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Lazy Ninja : And this is how the LED Tv was made.

Nicole Flores : as a shipper/multishipper, i can tell that this is true

Iyad Naseer : Little did they know that soon Lamp-san would be the deceased of the party. Rip

Android 19 : Ship Happens

Percival Meowington III : Character 1: *exists* Character 2: *exists* OH THEY FAUKIN

Smiley the Smile : "Hello, Spoon-san!" "Hello, Knife-kun!" *"OH, THEY'RE FORKIN'."*

Johnathan : We shall no longer have "OTP" we shall instead take on the new thing: OTF... OH THEY FAOUKYN

killdhero : Sees a lot of birds flying together. OH THEY FLOCKING!!!!

Jonothan Thrace : *two characters kiss onscreen* Me: Look at that, they obviously don't even like each other

CWINDOWSsystem32 : Not sure if that pun was intentional or not with "look at them sparks"...

SmokedHam : *OH THEY FAUKIN*

Devil Neko : a true shipper veteran knows the early signs of a shippable pairing

DragonX5536 : Character A: *sees character B* Character B: *sees character A* Me: Andddddd they are officially married

Gravity Forces : Shipping me and my bed and im gonna be on top of it all night

runelt99 : Fake, you didn't even show an example of two characters who have never met each other or never even shared a conversation.

The Inconceivable Glue Man : *Branch falls on power line* Oh they *FAUKIN'* Look at them sparks!

ph_Cebuano : I can name so many fandoms that are like this, it's insane.

RJ Goombes : It's even better when two characters hate each other and people still ship them.

RainingMetal : You forgot the part where Chair chan comes in and the audience hates her for butting in between lamp san and TV san.

SaintSentry : Tag your Chairem Anime spoilers.

Iyad Naseer : Was this before or after refrigerator senpai betrayed them

Lachelle Lewis : *Katara threatens Zuko* *"OH, THEY FAWKIN!"*

Nora Levy : "See two characters talking to each other or in the same room? SHIP EM!" Two characters arguing? SHIP EM! Two characters Killing each other? SHIP EM? Two characters already in love? ew no

Scones Kirkland : Excuse me but it’s TVLamp not LampTV *GETCHO UKE AND SEME RIGHT*

legofan370 : Tumblr in a nutshell

James Atkins : Girl 1: *Exhales* Girl 2: *Exhales* *"THEY'RE LESBIANS!!"*

mega sean : Seeing Deku and Uraraka having a conversation. *THEY FAUKIN!!!*

Linn Edits : Who else can hear Ouran in the background? Love that you put in the extra effort to have that in there! Appreciation for you!

InsaneLaughter : Hey ProZD fandom lets make this a meme til death.

Barakudaa : So basically Dan and Phil amiright?

TheBrianJ : My ship is ProZD x Another ProZD But This ProZD Is Wearing A Slightly Different Shirt.

Liaminator : *cough* KLANCE *cough*

Wolf. : f o c k i n

XLR8ofRWBY : RWBY fanbase in a nutshell

Blazing Kite : Every god damn bumblebee shippers Well.. Not all of them, but 90% of them

FinNote : oh they *f* *u* *c* *k* *i* *n* *'*

PK Halford : Both of those ProZD's are *_TOTALLY FAHWKIN'!!_*

Boris van Riet : Now I am not a Chairem Anime expert but, If I Remember correctly, didn't fridge senpai kill lamp sempai? Poor TV-Sempai Poor shippers Poor writters as they had to kill a deep and nuanced character to send a message 'only Tomoko or we are killig another one, you deviants'

a good nickname : Almost all RWBY ships in a nutshell (although I shouldn't be talking since I ship in that community)

Tony Hernandez : And the people who like shipping always do it with characters that dont even go with each other cuz they do it purely for the sex the characters *might* have

Luxas : Boy: *How are you?* Girl: *Pretty good, how about you?* *When is the Wedding?*

Auxiliatrix : This is an accurate representation of shipping culture within internet fandoms and therefore belongs in the internet culture museam.

linux750 : This is the Overwatch fan-fiction fan base in a nutshell. ...I'm looking at *_you_* Omahdon and friends...

Jie H : *cries because this is everyone on the internet*

I like girls OK : See that they haven't read the manga

Trevor Tucker : All of this while Bookshelf-Chan watches 😳

Think Fight Talk : 1) I dislike any and all not canon ships usually because they don’t make sense. 2) This is literally the My Hero Academia shipping community.

Mr_Overdrive FTW : 90% of the Love Live community in a nutshell

Sickle : You know TheOdd1sout and Jaiden Animations? People actually ship them.

ProPinkist : I'm the first guy watching tumblr do this and shaking my head lol; "they just....... said hi to each other.........."