Ants vs. Dragon's Breath

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Conspiracy Δ : Sometimes I forget that this channel is literally just about ants.

Lamarr Wilson : Best storyteller on YouTube!

Galavnised : A great mix of enthusiasm, science and drama. You have a new subscriber

Peeble Kitty : For the Golden Empire's population problem, try introducing some more predators! I got a smol list *Orchid mantis:* Same benefits as the other one; but they stay smaller (Could feed on ants their whole life, I think!) Add a male and female so they can breed; they won't overpopulate, as their cannibalistic nature keeps their own population in check, as well as the ants likely eating many of the young. They also stand out much more among the foliage, so you won't loose them, but they just look like flowers to the ants! *Jumping spider:* They make little cobwebs, and can jump out of danger as their name suggests. They are pretty small and would no doubt eat the ants if given the chance. Put in a few, but probably no females, as they may breed too much and fill the setup with webs. *Oogpister Beetles:* These beetles eat ants; they simply go into ant territory and eat them. They flick off ants that try to bite it. If these don't help by themselves, then there's always turning down the temperature to reduce egg-laying rate and the rate at which workers expend energy. Hope this helps, so you don't have to take other measures! Ant love forever! (Like & reply to this comment so he can see it!)

The Gray Kirby : I think we finally have a habitat that's cooler than the golden empire's habitat

superpotato123 : You probably learn more about ants than ant experts do

Devin Johns : Loved the episode as usual, but I absolutely despised finding out that the mist was created by you, when in last video you made it sound like another thing to be afraid of going wrong. You don’t need to lie to us and treat us like reality TV Watchers. Please keep up the awesome work.

dat salmon : Not only does he put the video in such an short and action packed as possible,he is also able to fit so little time to edit,film,and not to mention finding the important things to show the vewier.and not this video,all his videos are put in a shortest amount of time. Nice Ants Canada. Ant love forever!!!

Licorice YS : this is the best youtube channel than all of my subscribed all ants are interesting!

EmanBeatz : 3:32 Golden poop! It might be coin ingredients! XD

Colton Fallon : Every week I get more and more impressed by this habitat. It’s just so cool!!!!

Oliver de la Rosa : Some weeks ago you said that maybe you can put a webcam in one of the colonies. Maybe you can stream this black dragons, for science purposes.

DT Gaming : Wow i just discovered your chanel. Truely amazing videos. The cool material you show us and the commentairy is legendary. Happy to join your AC family! :)

jenprochatful : I found this channel an hour ago. Now I want to be an ant keeper...

Hawaii Pitbull : 10:55 *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Ferviajj Gaming : You sound like mikey bustos

koshan12 : Seven minutes to find out they moved to the skull.

LovLesMonstr : I went from watching love and hiphop to watching you and I have no regrets

JONPLAYZ YT : You sound like mikey bustos now that u said philipines your really do sound like mikey bustos

Celestina aka ClonaClox9999 : YOU did that?!? This whole time I was thinking some kind of chemical reaction was creating the mist, come to find out YOU did that! Oh, Mikey Mikey Mikey... By the way, The Antazon is still going strong!

MoXBe : Polyrhacis semiinermis poop possibly fertlizes ant plants

ParaMomal : The fact that a major scientific research paper could be written just because you love ants so much is amazing. I feel like a proud momma! 👏

Adrienne Tangalin : You inspire me to love ants and care for them this is why I love you’re channel and I learn lots of things about ant that I don’t know 🐜

Zen Jones : I never thought I would be so interested in ants Good Job man I lost track of time oh geez its 2;45am 😐🤣😴

the potatoviking : You make this so interesting subscribed

ze char char : Ant love is forever 💗🐜

L30 : The mist could also scare the black dragons ants from falling into the river

Crazy Queen : I admire you a lot dude, and The work you do, but is the dramatisation of the ants lives necessary? Sorry if I sound like a jerk - I genuinely do love this channel. The whole curse thing just... I don't know. Sorry.

Yuna Chang : We learned in this video that the Polyrhacus semiinermis species uses the fifth instar to create and use silk

Do;jk sesdfjibjs figduhv bfd bj dgsiub ndfunijfol : this is my favorite anime

Turbotonics Films : *Air Conditioning family*

gl777 : "we are a scientific channel..." "... we put the dragon skull to appease the dragon soul..."

dat salmon : I hope the ants survive Everybody pray!

dat salmon : Wait.... Ants Canada Ant Channel (ACAC) Wow! Nice catchy name! BTW:Its ant love forever!

Drosophyllum : You should keep the ant species that lives in the tendrils of nepenthes pitcher plants. You would get another cool ant colony and a carnivorous plant. It is a win win.

Taisia Chernosvitova : I love your channel, it brought me love to ants. No I tell everyone off for killing ants on purpose. They aren't just annoying creatures, they are a real kingdom with its own army, queen, citizens, and explorers. It's just so exiting to know that you have just uploaded a video. When I watched this video my heart almost stopped that exiting it was.

Sean Christopher : We waited for a week for this video and its only 11 min long😢

João Afonso Serafim : This channel has some of the best videos i have seen on Youtube. The great narrative mixed with actual science and epic edit it's just somethig i won't skip. Nice job!

Spingmadetrap The spring bunny : I have a question do u have a leaf cutter ants and if u don't I have a name if u get them the samurai clan

James Lowery : i still have one question...why did the black dragons move into the skull? Do you know?

amanda pirks : Did anybody else high five your screen when he said “high five guys”

The DORUK : *Yes ! We all have been expecting for this Upload ! Dammit AntsCanada you teased all of us A Lot for the new episode !* :D

Cancerous banana : The fish you put in the tank should be called the Dragon Fish

criterion : your like a qween of all ants XD ohh and amazing work I love it please keep it up

Star Wars Skins : Dude, I love this channel. It seems like a Netflix documentary. I love the El Dragon story. Keep up the good vids! 👍🏻

Grabbel Ton : I'm hooked!!!😁

DeezWalmartz : But everything changed when the vape nation attacked.

Richard Rey : Im a philipino.😃😃😃😃😃

LeoVillads : Previous video: WHAT. IS. THAT??? This video: yeah i bought a fogger

headedhornet30 : ac: High five guys! me: * slaps ipad *