Monkey saves dying friend at India’s Kanpur railway station: VIDEO

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cathy spiegel : Perfect! Looking for proof that animals are rational beings, capable of empathy - Take that Immanuel Kant

Christine Y : Wow, hat is some brutal CPR, but I'm glad it worked! I guess my real question is, why are there monkeys on the tracks?

Meanwhile In Science : and other species of monkeys were observing this incident calmly

Verty : The day that you arrived. My sleeping money is revived. But you took him home on the train.

boyfrom nowhere : human vs monkey ? who is great humanity or monkenity?? user;please??

just Arunachalee : Thumbs up! to that little fellow!

Christine Perkins : I doubt those standing at the station could have got close to these monkeys without being attacked as they would have protected their friend.  It would also have been dangerous for them to walk over the railway.  I think his friend did a great job to revive him.  Perhaps we need to learn some things from this. :)

Sunil Darshan : Humans like us should learn from this..hates off

Jean Whitcher : INDIANS do care for animals look at some of them on utube an example of dog covered in tar people spent hours and hours rubbing it with vegetable oil and bathing it! there is good and bad in all nations thankfully more good than bad!

gophishn : Phish Brought me here!

wbpound : Wallowing in fear, the days and weeks that you're not here, was all the waiting in vain?

John Costello : Monkey CPR.

thierno welle : What a good thoughtful helpful monkey

dvssk8er3 : The day that you arrived my sleeping monkey is revived, but you sent him home on a train.

Olga Smith : I have always said animals are smarter than most people give them. WoW this is amazing : )

MT T : such toilet country

Neny J : hire as paramedic

gufdhxzc gufdhxzc : Inssanno ko seekh Leni chaiye issey🙈🙉🙊👏👏👏👏

CAD Teacher : batter this monkey not paid anything to carry the body from the rules..however this money knows how to relax other monkey by massage..

Raso Wye : Every human being especially in today's age must watch this video............and take lessons from it.

Ashley Gonzalez : sad that no one helped only looked on take n pics and videos made me tear to c that n to know how much the money struggled to help his poor friend i would have been like some one help insted of snap n pics n videos but its was heart worming to know that he was all right in the end

mel asmr : Family first

D0ntRightClickMe : amazing!

constance brown : Wonderful to view this!

Harold McBroom : Perhaps he was in charge of the group, and felt a responsibility.  Either way it's a good monkey, I wish humans could be as kind, instead of all the killing around the world all in the name of god.   But wouldn't you think that God having created all things, that He would need any help defeating His enemies, or is religion a good excuse to kill and feel justified.  There's no way humans came from apes, because we don't exactly act like apes!

Kyle Dotcom : 20 minutes to revive him? It’s most likely his heart never stopped and he just got knocked out from the fall but nonetheless; I love how empathetic this particular monkey is behaving. He’s genuinely concerned for his friend.

Xara : It seemed dead the whole time until we saw it alive in the end. Obviously has been through trauma still gaining consciousness.

beaggyboy : Noeww..,that big-rescuer primate had 1st took-on the role of a vampire by going at the vic's carotid artery,then thought to itself "O',what the heck!",so it then decided to become even a werewolf & started to cannibalize on the vic.monkey by gnawing at it from brow 1st. He3, I'm not being serious C'maaan..light'n-up my friends.

Lee Diaz : So, 1 monkey is more helpful than 1 million Indians?

Greg Snavely : Who ordered medium rare?Hope they got him to the monkey hospital because he’s still cooked from the inside out

Rogan Torment Equinsu Ocha : Thats awesome. :)

Ard Var : Monkey is probably wondering where all the bite marks came from.

kristianTV1974 : Hardcore CPR. Probably not the recommended method!


Ball Baby : If they r so strong why is it such a struggle. Thats a smart monkey

Rejane Moreira : wow! Super smart and loving animals!


ராம் ராம் D : Superb good

MD. IMRAN ALI KHAN : some off us commented humans can learn from these animals. Well everyone wants to help but at the end police will harass them for helping and calling them again & again to police station. That is why no one comes forward to help a injured human except some people who are well educated and has some knowledge about the Law. Because then police will not bother them as they might take legal action against police.

Brian Dunn : They are smart, he knew he was going to to die in a small amount of time if he didn't do anything. Complex thoughts to understand for an animal. Crazy

ACHIEVEMENTOR : Wow, amazing footage of friendship. A true hero monkey.

Squire Muldoon : Call it whatever you want, it is what it is, and it was captured in this video.

Subhajit Sarkar : 😭😭

Ran Rose : more like us then we think. poor monkey must of been in pain with the other monkey buying beating throwing it in water, but atleast he's alive....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🐵🐵🐒🐒🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒

leo jones : Hindu and Pakistani helping each other in this video.

Ravikumar Balegar : good friendship

KEL in MEMPHIS : Breath dam't! Breath!

M K Poul : What a beautiful video Wow I wish every human learn it and peace to the world


Jacob Sieg : what happened here? im so intrigued