Cinematic: "Safe Haven"
WoW Safe Haven

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Varok Saurfang realizes that that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past. For the latest updates visit:


Йоксель Моксель : The team who works to make cinematics... U r simply the best, dudes. Just the best.

George Kerepa : Who else doesn't play World of Warcraft but watches their cinematics?

Mark Arandjus : All those years when we wanted a Warcraft film ... What we should've said was : we want a Warcraft feature length animation.

Dangos Langos : *Accidently pulls half of the mythic dungeon mobs* my mythic grup: you were followed!!!!! " me: "i followed them"

Michael VPS : Honestly, I wouldn't complain if Blizzard just focused solely on movies

Crust Ocean : Thrall = Every guy that stopped playing WoW Assassins = The one and only Blizzard Saurfang = The good memories of WoW

Sad : Saurfang: *brings assassins to Thrall's hideout* Thrall: You were followed!!!! Saurfang: I followed them Nice save.

Joseph V : Thrall: *farms* Saurfang: Farming really? Man of your talents?

Trevor Wilson : even thrall would rather stay in outland than bfa

Stepas Peska : Honestly, i'm on my "pension" right now too. If Thrall returns, i might think of resubscribing and get to "work" again. FOR THE HORDE!

Ahiba Sabala : My 'WoW heart' will always be in Nagrand, way back in 2008, flying around in my roflcopter, seeing the sunset while people quest and PvP, (and trash-talk) happily down below. Good times

Dylan D Fleck : Blizzard should honestly make their own TV show series

Maxenorer Max : Me: Oh Thrall abandoned the Horde... Meh i don't care about hi- Thrall: A Me: OH MY GOOD LORD THRALL IS BACK!!!! ALL HAIL THE HORDE!!!!!

Blackthorn 19 : "And where is your family?" "Not in the budget."

reytracer : WoW Classic coming... finally able to play wow like it was supposed to be again ;)

chris cicek : Pause at any given moment. Good, that's your new wallpaper

Je A : Metzen: I'm now retired. Kid: Daddy, I want a pony. Metzen *sigh*

Denver Donate : Too much "Uncanny Valley". Japanese anime bypasses the valley which makes things more exciting to watch.

Radioaktive : MCU: we got the best CGI contents BLIZZARD: hold my beer!

Tronix Rex : Thrall: YOU WERE FOLLOWED!! Suarfang: I followed them, and decide not to tell you about them until they attacked you and stabbed me a few times.

Sam Cole : I would give all my earthly possessions for a netflix series of this quality.

Jake Davidson : What it’s like having world PVP on to level faster and get one shot by 120s

Lokilism : Something is wrong when a 4 minute cinematic is more fulfilling than 6 months worth of content patches.

shadowviruz : I cant stand playing wow ever since bfa came out. But here I am watching this video multiple times every day. Get it together Blizz!

ben7ani : Blizzard if you are reading this.... Please release a film with these graphics! They're such good quality and always hit you in the feels! Good job.

Summanus : New warrior ability: nearest object Pick up any nearest object and use it as a weapon

Treatar : I hope one day they do a cinematic in Durotar with the original starting zone music. The nostalgia would be so real

rieyuki : Saurfang trying to use "Recruit a Friend" with Thrall because he wants that cool mount

ZgermanGuy : "I am noones savior" Dude you literally saved the planet from falling apart!

Dwayne94 Goku : if it's necessary I would pay even 100 dollars to watch a full movie like this cinematic. I don't play WOW, but I love all the cinematics ❤

Rujuv Vorkrunne : Amazing cinematic. Shame we’re forced to do ONLY the most boring content of the game to unlock allied races & flying. Give us the option to rep grind with dungeons, raids, & BGs!

Fry sauce : Shrek 5 is looking pretty cool tbh

Bobby Bolivia : The conversation between those 2 rogues - Are you absolutly sure about this? - Yes, I mean I know its Thrall, one of the mightiest orc in the entire history of wow, former warchief but hes been quiet depressed the last 3 expansions so. - Youre right, look there he is. -We can take him right now! - Quiet, he can hear you. Should we really be doIn this in daylight? - Yeah no problem, we have stealth. -Look, there is one more, OMFG!! Its Saurfang. Shouldnt we wai..... - LEEEEEEROY JENKINS!!!!!!!

Aman Deep : The backgroung music is just awesome in this cinematic .

Tony Le : Saurfang - so this is your home now? Thrall - home..... and family. Saurfang - And where are they? Thrall - not far, in the war-mode-off phase.

Sunrise Sunset : Sigh... I really really miss playing World of Warcraft. Commander Gundanium, of Dark, of Proudmoore. An experience of a lifetime.

bjorn jacob panganiban : Ok, why is the video a Avengers Endgame reference btw l3

Jekadu : "Home. Family." "And where are they?" "Not in the budget."

Paul Sheard : ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! For the HORDE!!!

Xx19BlaZe91xX OuuGii : We need another movie Blizzard! maybe a whole series!

Shawn Knox : Got bored of playing WoW, but I'd die before I ever got board of Blizzard cinematics. Lol

gamerx112 : in a way its gonna pain me not getting more expansions. but considering I bought and never touched BFA because of the backlash from the players tells me I should just save my money. legion was a nice change but it had problems which bfa only expanded upon.

Corey : i dont even play anymore but i always get hyped for the cinematics

Andri Jacklumanyun : Blizzard back to the Right Way...:D FOR THE HORDEEEE!

CrissyD The Mighty : And this is how Blizzard gets everyone back into Bfa and wow

Camilo : Please just make another 4 movies, please, please. Thanks.

Grimeto : Garrosh did nothing wrong.

Sir Lotherin : Blizzard never fails to surprise me with the high quality cinematics and the music....

Sixtø : Good Thrall is back at last, now we need Dadgar back and i'll be happy as a clam.