How to "Subvert Expectations" Correctly (Last Jedi/Infinity War Analysis)

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Schaffrillas Productions : Just as a heads-up, since I brought in guest editors to do the majority of this video, I didn't spend a ton of time on this, so progress on the Smash collab hasn't been affected at all. Give my three editors a big thank-you by checking them out in the description and maybe giving them a subscribe boyos and girlos

UltimateKyuubiFox : Congratulations. This was the first video critiquing the Last Jedi that didn’t make my eyes roll out of my skull. You were fair, even-handed, had actual complaints related to character arcs, focused on its progressivism actually being half-baked and failing to meet its own standards, and competently showcased how its tone affected its narrative impact, and I can respect all of that. This is the first time I feel like I’ve watched an intelligent critic explain why they disliked the movie. Subscribed.

magsamost : the #1 thing in the last jedi that PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH is that Admiral Ackbar died with absolutely NO recognition even though he's been with the resistance for longer than ANYONE ELSE including Leia (and honestly he probably should've been in charge in the first place I mean I know leia is a princess and she's a main character and everything, but Ackbar is way more qualified to lead an entire rebellion)

Robert Nørgaard : The "this is how liberty dies" line was actually one of the better lines in the prequel trilogy.

shaydee313 : Infinity War was a Thanos movie. He was the protagonist, and the Avengers were the antagonists. Yeah, he wasn't a good guy, but that doesn't make the story not about him. He struggled to achieve his goals, and was the central character driving the plot. It sets up his downfall for the next movie, but in the end he did everything that the likes of Frodo, or Harry Potter did. He sacrificed loved ones and so much of his own life to achieve his goals. If he was the "Good guy", this would have been just another cheesy maguffin hunt. The subverted expectations were that the good guys and bad guys swapped roles, in a storytelling sense. This didn't hurt any of the good guys characters, and only strengthened Thanos' character.

Tony T : "So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause" is one of my top 5 lines in all of cinema

Lauren Carroll : That last shot of Steve saying "Oh god" is such a gut punch and it kind of mirrors that shot of avengers one where They're all standing around Tony after Hulk catches him. But instead of victory, they have been utterly defeated.

FatFreeIce : I guess I'm a minority here but I HATED the light speed ram. It's not how light speed works. And let's say it does. Why don't they use this as a weapon all the time!? The excuse of it's too expensive is INSANITY. taking out an absolutely massive enemy ship that cost way way more with the push of a button? How is that not cost effective?

AyeItsMike : Honestly I hated Rey, I wish Finn was the main character. A stormtrooper that quit because it wasn't right and then he becomes a Jedi and he learns to control his hatred towards the empire and learns to balance the light and the dark.

Smart Boi Isaac Newton : I completly agree with the subversion of epectations in infinity war in the theater when people started cornflaking at the end of the movie a kid next to me said "I hope spiderman doesn't die" to which I thought "Naw spiderman made to much money he ain't gonna die" Then "Mr Stark, I don't feel so good"

f-14D fan : The best moment of the last jedi was when it ended.

Sonikks : Jesus Christ... Palpatine's "Do it" edited in when Quill was about to kill Gamora got a hearty, hearty chuckle from me. Genuinely snort laughed. New sub, great video mate.

David Jackson : Expectations be damned. We all sat with Thanos (the protagonist) and felt his peace at the end. Masterpiece?

Jeremias Romero : HALF THE UNIVERSE ______________________ IS NOT FEELING GOOD

David Ferguson : Good video, but your parting shot at those who criticize the "SJW story elements" is weirdly similar to Rian's attacks on the fans. It's perfectly appropriate to recognize and criticise the fact that the writers and producers indulged their ideological impulses when making plot choices (and in attacking the fans).

Borkborknomnom 9000 : Your whole "fragile male egos" bit was kinda pointless and purposefully misrepresenting the argument and the people making it.

