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Satisfying Factory Machines

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Boro Phile : So THAT'S how they make cookie cutters!!

Gromoboi_86 : впервые увидел станок для разбивания яиц!

Willy Eklöf : most satisfying content, least satisfying video, you don't see any of the finished products! haha the rudder one especially, it was almost all the way cut, anyone else feel this way?

Natheon : So satisfying when they are crushing up the metal and also the part where they bend metal into shapes

Valentim casarine : Ainda tem us otários que é contra a evolução das máquinas se para a modernidade seres humanos vai morrer de fome kkkkkk 👍😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Mythoscope : Hi! May I use some of these clips in a video? I will not monetize, it's just to illustrate a point on innovation. Thank you!

Randle Richardson : I just subbed this channel. Thanks for sharing GOD BLESS.

Trevor McGrew : Definitely some of my favorite types of content. Great compilation! I could watch this stuff all day.

Kippa DR : Im not satisfied until I know what its for #Diamond Man! :-p

DROPA 2 : Depois de assistir, se inscreva no canal. 001822

PaladinX : 7:07 is a plasma cutter

Cristian Rodrigues : Mas mesmo com os robôs,ainda acontece falhas, na do ovo mesmo se vc presta atenção, um fica sem ser quebrado. Ou seja, sempre vai precisar de uma pessoa pra tá acompanhado. Podia mostra pra que elas estão, fazendo. Tipo as peças pra que serve.

Mari Lucia : Que maravilha! !!!

mpetersen6 : There's Additive Manufacturing aka 3D printing There's Subtractive Manufacturing aka tradition machining And there's Deformation Manufacturing aka forming

Sinclair Eloy : e têm os abestados que reclamam do capitalismo

Starfish Prime : 0:55 watch at 0.25x speed You are welcomed!

Lucas Mecfrost TV : Essas máquinas são incríveis!

Indygenous : Gotta applaud the engineers behind these machineries

Scorponkiller : I can’t stop watching this stuff it’s 6:00 AM didn’t sleep 👀

dako03 : 90% of this machines are cnc😂

Данил Медведев : Залипательна,элементарно LEKI!!!

Eduardo Ribeiro Canal Trabalhos Pela Internet : Facilidades no Trabalho so ajudam

Broockle : 3:11 What's that guy making, is he just mucking about?

RamadaArtist : Why yes, YouTube video recommendations, I do love face mills, however did you know?

Pedro Bruno : O ser humano tem muita inteligência!

عمادللل يونان : اخى الكريم القحطاني لاتنظر بتكفير ردىء وتترك النظر فى أعمال فنية عالية المستوى بدون التفكير كيف صممت. فهذا هو تفكير العرب عموما رغم ما يفعلوة فى السر وأيضا على المكشوف

Nadržený Koťátko : Z názvu jsem čekal sem jiné přístroje ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

TheJR1948 : I wish we had these machines when I was an apprentice engineer in 1964. An amazing video.

Gabriel Henrique : E se o ovo tiver podre?

Basketball Jones : All this amazing tech, and the dumb programmers never thought to include a "start cooling pump at 100%" instruction.

Ruan Phelipe : O início Vídeo consiste basicamente de tornearia, Extrusão, Forjamento e Fresamento. Também mostra o Processo de Estampagem, dando formas aos objetos metálicos. Usam-se 2 tipos de Torno o CNC e o Comum. 1 Fresadora comum. 1 extrusora de matriz fixa.

Kang mas Lemyak : Keren... Baca selengkapnya

Luis Otavio Silva Rosa : Da pra produzir boneco de madeira

downbntout : Respect for the people who built these beautiful precision machines that we depend on daily

معلومات عامة : شرح افضل برنامج لعزف الاورج الشرقي على الكومبيوتر للعزف من خلال MIDI خارجية الجزء الثاني

INFOM3R : 8:31 all you came here for

Twister051 : Cool, but it would be even cooler if you knew what the machines were and/or what they were making! Need to also show the finished product.

CREATIVE FORCE: Nature, Creativity, Drama, Life : Crazy technology - fantastic to watch - thanks!

tran hau : Amazing! With the brain of about 1500 grams, but humans can do something wonderful.

T.C. : Wow, that thing must put 5 guys out of work per second!

The best gamer RFK : Wow keren bang videonya Bagus banget mantapp. Tolong kalau sempat maen ke chanel saya kawan2 coment2 silahkan saja. Kalau suscribe pasti saya suscribe balik 100% Trimakasih salam semangat dan semoga majuu jaya

Nikolai Orr : Mechanical hacksaws are satisfying

c-Neon M : Thumbnail is at 7:54

SimpleTricks : genius it!!!

강림이 : 10:00 is this elastin heasoyo?

K- BLACK : Che goduria le frese ,ma che sbatti la programmazione

Harry Mundy : Persons who designed these machines are worth millions plus more

Izaquiel Lopes : Eu já sabia que os deuses do Olimpo comia bolo em suas festas

NOVA 996z : Urra por el huevo que vivio 🐣🐣