We Have Nothing To Say
We Have Nothing To Say

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From "The New Red Green Show", Episode "The Beef Project".


Michael Harrington : Some words of wisdom here!

Guy Snyder IV : ERB brought me here

bloodshotgunpowder : Only if he's married.

saolgragaire : Love this!!! I used to love to watch the Red Green show!!!!

Phil Mante : 1:00 to 1:05 describes my 88 year old grandpa.

mortensen1961 : @flashback96 According to him, no. . .

TravistheHuman : This is the most important clip on you tube.

North Southport : One of my all-time favorites. Now that I'm a middle aged woman who knows an awful lot of middle aged men, this clip is more relevant than ever.

Bryan Kirshon : people are boring