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King Nick : Sometimes I forget that this channel is literally just about ants.

Oliver de la Rosa : Some weeks ago you said that maybe you can put a webcam in one of the colonies. Maybe you can stream this black dragons, for science purposes.

Peeble Kitty : For the Golden Empire's population problem, try introducing some more predators! I got a smol list *Orchid mantis:* Same benefits as the other one; but they stay smaller (Could feed on ants their whole life, I think!) Add a male and female so they can breed; they won't overpopulate, as their cannibalistic nature keeps their own population in check, as well as the ants likely eating many of the young. They also stand out much more among the foliage, so you won't loose them, but they just look like flowers to the ants! *Jumping spider:* They make little cobwebs, and can jump out of danger as their name suggests. They are pretty small and would no doubt eat the ants if given the chance. Put in a few, but probably no females, as they may breed too much and fill the setup with webs. *Oogpister Beetles:* These beetles eat ants; they simply go into ant territory and eat them. They flick off ants that try to bite it. If these don't help by themselves, then there's always turning down the temperature to reduce egg-laying rate and the rate at which workers expend energy. Hope this helps, so you don't have to take other measures! Ant love forever! (Like & reply to this comment so he can see it!)

SIG442 : The skull would be the most likely candidate as it is a hard shell so that the ants don't need to build as much as they would have on the leaves. I have a feeling it will be okay for a while now with the current setup

giantevilpandas : I'm loving the new aspects you're bringing to your terrariums. Islands, waterfalls and the like. Keep up the great work.

MrBlueatlantis : The best channel on youtube is about ants! Who would have thought so?! Damn im proud of you ants canada! Also for keeping me so excited for the next video every week

Para Momal : The fact that a major scientific research paper could be written just because you love ants so much is amazing. I feel like a proud momma! 👏

Harry Portfel i Karta Kredytowa : I'm so proud of you! Not only you created a whole new AMAZING ecosystem, but you also started making history! It must be a wonderful feeling to be able to help scientists study ants... And it is an honor for the AC family to be able to watch it :) thank you so much!

TheMinimumPC : My dad is an Entomologist and he loved your videos

TheEllarina : We just discovered your channel. Thank you! My 9 year old loves ants and is learning so much from your videos. His answer to the question of the week: "I discovered that when ants find anything that can help them in their nests, they bring it back and use larva to stick it to their nest."

Miroslav Mrázek : Best infinity soap opera i've ever seen. :)

Sean Christopher : We waited for a week for this video and its only 11 min long😢

The Gray Kirby : I think we finally have a habitat that's cooler than the golden empire's habitat

Galavnised : A great mix of enthusiasm, science and drama. You have a new subscriber

David Ginsburg : OMG LOVED THIS

Licorice YS : this is the best youtube channel than all of my subscribed all ants are interesting!


lHAZARDx10 : Me when I first saw this Chanel around late 2017:why the f**k is he keeping ants as pets Me now:Finally a new video F**k yea!

Colton Fallon : Every week I get more and more impressed by this habitat. It’s just so cool!!!!

Pitbull Nation : 10:55 *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

da salmon channel : Not only does he put the video in such an short and action packed as possible,he is also able to fit so little time to edit,film,and not to mention finding the important things to show the vewier.and not this video,all his videos are put in a shortest amount of time. Nice Ants Canada. Ant love forever!!!

L30 : The mist could also scare the black dragons ants from falling into the river

the potatoviking : You make this so interesting subscribed

ButterLovers 531 : You just got a sub keep up that good work

Laurence plays fetiluna : antscanada I saw you in a TV commercial.

Moostcho hi : #antloveforever

FelixLuna : dammit . please please please in the next video include the savage yellow ants being eaten by our water guardian's dam i wasnt expecting this many likes haha thanks

superpotato123 : You probably learn more about ants than ant experts do

Moises Elneser : Maaaaan, this is way more interesting than the kardashians

EmanGames : 3:32 Golden poop! It might be coin ingredients! XD


L30 : I thought dragon's breath was fire not smoke

EmanGames : ' Beautiful Chaos ' Im done.

EmanGames : LAVE WORK???!!!!

Veggie Ready : *the ants are gone what happened!?* i love this channel your awesome man

Annie animates : The black dragons rule!

koshan12 : Seven minutes to find out they moved to the skull.

Nieve Waites : Thank you all sooooooo much! i can’t believe my name for the river got through!!

》Tessa 《 : I've just subscribed to your channel, very glad i discovered this. The footage is amazing! I'd love to get into doing behavioral research like this, but exept for becoming a biologist (which i can't do exactly), i'm not sure how to get there. Man, i'm so jealous of that offer you got! What's your background?

YERASAGUI 09010 : Por favor traduzcanlo al español🤗🤗

Martha Leoto : Is like a story in ants world different kinhdom

The DORUK : *Yes ! We all have been expecting for this Upload ! Dammit AntsCanada you teased all of us A Lot for the new episode !* :D

Heavy Metal : Congratulations on your recognition by the professional community. Your efforts have contributed to the general knowledge of ants and their behaviors. Keep up the good work.

hanna laredo : I honestly never knew I liked Ants so much before watching AC videos! I live in Amazonia, so those mini buggers are literally everywhere.. I like learning more about them :)

SubsonicGaming51 : Man this is calming

Chris Wilons. : The fifth instar makes the silk for the weaver ants to connect nest material and ant poop fertilises the ant plants.(For the question of the week) #AntLoveForever

GameKillz 247 : The queen leaves the nest for food to gather food along with workers. (I was gonna say the larva silk stage, but there is also the possibility for multiple stages producing the silk)

Kayky Assunção : Legenda or portuguish????

Yuna Chang : We learned in this video that the Polyrhacus semiinermis species uses the fifth instar to create and use silk

Colourful Crew : I love 💗 golden empire like if you agree