Prima Nocta @ Rodemack
Bagpipes drums

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Mecha Maiden : This makes my soul happy <3

GwGv2 : The era is medieval, an indeterminate are in a barbarian/celtic festival and you are happy, and, very very drunk, nothing else matters but that festival. you enter the tavern, ask for another beer, a fight begins...immediately the tavern band begins to play this song...everyone in the tavern begins to fight, punching and kicking all over the place. you sit and enjoy everything, of course, you're drunk and very happy!

Thorash : I'm run with this song... Once, when I stop for while my friend ask me... What is wrong? So I answer.... There is no run anymore there is CHARGE! Question is where is my axe and shield! Best regards from Poland!

Bruno Pereira Lopes : Não me canso de ouvir .. Maravilhoso

Vanessa Catarina : Amazing!!! Saudações do Brasil...

AA 611 : They should have them make songs for the next God of War

Michael Macek : Incredible ! This music make your balls bigger !

Jean Carlos Lagos : This music makes my spirit rise high. Thank you!

Kirnor78 : I watched them play this last Saturday on Bouillon it was amazing, it sounded like a calling home to the soul.

Tacticool Daddy : Makes me want to drink ale and get into a bar fight!🍻

Celso Rossatto : I borned surrounded by the brazilian culture... but the cultural sound that makes my soul vibrate belongs to another world. O loved your video! Thank you!

Tiago Figueira : This song reminds me the Grizzly Hills map on WoW...

Callie Hanks : I'm just a Cajun girl from Louisiana obsessed with your culture! Everything about it is amazing but the music (and the men😏) is the best!

Entre Saúcos : te transporta a otra epoca sin duda -////- <3 i love this music

Lady of The woods : Finally hardcore river dance has a chance lol Love it ❤️

steve mayle : My new favorite group. It calls out to my soul! Plunder and Pillage!

Scorpio45Libra : Am part Irish and Scottish.....this music speaks to my soul!! I'm drawn to it!

Trae Aplin : I'd drink out of a goats horn to this.

Manuel Silva Barrera : Awesome! Greeting from Perú.

Kandi Wolfe : Love this !!;) Peace to All of Us ° ;)

Nemanja Pesic : This has to be the most amazing thing i have ever seen and heard!

Глеб Якорнов : It is apparent to me that these men are in love with what they are doing. Their passion can be felt almost physically. This is really good performance! Awesome work!

Sisgard Fenrir : Marry me :,D So amazin! Love it ♡

Sv T : Very damn powerful!

82GHOSTKIDKODY : The butt Drum.

Leon Horder : my neighbor was banging on my front door at 3am this morning...just as well I was still awake playing my bagpipes 😁

Tenno Shykk : J'adore, J'admire et j'adhère complètement.

Luka Lula : I listen this thing every single day

Entre Saúcos : epic!!!

David Feltas : I follow youre job To France and i like this ^^ thanks

anna Hryniewicz : Something for soul and body! Absolutely love it! Dose of energy!

PrzeszczepiX : this is my ringtone

Maev' a : Vous avez mis le feu hier a la fête de la sorcière 💖

Victoria Sjoquist : This gave me goosebumps! Love it!

Juan Tallone : Excelent! Cheers from the Patagonia!

EmmaRissa theSage : This song should be a background music in all classrooms, lecture halls.. and buffet halls..u know why...😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

Marie-Noëlle Gagnon : J'ADORE!!!

Pola Pérez : Magnífico 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Lady Vora Villagran : Makes me proud to have Scottish blood running throughout my veins!!!

Sarah W : I think I speak for most when I say, Holy Shite!!

honza rachač : Hell yeah!!! Awesome!!! Love it :-)

Angel mambel : Muy buena su musica. Saludos desde Venezuela.

Jonathan Dunn : Fairy tail

Behind Enemy Lines : I would like to drink vodka with you. Greeting from Poland

DarkFight9 : You're really awesome! Keep it up like that!

gnappo89 : amazing!!!!

Christine82Y : This is total badass awesome music

Renato Silva : dês de setembro de 2018 eu volto aqui semanalmente para ouvir esta maravilha