Giovanna : I don’t hate the last jedi as much as you do but boooi was it satisfying to listen to you drag this movie lol

G Nk : When I sneer at the clear political message pushed in the Patriot in which they ignore some pretty obvious issues like slavery or that not all British people are monsters does that mean I have a fragile ego too? Or is it only when I take issue with your far left sacred cow? Strong women aren't being included in movies anymore because they're making Mary Sues in their stead which is obnoxious. Ellen Ripley >>>>>>> Rey A strong woman doesn't need to be a Mary Sue. I can tell when a story has a great female lead because it fits the story or the lead character happens to be female. And I can tell when they jam in a bunch of females to pander. It isnt a service to women. They could have made all of the main characters women strong women... as long as they made them believable and likable... and it would be easier to do that if they weren't pushing "Wahmen is strong" message.

Jogos Clássicos Detonado : Did you really like the lightspeed scene? That scene was against any rule of the Star Wars movies.

Chili Cheeze : Jesus Christ why are like half the comments complaining about that 10 second clip about the fragile ego thing? Honestly if you still believe that "SJW's" are like an actual threat to society or just like dangerous in general, you really do need to grow up. This is stuff that i heard edgy middle schoolers say in 7th grade, myself included

Brodyquester : ok i watched it youtube algorythm now leave me alone

zeoxdragon : Shrek 2 is much superior than The last Jedi... hell, I would say that even Shrek 3 is better.

nPhlames : If that "male ego" comment he made in the video bothers you, you probably fall into that category.

W33B LORD : That "fragile male ego" comment was pretty weird. I understand that the concept is to address a small hypothetical portion of potential viewers; however, you're still using your primary source of delivery. So while you may intend to only address a few people, it does sound like you're scolding your entire audience. Also, many people attached to this project have deliberately come out and made political statements about the film multiple times. So is it really that silly for someone to be turned off by its overtly political undertones?...

schattentaenzerin : I saw Infinity War very late and had a tough time staying away from spoilers. I went in knowing nothing. All the discussion before was "will Tony die or will Steve". And it floored me that both didn't. But so many others I was sure to survive were literally wiped out. The silence in the theatre after the end was incredible. I wish Sony would have postponed Spidey 2, to keep the suspension going. Still I'm intrigued to see Endgame and love how meaningful yet vague the trailer was. I thought I would tire of the MCU, instead I got hyped for more.

Mr. Brokkoli : 9:59 palpatine's "do it" killed me hahahahahahaha

EpicPinkCreeper : *screams at brick wall* "Shiny" *Brick wall immediately falls down*

Will Feeney : The amount of triggered men in the comments completely proves your point about fragile male egos.

Raziel De Melo : A year after Sep 11th 2001, George Lucas releases AOTC in theaters in 2002. He mentioned in an interview that when Queen Amidala exclaims: "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause" he wrote it in after witnessing the senate house hearing votes win over the coming invasion into Iraq. In some twisted, coincidental act of fate, in the film, as we have all come to know, the secret army of the clones is commissioned by Syfo Dias in mysterious ways to counter what we know all along is a droid army controlled by then Senator Palpatine. It seems rather incredible then, that a lowly senate page from Naboo could ever become the wielder of such power and in Joseph Campbellesque mythos, the story unravels and reveals to us that both sides of the war originate from the same individual and is a complex machination orchestrated by now Darth Sidious to claim the throne, symbol of totalitarian power. The siege against freedom of choice, freedom of ideology, freedom of thought and freedom of expression is tantamount to understanding the inner psychology of it's original creator. One has but to look at his earlier films such as THX 1138 to link the blatant comparison. Astoundingly, the new films are a far and distant echo of a ghost of it's former self. Star Wars is dead. It's last heroes symbolically or literally or physically killed. "Let the past die. Kill it if you have to." Like an angered teenager against his own father, this new generation has become so fearful, so righteous and so forgetful. They have chanted their own hymns of fallacy that they gave little and took almost everything from what we the last true guardians of peace in the galaxy stood for. Art imitates life it seems. To me, the new films since Force Awakens-with the exception of Solo-A Star Wars Story- were a failed coup. An attempt at vengeful redemption. They have made that which once shinned, wan, it's luster leaving our souls. You have taken to the markets that which is holy. You have decreed upon yourselves that you can control, command and conquer. That you can purchase and pursue and profit. I loved Star Wars for over 3 decades. And although I have so much more to add, I agreed with literally every second of this video. It is sad and sickening that I cannot defend that which wants to die. I'm beyond hurt. The sensation can be best described as being filled with a sense of futility and invisibility. She was right about the thunderous applause.

