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SmokedHam : *OH THEY FAUKIN*

and Peggy : where is the tv x lamp fanart

Android 19 : Ship Happens

Iyad Naseer : Little did they know that soon Lamp-san would be the deceased of the party. Rip

Nicole Flores : as a shipper/multishipper, i can tell that this is true

Trevor Tucker : All of this while Bookshelf-Chan watches 😳

killdhero : Sees a lot of birds flying together. OH THEY FLOCKING!!!!

Vust Valeo : Thanos X Red Skull just because they meet each other.

SaintSentry : Tag your Chairem Anime spoilers.

Blazing Kite : Every god damn bumblebee shippers Well.. Not all of them, but 90% of them

FinNote : oh they *f* *u* *c* *k* *i* *n* *'*

Chloe Weightman : I ship like that 😆

Wolf. : f o c k i n

ph_Cebuano : I can name so many fandoms that are like this, it's insane.

StoneXL : Attack on Titan spoilers Levi x Zeke shippers after chapter 105.

The Inconceivable Glue Man : *Branch falls on power line* Oh they *FAUKIN'* Look at them sparks!

CWINDOWSsystem32 : Not sure if that pun was intentional or not with "look at them sparks"...

DragonX5536 : Character A: *sees character B* Character B: *sees character A* Me: Andddddd they are officially married

mega sean : Seeing Deku and Uraraka having a conversation. *THEY FAUKIN!!!*

Devil Neko : a true shipper veteran knows the early signs of a shippable pairing

BradTheProducer : ProZD presents: The Questionable Content fanbase

Gravity Forces : Shipping me and my bed and im gonna be on top of it all night

runelt99 : Fake, you didn't even show an example of two characters who have never met each other or never even shared a conversation.

Jonothan Thrace : *two characters kiss onscreen* Me: Look at that, they obviously don't even like each other

Johnathan : We shall no longer have "OTP" we shall instead take on the new thing: OTF... OH THEY FAOUKYN

Iyad Naseer : Was this before or after refrigerator senpai betrayed them

Fifi Saints : Miles Edgeworth: Thanks to you, I am saddled with.... unnecessary feelings. A large portion of the AA fandom collectively: *OH, THEY FOKIN*

Barakudaa : So basically Dan and Phil amiright?

RJ Goombes : It's even better when two characters hate each other and people still ship them.

Superman : Overwatch.

Lazy Ninja : And this is how the LED Tv was made.

XLR8ofRWBY : RWBY fanbase in a nutshell

an existing homo sapiens : Character 1: *exists* Character 2: *exists* OH THEY FAUKIN

RainingMetal : You forgot the part where Chair chan comes in and the audience hates her for butting in between lamp san and TV san.

Sofia Draws : Literally two characters make eye contact and all of a sudden, their fans make them the next royal couple

TheBrianJ : My ship is ProZD x Another ProZD But This ProZD Is Wearing A Slightly Different Shirt.

Uhgene Ignorian : I guarantee you there's gonna be an anime where household items are gonna be dating each other.

InsaneLaughter : Hey ProZD fandom lets make this a meme til death.

legofan370 : Tumblr in a nutshell

Selfhow : **looks at the RWBY community**

Smiley the Smile : "Hello, Spoon-san!" "Hello, Knife-kun!" *"OH, THEY'RE FORKIN'."*

Pyrrha Nikos : *Both characters hugs in a friendly manner* me:

My name is Connor I'm the android sent by CyberLife : It really be like this

PK Halford : Both of those ProZD's are *_TOTALLY FAHWKIN'!!_*

Linn Edits : Who else can hear Ouran in the background? Love that you put in the extra effort to have that in there! Appreciation for you!

Awsmstevie : i hate that this is me

Liaminator : *cough* KLANCE *cough*

conchudo12345 : Shippers are cancer.

Kettei Stellar-The Starhero : 1) I dislike any and all not canon ships usually because they don’t make sense. 2) This is literally the My Hero Academia shipping community.

Marvel Mz : sees thumbnail *aggresively clicks*