Making a 1000 ROCKET launch Bike

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colinfurze : I'm excited about this one.....riding a bike with a 1000 rockets going off behind your back sounds very colinfurze channel muhahahahah

eraldorh : Anyone else triggered that he wouldnt pump up the rear tyre?

ChickenHead Man : This is MUCH better than the BBC's Top Gear. Colin, you need an agent -- nudge nudge wink wink.

that one kid is back : White people

giorgos Manso : The most creative guy in the world.. holy...

Double Dare Fan : Safety first? Nope, Safety Furze!

Aron Ramos : Am i the only one who thought the rocket will be like rocket boosters not launching towards the skies.

FantasticMrColeson : Is this patched yet?

Tobias_Reaper14 : you should colab with Roman Atwood, he does stupid stuff with fireworks all the time!! you would love the stuff he does!

Nathaniel Varney : I want to be your neighbour

Ullmans9 : im surprised hes still alive. Happily surprised

Specsome Ideas : Colinfurze and vsauce are the best YouTube channels.

Claire Knight : Video starts at 7:03

Aron Tube : Please add more layers to your beach hut and build a big room at the bottom

加藤みずっち : I thought he was goin to make a rocket-powered-bike as the rockets are placed backwards

Strong guys : Colinfurze deserves more subs

nikola petrov : To thank us (his subscribers) he makes a video in which he teases to watch another video to make more profit. Thats some real appreciation to your audience Colin

SavagePenguin : Wyh Tho

Vicko 360 Official : 3 months before uploading the video damn men whats up with your wifi

EcHo SmurfZ : Wonder what his neighbours think of him

The game Show : Delete your channel turd!

Jacob Mainwaring : Do you still have the mobility scooter and if you have is it for sale?

patrick gardner : Hey collin you should compete in the #HumanPoweredPVCWarHornChallange

John P Hopkins : Hey colin here is an insane build suggestion a jet powered racing ridding lawnmower Furze style.

I'm Anonymous : Make the opressor from GTA 5 👍🏼

GlutteBoy : 7:24 50 rockets in each container. You said there should be 40 boxes. 50x40=2000 rockets.

Rik van der Mark : 6:42 looked so hilarious! Curious to see the result :)

Cole Czarnecki : He should make a robot for robot wars

Reviewed at Random : This video is so unsafe. Where is the safety shirt and tie man!

Vict20 : Making your own PPE Colin? ..Is the tie not sufficient for this one?

ProCactus : WTF, That wont do shit but make light and noise.

RomanNoodles : Hey Colinfurze i watched the hacksmith and heard that you don't have a lot of space so why don't you build a underground work shop and Connect it to the bunker

Mike Shaw : late...?

Jeb Lottes : Once you reach 6 million subs, you need to do this, but with 6 million fireworks.

ryan crawford : LOL Colin my dear friend 1000 rockets all pushing downward thrust of a said amount even if its small let's say,200-400grams each might snap ur bike in 1/2 lol. Combined downward thrust of 200-400 kilograms I'm not very confident your extended mega bike can handle the pressure 🚑💨😂😂😂

Benjamin Brown : Can you make a bike that is powered by fireworks or make a self driving car

Dustin Chlystek : I can't build Ikea furniture, but this guy can weld together a bike with 1000 fireworks in no time, with little planning, and not kill himself.

Double o : Anyone else see the dukes of hazard shirt

The Jack Of Diamonds : You really reminds me of Rick

konrad zamożny : And..........?

Gordon Flynn : Makes me wonder what the neighbours think. "oh, colin's out again in another one of his crazy contraptions. How is he not dead yet?" 😂😂😂

TheBrassCrab : #humanpoweredpvcwarhornchallenge

Raymond Stewart : Gumby rides again...

Mike Riddle : No credit to Simone Giertz for the "safety" system?

OfficialLegoNerd : 911 what's your emergency? Oh, Colin again? Yeah, we got his room ready. What was it this time? A thousand rockets on a bike? Can't wait to see it.

Gabe Matz : one thing why are you destroying a bike when people are homeless and can't afford a bike

leader eagle : what is your rocket ?

Thomas Eddy : It's furzday... But no video.... Are you in A & E????

Ryan Cho : You're like the Benja channel but with actual tech and no cussing.

Sebastian Kharileh : Love your videos Colin! The things you create are truly amazing.