Prima Nocta @ Rodemack

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AA 611 : They should have them make songs for the next God of War

Hylan Games : The era is medieval, an indeterminate are in a barbarian/celtic festival and you are happy, and, very very drunk, nothing else matters but that festival. you enter the tavern, ask for another beer, a fight begins...immediately the tavern band begins to play this song...everyone in the tavern begins to fight, punching and kicking all over the place. you sit and enjoy everything, of course, you're drunk and very happy!

Thorash : I'm run with this song... Once, when I stop for while my friend ask me... What is wrong? So I answer.... There is no run anymore there is CHARGE! Question is where is my axe and shield! Best regards from Poland!

Maev' w.w : Vous avez mis le feu hier a la fête de la sorcière 💖

Celso Rossatto : I borned surrounded by the brazilian culture... but the cultural sound that makes my soul vibrate belongs to another world. O loved your video! Thank you!

Mecha Maiden : This makes my soul happy <3

Jean Carlos Lagos : This music makes my spirit rise high. Thank you!

Vanessa Catarina : Amazing!!! Saudações do Brasil...

Lee Woodford : I'm getting goosebumps listening to this

Angel mambel : Muy buena su musica. Saludos desde Venezuela.


Michael Macek : Incredible ! This music make your balls bigger !

Anom Mona : Sounds like every Flogging Molly song out there

java finn : Awesome!!! Greetings from Montana USA

Kirnor78 : I watched them play this last Saturday on Bouillon it was amazing, it sounded like a calling home to the soul.

steve mayle : My new favorite group. It calls out to my soul! Plunder and Pillage!

Chris Ross : I can just picture walking into a city in World Of Warcraft and this is the song playing in the background...

Karen1Nicola : WoW 💖

gnappo89 : amazing!!!!

Davide Romano : I love this type of music. I think at vikings when I hear this fanstastic music

honza rachač : Hell yeah!!! Awesome!!! Love it :-)

Илья Фетисов : Круто!!!

DarkFight9 : You're really awesome! Keep it up like that!

Rakel Robles : Amezing!! I follow beautifull all of you greetings from Mexico!~

Zé Diogo Forte : You guys sound really great! Keep up the good work! Salutations from Brazil!


K. M. Official : THIS IS FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! greetings from Bolivia!!!

Sanya Best : cool

Rob Hewinson : YEEEESSSSS! Love it!

Tenno Shykk : THIS IS GREAT!!!!!

John Fitzgerald : My bachelor's party will be incomplete without these guys there it must happen.

WALFER Il signore dei giochi : excusemoi this song have a copyrigt?

TheDarkAngel : Sounds awsome you guys has to come and play on Denmarks biggest middieval festival next year last weekend in aug, its the biggest in scandinavian

Eddy LP : Well, I feel like to grab an axe and plunder small villages

AndThe2Become1Flesh : Where can I find a man like that? :) Music that reminds me I have the blood of my ancestors in my veins. <3

Andy da pfīfære smit : Hello Edwin really a super chic unique bass drone, cool part

Barbara Buck : LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Juan Tallone : Excelent! Cheers from the Patagonia!

Alja Alimovna : Бесподобно!!!

Owen Benson : The chills at 2:10

Konrad Kosu : My balls are ripping my pants already but I can't stop listening, greetings from Poland

Jonathan Moreau : Can we have it in HD ? His MP3 in better quality ?

Thomas DE WITTE : Song name ?

Lord of Hosts : So AWESOME! Thank-you!

Andy Roses : k temazo gracias

fuckyouyoutube : yes; that is all.

Neko Medic : perfect for dinasty warriors but in europe.

Robert Curiche : Amazing! Saludos desde Chile !!

MsJosehr : mola!!!!

Sisgard Fenrir : Marry me :,D So amazin! Love it ♡