SCAMMERS in Europe

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V : Deaf and mute scam: middle finger should work.

Lapa Tossu : Tip 1: Don't trust anything that comes from Africa or some Arab country.

Christopher Loader : Multiculturalism is ruining Europe.

Aurex : This happened to me in my hometown, in Italy for who might be interested. Four, taller and younger than me - very intimidating, as a group of chimps would be, surrounded me, one with his arms around my shoulder. Those fucking bracelets in his hand. They were clearly eyeing my camera and trying to see if I had a smartphone (which I didn't have.) I shrugged him away quite... forcibly. I'm not a giant, but I'm quite strong - I gave them a rather "get the fuck away" stare. One of them was smacking his lips and swinging his arms (like a chimp) and went like: "What are you, racist?" I was like: "Yes, go the fuck away." He pushed me, I pushed him. But I pushed him harder and he wasn't expecting any reaction whatsoever, so he stumbled and fell. They ignored me and started looking from someone else to bother - in five to ten seconds they'd found a 15 to 17 years old girl, surrounding her like the chimps they are. I simply said, QUITE LOUDLY: "I'm calling the police on you guys." Just the word police made them fucking disappear. They aren't different from middle school bullies. Treat them harshly and they'll leave you alone. They understand strength, not words. They're barely human, these sub-saharan "migrants."

Art-Sea : We were pretty much physically assaulted in Paris by the bracelet scammers, I threw it off me and he grabbed my arm dragging me away from my partner. Such a shame, it can ruin your experience of a place :(

Thomas H : That’s what we get from opening our borders and accepting “refugees”

papa london : The buildings say Europe but the streets say Somalia,what has happened to Europe,I was planing on going to Paris I guess I'll just go to Somalia and save myself some money at least scamming tourists over there is one of the attractions and I you get lucky you will witness a coup or two in a week.

animalheart : They are refugees why you treat them like that?... .... they started coming 30 years ago and ring the bell of my mother's door asking for money... and my mother was giving them money... food and dress... after 20 years she finally figured out that they were making more money asking for help than a regular worker with a full time job... now they are still coming to her door asking for money... she nowadays offers them jobs like cleaning the garden but they never accepted she was ready to pay a migrant 20euro per hour to get clean it up... (she finally hired an Italian company that work at 7 euro per hour... ) Illegal migrants that is what they are...

Adrienne Marini : Exactly. These type of people force us to act "rude" and suspicious and even fearful in our own neighborhood. It is a true degradation of decent, civilized societies.

DreamilyReal : Suddenly I feel good being tall and big because no one pulls this shit on me.

GodLikeMeAgain : multiculturalism

el toro : If I’m going on vacation to have a good time,the last thing I need are these scumbags harassing me every two minutes..Police are way too lax in Europe..

Snoop Cheesus : I live in Greece, and we would go on a lot of school trips around the country, and the very first time I visited the city where I currently live, I fell victim to the bracelet scam. Since I have dark skin, they went 'eyyy chocolate boyy, from me to you, gift gift'. I didn't know any better so I let one of them grab my hand. He wrapped the bracelet around my wrist, as tight as possible, and then asked for 50 cents. Every time I said no the price went up. After ramping it up to 5 euro, I walked away with my friends, only to have him follow me for two blocks while I was prying the damn thing off my hand. When I finally got it off, I stopped, turned back, put it in his hand (in which he expected me to put money), and walked away. Thankfully it was a very busy day, with lots of people around, and his co-scammers were distracted, otherwise it could've gone very badly. I would rate my very first experience with a black fellow 'unpleasant at best'.

Jeffrey Tan : I got it outside the Ferrari store in Milan Italy . These guys dangerous . Hopefully one day European will wake up and send these crap and terrorists back to where they came from

SC EM : Lesson to people suffering from white priv. guilt: Take this as truth from someone has both served, and lived in the areas that these immigrants are from. Your niceness/passiveness is not only not respected, but is very much immediately seen/perceived as weakness. And make no mistake, it IS a very serious weakness. You should very much consider yourselves a lamb amongst wolves in most such situations. Do NOT make the mistake of assuming that you are safe in public, nor that the police are going to save you. They likely will not. Like this truth or not, what you are dealing with in such situations are very primal strong vs. weak intimidation tactics. Far more animalistic than human in fact. That’s reality. (we no longer have the luxury of living in an ideological lalaland/bubble) They know well who is afraid of them, and who is the weakest, and likely to be the easiest target. Do NOT get singled out of the herd of “sheeple” alone, or at night. Travel in large groups, and do NOT show fear. These are opportunistic predators that will TAKE whatever they can get away with. Think ahead. Be both aware & prepared.

SFV650FU : A useful and informative video. My blood is already boiling.

stef32565 : Shame you cant go anywhere without these vermin hassling you!

