Every song fits with that Smash Bros Ultimate promo

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Strix182 : Oh no. This is actually the Ultimate Showdown.

Midnight_Harmony : 0:00 - Mr. Blue Sky 1:00 - Wouldn't it Be Nice 1:58 - New York City 2:57 - Megalovania 3:55 - A Thousand Miles 4:54 - Deja Vu 5:52 - Ocean Man 6:50 - The Ultimate Showdown

Ari K. : The gleam in Mario's eye when Megalovania plays. Lmao making my way down town

transformers fan 4444 transformers : 5:57 R. I.P. Stephen Hillenberg, Blue sky was fantastic Edit: I know it's called Ocean man I just also wanted to say that Blue Sky is nice and now people are just cursing at me and if you had commented something bad about me please delete it because you now know what I mean

RogueTNT : 7:39 "And only one will survive. I wonder who it will be?" It was Kirby. Kirby was the only one to survive.

Anime Withered Toy Freddy 1987 : Yass Blue sky fit's perfectlly.

White : 5:10 STANDING ON MY FEEET *Marth, Samus and pikachu still airborne* 5:23 STANDING ON MY FEEET *Charizard flies*

Carol Alaniz : 3:01 sans reveal trailer as ness echo fighter

ForPugsSake : The fact that you started it with Mr. Blue Sky makes me love you

Robin : i tried syncing it up with "wake me up inside" and it works ridiculously well. the part after it zooms in the inklings eye and the game title pops up is the exact moment it say "wake me up inside." theres some other good moments but thats the main one

Milly Lessin : *_I officially love 5ma5h 10x more just because of this meme_*

TheNintendo Maniac : Favorites is Blue sky and ocean man tbh

Tasty Does Games : 4:55 The true smash

SkeetusBois aka GirlsWantMyDiamondLocks : I expected megalovania to be bad when I first heard the sound but it turned out good

James Esterline : Also, do not use Piranha Plant in all-star mode. You'll lose your save data. I got it from a comment on another video. Spread the word.

The Chongo Show : Thank you Penny. But really, how DARE you not include All Star or Dont Stop Me Now or You Say Run?? Don’t you know no ones done those songs yet??? Plus dont you know I’m completely incapable of video editing so rather than making it myself I’m gonna complain that you didnt put in the song I specifically wanted. For shame

Alex H : The best ones are Mr. Blue Sky, wouldnt it be nice and Ocean Man

JAD 2851 : 3:01 The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming. And you...should be burning in hell!

NeXt MemEcOmAnDer : 3:01 to bad Sans wasn't her he would have blasted everyone out of the fight!! (Get the speed to 1.25)

CookieCruncha95 : The whole point of Super Smash Bros, from the moment it was released on the N64, was for people to get together and play as their favourite characters in a loose, fun casual fighter. For it to be competitive as well was an afterthought, conceived in an era when tournaments and competitive play demanded everyone to be on an equal level, relying purely on their individual skill to dominate their opponents. Bearing all of that in mind, the actual promo could have had almost any one of these songs in the background and it would certainly make me smile. Having played Smash Bros since Melee in my youth, I'm super stoked for Ultimate, BTW!

Miles Monaco : **sees title** mii Channel.

Nick Paton : The first 2 songs fit so good I’m actually kind of disappointed they didn’t put one in the trailer! Thanks for the great content

69 or 420 : *Megalonovia starts playing* ETIKA: *AHHHHHHHHHHHH*

Addy : I guess you can call this a *Ultimate* video

Rachel Franqui : Why do these songs fit so much?

Titanium : Ocean man works with everything though

iMMortal ThumbTaK : The first one should actually be the song for the trailer

RMJRyanosawus : You missed don’t stop me now!

BakaStryx : oh god, youre right... they all work perfectly

TabbyTr3v3n4nt : *The attack on titan op song sounds nice with the promo*

Ahmed Syed : who else put a different song in the back and actually realised that its true

The Excellent Axman : I swear I knew it was gonna have blue sky

D-B : 3:00 this part made me laugh so hard XD

Nick gur : 3:01 super sans bros ultimate

Pokemon24x : The second song was perfect 😂😂😂

Fabian Yusem The Hedgehog : Idk why but the most epic looking character in this is red (pokemon trainer)

1-UP Memes : 2:57 - Sans confirmed for Smash

King Of Gaming : Making my way down town..... *wait -_-*

BakaStryx : if only sans was a playable character

YehaaMedia : Do this the perfect video. Sorta reminds me of how things were before the......ADPOCOLYPES or the....VINER TAKEOVER or the day when...EVERYONE IN SMASH DIED.

Blazing Heatran : 3:01 yes, Yes, YES!

Shawn Salvador : 2:57 sans better be in the smash ultimate DLC

The Paradox Experience : That sans song though

Angelo Da Gamer : Nintendo: this will be the best trailer ever guy at Nintendo who like Undertale: yes needs more Undertale this was made in the trailer 3:00

Milly Lessin : *_I CANT IT WORKS SO WELL-_*

Chris : What about the Yu-gi-oh theme song?

Sean Lia : Can put a rap and a love song of lifelight for the super smash bros ultimate trailer?

ItsTPGgaming : 3:01 look at marois eye

TheNintendo Maniac : I played smahs ultimate today!!! My friend got a leaked version on his switch

Brendan McCrory : 0:00 Mr. Blue Sky 1:00 Wouldn't it Be Nice 1:58 New York City (Owl City Instrumental) 2:57 Megalovania 3:55 A Thousand Miles 4:53 DEJA VU(EXTENDED MIX) 5:52 Ocean Man 6:50 The Ultimate Showdown