Making a 1000 ROCKET launch Bike

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colinfurze : I'm excited about this one.....riding a bike with a 1000 rockets going off behind your back sounds very colinfurze channel muhahahahah

The Real Life Guys : Can't wait for the firework!😀 Congratulations again, you are the best!!!

Aron Ramos : Am i the only one who thought the rocket will be like rocket boosters not launching towards the skies.

Wolfie Plays roblox & more! : Make a homemade tank? Like if you agree

EcHo SmurfZ : Wonder what his neighbours think of him

Ben Davis : I hate 1532 people

2Edgy4ThisPlanet : i hope he didn't make this video available in North Korea

Ramkatha Museum Ayodhya : Why your subscribers was not increasing above 5m ??

Adam88Marz : Colin you look like a Mr.Meeseeks riding a rocket bike! Aaaaaaaaallriiight!!! Caaaaaaaan dooooooooo!!!

Joshua Boyd : You should team up with the Slow Mo Guys 👍

加藤みずっち : I thought he was goin to make a rocket-powered-bike as the rockets are placed backwards

Slicky Brit : When people see you riding that down the street they probably think your a bloody nutter

Lore San : when i grow old, i wanna be a colinfurze too

Mr. Fragz : Hopefully Jake Paul doesn’t see this…

Sorenkair : do jet/rocket powered roller skates for the next milestone!

Mr Teepawt : Why the hell is Colin wearing a t shirt?

Sebastian Pinger : You should do a shop tour

Felix Th : bonjour

makko498 : Fajnie by było jakbym cos rozumial xDDD

Bobby fuze : u r amazing

Giovanni De Lorenzi : I thought rockets were just to gain speed

william stockton : Did he died?

OneVeryOrdinaryMan : This is a FAKE FURZE! No shirt and TIE!!! - Must be an imposter!

Joe : Can you do a tutorial on how to make a fast mobility scooter with "Simple equipment" please.

MrWithnailJRjunior : should of pointed them backwards you pleb, whats the point of them going upwards? they will push the bike into the ground!

THATCRAZYDUDE : I'm sad that Colin isn't using his signature shirt and tie as often as he used to : (

War Reaper43 : love the music that he puts in his vids

ZEVAZ Entertainment : I efing love his safety ideas hahahaha

شبل بني شهر : الرأس مرفوع والرايه سعوديه

Mustafa Gemar : Yes ooooooooiiiioo

Nokuou P : "I take safety very seriously on this channel." Suggested: Thermite Launcher.

Benjamin Baber : you should modify a car so that it shoots fire works out the front, at other cars with the press of a butten

icecab shanal : wowamazzing

I survivednam : OMG he turns into GUMBY!!


Mustafa Karatekin : New t-shirt ☺

RomanNoodles : Hey Colinfurze i watched the hacksmith and heard that you don't have a lot of space so why don't you build a underground work shop and Connect it to the bunker

Furkan Aslan : 01 ADANA 😂😂😂😂

CrInGeFACTOR 10000 : Can you make full body armour that is loaded with weapends

Finn Loonen : shoulda pointed the rockets backwards

Travis Hageman : For some reason I thought the rockets would propel the bike forward by launching backwards.

ERAN SHIK : Please make Web shooter!

Predator : To self rate the release of the the new kingsmen movie could you make the knife shoes out of it and any of the other gadgets.

Legendary Gamer : Colinfurze please make a paramotor contraption i think they are amazingly cool and i would love to make one myself because buying one is super expensive (most the time when you make something yourself from what i have found it tends to be cheaper) and i don't trust myself to pick out good enough materials to make my own at all so if you could make one and have it be like a tutorial video that would be amazing or at least say the things you used thanks!

SinsiliuxS : Plot twist: Colin's body protection is flammable.

HAHAAHAH : Furze, i want you to Make some kind of remote motorized airplane. THAT WILL BE AWSOME!!!!

Goofy boy Omar : Camera quality is from like 1980...

PowerNine : i have a challenge for u...... i will that ull nake a all function iron man armor (rockets, the laser from his hand and chest ect.) Do you accept the Challenge??????????

Redpulsar2011 : You a funny guy man!!

Double Dare Fan : Safety first? Nope, Safety Furze!