adam sandler's you dont mess with the zohan hilarious fight HQ

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OMG LOL ROFL and RIP conventional fights

Comments from Youtube

GyspyDanger07 : I would've watched a prequel of Zohan before he came to America.

Humphrey Augustus : This is how the whole movie should've been, forget the hairdresser part...

CaptainAlpha : That swimming part...

Papa Joshua : When the phantom ran on the ceiling at 1:32, I laugh so hard!

P Clash : they dont make movies like this anymore :(... also 1:33 always gets me evrytime!

Lillian Dare : I hope they showed this movie in Israel and Palestine as well, to cheer people up a bit.

Toni666 : Zohan is literally Jesus

Resterag : walls,aimbot,....etc Hacks confrimed lol

William Clayton : I still don't understand why Phantom as on the ceiling...

Bishop Snake : but I will never disappear!!! no one can catch phantom!!!! wooh~~~

RageDrakax : 0:35 Reflex mode be like

Chris Eccles : 1:08 we sheltered here for hundreds of years hey don't walk away lol

Cryptosporidium 137 : When Abraham is reincarnated as a demigod...

Hannah Eckman : I love the movie. And I love Adam Sandler acting on the movie. And he is one garnet and incredible and amazing actor. And you don't not want to mess with Adam Sandler and I didn't know he knows karate. When he was really really little and he was younger I love you Adam Sandler

MrPanther826 : too bad Fizzy Bubbleh doesn't exist. Would make a great a laxative! lol... I still wonder where he pulled that soda can and ping-pong paddle out from... Hmmm.. very funny!

OliVlogs : My new motto, everytime I have something to do... "So, let's go!"

Erb-100 : They should have just kept it like this a over the top action comedy, instead of a hair salon movie might have not been as bad

Joe T : Adam Sandler is a great free runner

That one guy : YAHHH manYAK! lol

Grzegorz Wurm : So lets go

Xpanderr : Every country ever at least one time or another 1:07

FuegosTheKid : This is the greatest movie to ever exist

Mr. Nice guy! : 0:22 That's the best part! LMMFAO!

Wolfhat God : Phantom and Zohan are super human😂

Wilfred199 : 0:27 lol xD

Sundarakrishnan India : adei....

Luk-s jaks ! : zohan es epico j

ExPic : So let's go!

Revolution NOW : You think you can oppress my people . Land grabber . Lmfao

Melbourne Meliodas : Hey it's Jesus but his swimming

Huevito : I need to get the that swim short

BigMike : You know usually the original sound in movies is the best, but I gotta admit the German synchronization is even better than the original phrases

Manish Danger : obviously walling, if not aims

Alexander Rasmussen : Good song

Jonathan Mellace : So let’s go


RageDrakax : 2:44 AAAnd it's Crackdown time!

Samur Qeribov : )))

ItzAaronPlayzYT : Zohan Is Jesus

таен хеитър : ; " : )

Dyi Mi : its not phantom its fatush!

Haschwell : Better than Assassins Creed movie.

D. N. : They should make a chuck Norris movie like this

Geo : Oh my god it's jesus 2:47

Torres Gaming : Am I the only one who wants to feel immune to pain

gabriel hidalgo villegas : The origin of ultra instinct?????

Michael Perez : Song??

Cerulean Walker : This is just the right amount of ridiculous.

The Ugly Barnacle : A terrorist using an Uzi against an Israeli. The irony lol.