Making a 1000 ROCKET launch Bike

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colinfurze : I'm excited about this one.....riding a bike with a 1000 rockets going off behind your back sounds very colinfurze channel muhahahahah

Aron Ramos : Am i the only one who thought the rocket will be like rocket boosters not launching towards the skies.

Double Dare Fan : Safety first? Nope, Safety Furze!

giorgos Manso : The most creative guy in the world.. holy...

加藤みずっち : I thought he was goin to make a rocket-powered-bike as the rockets are placed backwards

EcHo SmurfZ : Wonder what his neighbours think of him

Nathaniel Varney : I want to be your neighbour

Wolfie Plays roblox & more! : Make a homemade tank? Like if you agree

Zachary Ross : Canada eh!!!

ChickenHead Man : This is MUCH better than the BBC's Top Gear. Colin, you need an agent -- nudge nudge wink wink.

Slicky Brit : When people see you riding that down the street they probably think your a bloody nutter

Tobias_Reaper14 : you should colab with Roman Atwood, he does stupid stuff with fireworks all the time!! you would love the stuff he does!

Vict20 : Making your own PPE Colin? ..Is the tie not sufficient for this one?

ProCactus : WTF, That wont do shit but make light and noise.

Hulk Cooner Games : Weren't you scared it might explode

John P Hopkins : Hey colin here is an insane build suggestion a jet powered racing ridding lawnmower Furze style.

Toby Farman : How did you get a chain long enough

Raymond Stewart : Gumby rides again...

FlowTv Comedy : When you put that pad on your back I thought of Gumby immediately lol

Sawan Shrivastava : You fucked boy have done a mars mission ....

Joel Miller : Oooh on the sheds of the year are we??? The not really a shed shed catagory. Jolly good👌

Alpha Gamer 17 : Neighbors be like when they see the bike: Not again more pollution

Paul Geare : You were always going to have to go some to beat the 4M video, but this looks promising. Have you considered getting together with Maangchi (yes the Korean cook). Make her some kind of cooking device maybe. That could be hilarious.

Roger Galbraith : Was I the only person who thought he was going to use the 1000 rockets to propel himself forward.

RomanNoodles : Hey Colinfurze i watched the hacksmith and heard that you don't have a lot of space so why don't you build a underground work shop and Connect it to the bunker

Sean Glazebrook : Copied off of roman atwood

Mustafa Karatekin : New t-shirt ☺

Nicky Dean : I've been watching your videos from 400 subscribers

Max Stealth : too many rockets on this channel

Brage Merkesdal : What i love about this Channel is that there's no clickbait!

Khanh Nguyễn Quang : If i use this to kill zombie

Bence Sebestyén : Please make the iron throne from Game of thrones.

Cs Máté : The protective layer plan is brilliant, but I have seen it before. At Shitty Robot Queen!

SN Technical : Please put a video that how to make a bicycle, it will very interesting

Nexus Music/Relax : Consider changing the music

kiffeur69 : nothing HAPPENS! waste of time!

mike and firewark : Thandem bike

Strong guys : Colinfurze deserves more subs

ryan crawford : LOL Colin my dear friend 1000 rockets all pushing downward thrust of a said amount even if its small let's say,200-400grams each might snap ur bike in 1/2 lol. Combined downward thrust of 200-400 kilograms I'm not very confident your extended mega bike can handle the pressure 🚑💨😂😂😂

WILSON! : Please make a video about how you made that hole saw drill thingy! Thanks!

Emilio Cross-Songui : Does Colin come with his own meeseeks box now

Jimmy Chaplin : You should paint the foam protection green and make it Gumby!

Jeb Lottes : Once you reach 6 million subs, you need to do this, but with 6 million fireworks.

Stefan kring : you knows its been 1 week since this vid got uploaded and no product vid do you think he got arrested

DEAD MEME : i like this music better

night shade : I live in the same contry as colinfurz should i be worried or happy?

Kristóf Sebestyén : Make the iron throne from game of thrones

Mike Riddle : No credit to Simone Giertz for the "safety" system?

Sohave : The pedal powered Katyusha!