Kyan Hudson : "fragile male ego" when ever some one says anything like that i always consider them fragile. its just a poor excuse and insult to throw out there and make the situation worse. there is no reason for it and all your doing is showing you yourself is fragile.

Jack Gottsegen : I'm pretty sure they tried to make the movie like Empire, but they failed miserably

Batman : Thunderous applause and twice the pride double the fall are genius lines tho

GAMERZ GUIDE : That's why George Lucas did it better.

sherrell brown : Actually literally laughed out loud over all the triggered men in the comments. As usual the Youtube comment section has not subverted my expectations.

Nunya Bidness : I enjoyed The Last Jedi, and I think that you were a bit unfair to it, HOWEVER, I appreciated that you had real criticisms instead of just screeching about SJWs. Respect.

paxdoesathing : the screeching of incels in this comment section is delicious

wcr4 : Pretty hard to ignore the SJW stuff when that was most of the point of Holdo's character.

Humble TreeStump : I would like the next movie to focus on Kylo. It won't, but I would like that. He's actively moving forward and trying to change how the universe works.

elijahw06 : SJW pandering is indeed a major contributor of Last Jedi's failure and it should be considered so. Not the biggest factor, though. That part of your analysis I do not agree with. SJW pandering should have played a bigger role in your analysis too but you cut it short without giving much of an explanation as to why. That is not mature of you, which is something you demand of your viewers during the video. I would have liked this otherwise. Thumbs down.

Qarnayn _ : "Fragile male ego, grow up" Opinion discarded.

kray kray neigh neigh : The movie DOES pander to SJW's. You're right though, there is still more to hate about this movie besides that. However complaining that it panders to SJW's is a factual observation, that has nothing to do with "fragile male ego". It is a glaringly obvious fact.

Pixels : Infinity War had horrible Comedy Gamora: Kill me Batista: *eats chips loudly*

Francisco Rivas : The light speed ram is a terrible scene that shouldn't be canon. If light speed ramming works why not do it in the first place with the two medical ships or some fighters.

Oliver Godfrey : This really says it to be honest, I've been a fan of Star Wars since I was five, but only became a Marvel fan for both the comics and movies when I was sixteen which was around four years ago. Regardless of how much I loved Star Wars I felt so much more compelled to return to IW and all the other movies to watch it get built up again than TLJ and all the other Star Wars movies. For me knowing that it leads to such a disappointing film just ruined the franchise for me. I hope the MCU doesn't suffer the same fate in the far future if it ever underwent the same return Star Wars made.

XxBrozannaxX _678 : I was pretty chill with most of the deaths in Infinity War but Peter's death made me cry. :c

The Mongoose : Disapproving of active man-hating is not the same as a "fragile male ego".

Blood Sophie : I really hope Rose has a better character in Episode 9, Kelly Marie Tran is a good actor and she seems genuinely nice. She deserves a better character

Bella EXE : “equal perfectly balanced chance of coming on top” yes. perfectly balanced, as all things should be

EmberQuill : I loved Infinity War, and I wasn't expecting to. I ended up really dissatisfied with Age of Ultron due to the fact that it focused on so many different characters that it didn't really have time to develop any of them. Subplots came out of nowhere and had unsatisfying resolutions or were just abandoned. I hardly remember anything from that movie now because so much of it wasn't really that memorable. So when I saw the sheer number of characters on the Infinity War posters, I was worried that the same thing would happen. They'd try to have compelling subplots for every character and fail to give any of them enough screen time. Turns out I was wrong. Infinity War was fantastic. Despite the sheer number of characters involved, the various subplots were handled remarkably well. I think part of it was that everything carried forward much better from the previous movies going all the way back to the first Avengers movie. Age of Ultron had so many new subplots that came out of nowhere and then never had time to develop them, but the entire MCU has been building up to Infinity War since nearly the beginning, so the movie opened up in medias res and hit the ground running instead of introducing a ton of new storylines.

Mina69a : Truthfully infinity war was a phenomenal movie that did almost every single thing right. Almost. The made one huge mistake and I hope it doesn’t cost them. Now they have to beat it. That is their mistake. Also, the line you said “feel free to scream at this brick wall that I’ve built between us” is genuinely funny lol