was a moto x and was more responsive. That being said, the OLED screen is much better and the battery life is much better on the S6 active. I think the samsung phones added being able to search for settings in the settings menu before the base android OS. But I agree that the add may not be the best considering the specific points they chose to cover.

CevelNet : Samsung + Stock Android = Win

Yackaro : The sad thing about Samsung, is the accent of that support lady. Other than that, Samsung support was absolutely top notch compared to Apple's support, even if Samsung _absolutely_ failed to get the burn in on them by showcasing an ineptitude towards in-store *battery* replacement. Also, Apple's battery connectors are a little confusing. My friend bought an iPhone 6 battery for his 6S, some off brand I can't remember, and had me replace it. Apparently, the battery connector changes between the 6 and 6S were extremely minor, in that on the 6S, the center nub is a little wider. I couldn't figure this out until I saw it in the microscope. I finally broke off the center nub, plugged it in, and it worked fine. At least until his LCD cracked a few days later, presumably the final result of him dropping it constantly in his half broken case. After that he went and got a Pixel 2 XL, and not even a full day later I saw him with it and he was loving it. I'm trying to buy the iPhone off of him just to have a piece for future reference with iOS devices, but outside of having a reference piece as a tech repair guy, I actively refuse to endorse Apple products. I'm currently attempting to convince another person to make the switch; going so far as to give him a glass-removed S4 that I found shattered/abandoned one day and cleaned/put custom roms on. I never want to do a glass-only removal again, that was one of the sketchiest phonerepairs I've ever done. Next time I'll try actual soft tip razors or some other sort of proper prytool, so I can get behind the adjacent shards of glass more easily.

Timothé Dorez : The notch haircut at 0:49 is so hilarious!

Byron Dare : It's amazing that it's amazing that a company makes parts available to consumers.

danyeo : Louis, you ask your camera guy to bow and block him out. We need another bow bro.

Nic s : An LCD screen for my GALAXY S7 you know a phone line that exclusively used AMOLED panels for all of their phones in that line... seems LIGIT

SanicTheHidgehag : Smartphones make me want to just get mobile broadband for my laptop and just never bother with mobile ui and hardware ever again

Dimensionalconsciousness : Also the fact that they copied apple's glued battery design and made it even more of a hassle to have it replaced.

TechGoggles : I have an iphone 6 and it slowed down just after ios11... 10.3.3 made it faster...

Charlie Michael : Louis, you are assuming that people actually spend the time the research what Samsung is saying in the ad. In the words of a famous warrior poet “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!”

José Luís Lopes : It should be noted that the 29$ battery replacement cost is only until the end of the year because of what happened with Apple slowing down older phones...

Dan Bracket_fredyfrankle1 : I was expecting $229. $70 is good deal when i get a old note 8.

Putin the Frog : Stuff that fell off a truck in China; lmao, so true it’s hilarious.

HCkev : Well, to be fair, the only reason why Apple replace the battery for $29 is because of how they were purposely slowing down phones and how it made them look bad with all the media coverage. And again to be fair, Touchwiz nowadays isn't nearly as bloated as it used to be, I boycotted Samsung phones for years because of Touchwiz and then gave them a chance again with the Galaxy S8, and I'm not disappointed, I don't think it's an issue anymore.

TechGoggles : Is it me, or does it feel like rossmann is getting grey hair

Mr. Q : Apple is Samsung number one customer.

tv321123 : arrant they only doing the $29 price as a special till the end of the year??

Antonio Cunningham : While I like LG UI over Samsung, I'll take touch wiz over stock Android *any day* ! Stock android is too boring and I won't buy a phone with it. I *hate* that tech blogs keep pushing this carp. I had to root to get rid of stock Android before Google stupid war on expandable storage push me to never buy nexus phones.

Warrick Walter : Sorry Louis, but Samsung's marketing team smarter than you on this one. Logic probably doesn't sell phones, but that ad might.

Ed Bulnes : That 18 year old valley girl from tech support had just woken up a bit hangover minutes before taking your call.

ADKIc3mAnXYT : Damn, I’ve never been this early.

Nicholas : I tend to just use older samsung products from amazon and ebay. You can get an older phone for cheap and it works just as well as most newer phones.

Kim Jong Skill : You should do a Google video too. Spent forever trying to find a Chromebook Pixel 2 battery only to find out that Google never supplied parts for it even when it was new. Even the original Chromebook Pixel, you could only ever get third-party batteries shipped from (I think) Thailand.

LenNay : these are just facts, not bashing; btw they left out the auto shutting down part

James W : I don't care for Touchwiz/Samsung Experience. To be fair, they are marketing to their Eastern audience who likes skins. Touchwiz needs a facelift. And needs to stop competing with Google. That's the land of EMUI, MIUI, and various others. I think the best skin maker was HTC with its Sense UI. It worked along with Android, instead of against it. Samsung was wrong here.

Martin Herkules : Louis looks properly scary in that thumbnail. xD

Lakshminarayanan Krishnan : To be fair, Samsung's phones these days are not laggy - my wife's S7 that I bought 2 years ago is still going good without the lag - and she's not tech savvy, so she has a lot of nonsense installed on the phone. And this is touchwiz. Sure, Samsung's earlier versions were horrible, but they've seemed to learn the error of their ways. Granted, it is no Moto-G or Oneplus in terms of being as close to stock android as possible, but it's no EMUI

syndicator : Lg V20 REMOVABLE battery SD slot Decent speed 64Gb built in storage Good camera a HIFI dac I will never buy a phone with a sealed battery