shipping characters
shipping characters

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Just Some Guy with a Mustache : OH THEY FWAUKIN'! "They've never even met!"

Iyad Naseer : Little did they know that soon Lamp-san would be the deceased of the party. Rip

dumpster : Characters: openly despises each other. Characters: literally beats each other to death. Me: They fockin

Nicole Flores : as a shipper/multishipper, i can tell that this is true

Android 19 : Ship Happens

Gravity Forces : Shipping me and my bed and im gonna be on top of it all night

Some 1 : *Goofy voice* OH THEY HYUCKING

Spider-Nigga : -Shipping characters based off great character development with each other- Shipping characters based off how hot they are even though they were never even on screen at the same time.

TheBrianJ : My ship is ProZD x Another ProZD But This ProZD Is Wearing A Slightly Different Shirt.

Cecil Harvey : I hate refrigerator-senpai for killing lamp-san. he was going to confess to tv-san

ph_Cebuano : I can name so many fandoms that are like this, it's insane.

legofan370 : Tumblr in a nutshell

Synthia Seidel : *when two characters have a heated rivalry and one is obviously obsessed with the other* Me: OH THEY F U C K I N

The Inconceivable Glue Man : *Branch falls on power line* Oh they *FAUKIN'* Look at them sparks!

Marcos Santos : *literally any anime fanbase*

AuxiliatrixDOTjpg : This is an accurate representation of shipping culture within internet fandoms and therefore belongs in the internet culture museam.

Lachelle Lewis : *Katara threatens Zuko* *"OH, THEY FAWKIN!"*

Teddy : Kpop fans though Two idols look at each other "THEY'RE TOGETHER OMG DONT FIGHT ME ITS SO REAL" An idol watches another perform on stage and claps at the end like everyone else "omg u can see the pining in his eyes why don't the company's let them reveal they're dating, I WILL SUPPORT THEM IN THEIR MARRIAGE WHEN THEY're READY TO COME OUT"

SmokedHam : *OH THEY FAUKIN*

Linn Edits : Who else can hear Ouran in the background? Love that you put in the extra effort to have that in there! Appreciation for you!

Gamemonkey83850 The third : My hero academia fandom in a nutshell

Tawney T. Fox. : i am,, SADDLED with UNECESSARY FEELINGS

CoolCuttz : Haha I get it. Seeing sparks fly. Cause they're both electronics. Haaaaaaaaaaaa.

Gerry McWilliam : They FAUKIN!!!

bigbadbang18 : I like how *OH THEY FAWWKIN* has become the unofficial manner of shipping characters on any anime forum

Lee Gou : Oh god. It's the yaoi fangirls all over again.

cFreeze : Yuri fans and Yaoi fans in a nutshell

Erufin : shippers are just foreshadowing

Iyad Naseer : Was this before or after refrigerator senpai betrayed them

Jenelle Eugenio : Excuse me, but lamp-senpai and refrigerator-senpai is the otp and you can’t convince me otherwise

zachanikwano : You forgot to include agressive shippers who belittle other fans and actively bully people who want them to calm down or have a different ship

Fire Nation Files : "Hello, Spoon-san!" "Hello, Knife-kun!" *"OH, THEY'RE FORKIN'."*

VengadorDorado91 : this is pretty much the Hero Aca tumblr

Luxas : Boy: *How are you?* Girl: *Pretty good, how about you?* *When is the Wedding?*

gunswordfist : Why I hate the entire Voltron Netflix fanbase.

ukato : is this the yaoi fandom

Tanner Harris : The RWBY fan base, basically.

LikedMyOwnComment : Rwby fandom in one video.

Raziel : I'll ship anything and everything and that's why they call me FedEx.

Reese Martin : is this klance shippers ?

syani desiree : Is it said that shippers have a third eye to see what others can't see As one, I can confirm it XD

koolguy17 : My reaction to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga at the Oscars.

saltySOAPbox : *SPOILERS* I cry every time I see daddy lamp san, refrigerator senpai why you kill my OTP!!!????????????????

ADT116 : **Breathe in general vicinity of each other** Shippers:

Graham Kristensen : This was my response to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's performance at the Oscars.

jd1060 : Kinda reminds me of the shipping wars that happened between fans of Avatar the last air bender. Some fans wanted Zuko and Katara to get together so damn bad that any small scene where the two shared dialogue, it was suddenly proof of“Destiny!” Lol

Iuck Fox : TV x Lamp the otps of otps.

linux750 : This is the Overwatch fan-fiction fan base in a nutshell. ...I'm looking at *_you_* Omahdon and friends...

killdhero : Sees a lot of birds flying together. OH THEY FLOCKING!!!!