Jam X 13 : You've got to be kidding me... They seem to be the exact same people and exact same place around the same time too. I saw the thumbnail and immeditaley recognised one of them. A couple years ago, I was on a holiday in Italy with my parents and little brother. We went out to look at famous landmarks and these guys came out of no where, and asked me where I was from. I'm a pretty friendly kind of person, and I didn't know they were scammers, so I said I'm from the uk, and tried to continue walking with my parents. They obviously knew these people were scammer, as they tried to avoid them but they never spoke up and told me to ignore them. I decided to just walk along, and hope they would leave us alone since they had been following us for a minute already. All of a sudden, one of them walks straight up to my little 10 year old brother, held his arm and put on one of the rainbow bands. A sense of terror struck through me, I remember this time very vividly- They were acting joyfully, as if they were old friends of ours, even though they are complete strangers. It was scary for me as they came up to me this time and also put one of the bands on my arm. At this point my mum told them to leave us alone, but they ignored her and pestered my dad asking for money, €2.50 if I remember correctly, for each band. My dad, who didn't want to pay these guys anything (I wouldnt anyways, like hell I'd give money to someone stalking us for a good few mintues) but they started the push him into it. Eventually, he pulled out €4, and handed it to the men. The look of defeat on my dads face angerd me so much, and even to this day I wish I had acted on it, I wish I had just ignored them at the start and didn't answer their questions. And I sure do hope no one else will be bothered by these scammers... they ruined my memory of Italy. I was hoping I'd be able to forgive them at somepoint, but just the very thought of that past moment makes me rage inside. Dang it, at least I've learnt to be more careful and aware of the people around me for next time

Blackplastic : I fell for the "pretty girl scam" for about 3 years. So I just married her.

Michael X : Europe used to be safe!

sfinx121 : Is it racist to point out they don't look like Italians?

TheOneAndOnlySame : 1:57 how the woman struggles to understand that she HAS to drop the shit and just go , instead she endlessly insist that it's somehow bad behavior. We're to civilized, too polite , as whole, to live with these people: and they see this as weakness . and in this case, it's true.

Dr. Riq : Honestly the tourist police should do a crackdown on these guys like wtf

Artemis Hunts : I dealt with this in Iraq and Afghanistan and Mexico a lot, I am now incredibly rude and I will say I yes I am racist even though I am not. I am mean, you have to be.

constantlyinlove : I couldn't handle a stranger touching my arm like that.

Hiten Ghavda : Fake a Russian accent they will walk away

To Leyik : Question of time, tourists no longer want to visit Europe

Rob Williams : The immediate reaction needs to be outright rejection - dont give them an inch. And if they accuse you of being racist, tell them outright that you think they are invaders that need to go back to their countries.

Marian jean Nemec : Italy was great country never ever for holiday thanks but I like safe country’s like Czech rep ,Slovak rep,Hungary,Swiss,Poland

Jin : Yeah, you have to be super careful when you travel it seems... or you can just travel to Japan and avoid all the scams altogether.

Breeze Incognito : Why isn't police cracking down on these scammers?

vsubhuti : Why don’t the cops come and Arrest the scammers and put a titanium friendly locking bracelet around both their hands.

MrMentalz2 : This shit is common place around Europe. I had a bad experience in Paris, Italy and Greece. Then when I went to Poland and Ukraine it was just uncomfortable. Me and my girl are from the uk and they could tell we where foreign from are accents. I thought I would be fine because I'm black but they don't give af 😂. Thankfully we got #brexit.

Lucky Luka : Subhumans. Traitors politicians let them into Europe. Traitors must be jailed.

Larry Li : Always blacks

Broseidon God of the Brocean : Anyone notice that none of the scammers were Italian?

Simon V : Parasites

Dominus art : It's basically turning our own countries into their own

Regina Polo : You are too nice. I would told them to get the f*^/ away from me

Darren Carver : Europe needs their version of ICE to deport these scumbags.

Club Foreign : When I was in spain at the age of about 10, a man tried doing this to me. My father slapped his hand away, flipped him off and pulled me away.

Shazam : Happened to me in Ibiza. The girl I was with wanted her hair in a braid by one of the African women so I stopped and sit down. Another African lady came over to me and started putting the bracelet on my wrist then demanding money when she was done... just kept saying no and told the girl I was with to say no(Africans got pretty aggressive even for women, probably being racist in their own language towards us) looked at them funny and pulled the bracelet off as I walked away. “Thank god you were there or I would’ve given them money” Like the video says(good video btw) be assertive, no matter how angry they get. They can’t touch you and it’s a crowded place... the police will also stick up for you if they see anything(which I’ve seen happen but not to me)

Nikhil : clash of civilizations

Alex : Here in italy they do it everywhere, even in my small town

Kekistan Shitlord : Just keep walking, don‘t bother with em, don‘t talk to them, just go

mr twollock : when i was around 8 years old i had a deaf petition scammer come to my house my parents weren't in and i answered the door he handed me a note saying he was deaf and asking if i wanted to buy some drawings i just gave him back the note stared at him blankly and said i did not want to buy his drawings he was polite enough nodded and walked away but while he had his back to me i said good luck and he turned around and gave me a thumbs up. i still laugh about that

The Saint : Smelly black criminals. 'GIVE MMEEE DA MAAAANEYYY'

Hent Loosey : Europe is turning into uncivilized piece of ............

nadzeer harris : That's why we hate African who come to Malaysia 😒🇲🇾

Ibrahim Simon : too much racism in comment every third worlder have right to exist in (((europe))) okey