How to "Subvert Expectations" Correctly (Last Jedi/Infinity War Analysis)
How to Subvert Expectations Correctly Last JediInfinity War Analysis

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Wait a minute this isn't the Smash collab. Oh well, while you're here, let's talk about how Infinity War does everything better than Last Jedi - and MORE Special thanks to my guest editors: VillagerBoy527: IsaiahTheVargas1117: Crap Shooter: Links to covers I used:


Doctor Roses : Can we all just agree Thanos is an amazing villain?

Kokodragostinov Dragostinov : 12:45 "Can Ant-man help with that?" He sure can

Mr Amarello : Mom: Don't worry, you're not gonna to disappear Little Daughter: Mom: **dissapears**

David Cendana : Infinity war: *subverts expectation wonderfully* Endgame: BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE

Thamor Elf : "Strange won't let Tony die" Man that quote didn't age well...

Matt Edmonds : Orchestral version of “Take On Me” distracted me & I missed the middle part of what you said

TheTrekkieGamer129 : 'This is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause' is an amazing quote. There aren't any amazing quotes in TLJ.

Caleb Middendorf : The Last Jedi subverted our expectations by being bad Infinity War subverted our expectations by being good EDIT: stop being toxic and writing stupid, half-arsed replies about CGI PLEASE. It's driving me mad. CGI is not evil and it's not the holy grail either, it's a filmmaking tool like everything else, stop getting so nasty about it!

Keegan Eide : So, I wish the writers of Game of Thrones had watched this video....

dasd282 : And for the record, the first 30 minutes of Endgame subverts audience expectations

ERNESERNES : I don’t know how Endgame will keep up with Infinity War, but i trust the Russos

Unifier 01 : The last jedi had the most subversive plot because I actually thought it was gonna be good

Tobito TV : And now we have Endgame leaving every person, who possesses just ounce of humanity, as an emotional wreck.

SBA yt : Who’s here after Endgame? Now that was satisfying

Steven Doolittle : The Avengers subverted expectations in a way that added to the plot, The Last Jedi subverted expectations in a way that took away from it.

Nobody’s Hero : At 2:16 I don’t blame JJ I blame rian for throwing away the script JJ had for a sequel without even looking at it.

IHJTMQ : "Don't worry, you're not going to disappear." *JESUS CHRIST*

Maverick : Mom: Don't worry, you're not going to dissapear. Daughter: :) Mom: your dad is.

Jarvis Pennyworth : Subverting expectations is surely going to be used as movie trope in the future. Its how it done that matters. Infinity War: Done Right Iron Man 3: Done Poorly Marvel didn't bash the fanbase for feeling unsatisfied. Lucasfilm should learn from that.

[WUT] Ender : Actually, they hired James Gunn again for guardians 3

GAMERZ GUIDE : That's why George Lucas did it better.

Angie Taylor : Infinity war: most emotional movie in the mcu Endgame: hold my poptart

Spanky Shanky : I liked Finn and Rey in the Force Awakens butt I can't say same for Last Jedi

TANGERINE : I feel like a great way to subvert expectations, would be to build expectations, make it obvious that you're going to subvert those expectations, then subvert *that* expectation by fulfilling the original expectations. Honestly surprised I haven't seen more instances of that.

Alita Skywalker : 6:07 that is exactly what I am talking about! This movie is supposed to show how good women can be as military and rebel leaders? This movie is supposed to be about strong female characters? How?! TLJ didn't just introduce worthless female characters, they shat on what female characters already had. Rey was like a stagnant pool of water. Rose was an annoying ass who had such great character potential. The worst thing is her horrible character negatively affected the arcs of such interesting characters like Poe and Finn. The same thing about Holdo. She was a stupid leader who felt like an incompetent, insecure person. And I am supposed to care about her General Leia was under utilised. The only characters who had interesting arcs and the ones I genuinely cared for in TLJ were Kylo Ren and Luke. The male characters. The white male characters. If this movie was trying to be SJWish then it failed at that too. How is hating this film misogynistic when the female characters in this movie were nothing but crutches to advance the stories of male characters?

bonkoboy : The hyperspace crash is such a bad idea that it forces us to dismiss ALL of the previous Star Wars movies as a whole. If it truly was a viable option, they would have destroyed both Death Stars, and every large vessel in every movie this way (and arguably Star Killer base as well). It's evidently such an effective weapon that building anything bigger than a tie fighter is just begging to have it destroyed. Not to mention building a Death Star, which _entire reason for existing_ was to do what is apparently now possible with ANY vessel that has a hyperdrive. It's the most blatant example of aesthetics over substance in a movie filled to the brim with them.

LEMONS Patusky : Watches The Last Jedi: Mr. Stark I don’t feel so good.

Eric Russell : Last jedi=trash Endgame=Gold

PRETZEL DAY : I let out an “oh come on” when Finn was saved by Rose

Jjaeger : There's also Infinity War's setup for the typical "good guys win at the last second" with Thor and Stormbreaker... Only to subvert THAT too

cyp : You fool. No film is on the level of Shrek 2.

Eddie Juanez : I had to replay the "DEWIT" at 10:00 like 6 times just to make sure I heard it right. Genuinely laughed out loud lmao

vazquezb2011 : Thanos: "Snap!" The Last Jedi: "I don't feel so good" Me: "Thanos did nothing wrong".

Abcidez Skaiaro : Is that "Don't Speak Her Name" from Fire Emblem Awakening I hear in the background at 6:30?

Seven Thumbs : Last jedi: oh yeah yeah Infinity war: *Oh God*

Boomstick Fire : John Wick Chapter 2: Subverted some of my expectations very well.... John Wick Chapter 3: HOW BOUT A LITTLE MORE?

Raging Bull : Is that BoJack's Theme played on the Organ at the end?

Marlon Oswald : Thanos was a villain where I actually was a bit sad when he died. Because he's interesting and has a great backstory.

Kaito Spin : Omg the music in that final Thanos scene in Infinity War is so amazing, the whole scene is!

Oshin Vats : Well, James Gunn’s script flew out of the garbage as he isn’t gone any more

ZXA ZXareo : I wanted TLJ to end 3 times during the movie but it kept dragging on.

Oldp1e : Damn i wasnt expecting palpatine to say "Dew it" at 10:00 i lmao, really good content btw!

Tony T : "So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause" is one of my top 5 lines in all of cinema

King Nyle : “This movie is everything that The Last Jedi didn’t have the balls to be.” Perfectly stated as all things should be.

noobmaster69 : Imagine disliking this video 🤡🤡

Jonahue Potenciano : Game of thrones subverting expectations alarmingly bad

Mr random stuff : Po was the most competent commander in the resistance po is 10× better than haldo

Lauren Carroll : That last shot of Steve saying "Oh god" is such a gut punch and it kind of mirrors that shot of avengers one where They're all standing around Tony after Hulk catches him. But instead of victory, they have been utterly defeated.

Hillevi Öhman : OMG!!! A second after you started talking about infinity war, an ad with Tom Holland started 😂😂😂😂