How to "Subvert Expectations" Correctly (Last Jedi/Infinity War Analysis)

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Schaffrillas Productions : Just as a heads-up, since I brought in guest editors to do the majority of this video, I didn't spend a ton of time on this, so progress on the Smash collab hasn't been affected at all. Give my three editors a big thank-you by checking them out in the description and maybe giving them a subscribe boyos and girlos

UltimateKyuubiFox : Congratulations. This was the first video critiquing the Last Jedi that didn’t make my eyes roll out of my skull. You were fair, even-handed, had actual complaints related to character arcs, focused on its progressivism actually being half-baked and failing to meet its own standards, and competently showcased how its tone affected its narrative impact, and I can respect all of that. This is the first time I feel like I’ve watched an intelligent critic explain why they disliked the movie. Subscribed.

Sonikks : Jesus Christ... Palpatine's "Do it" edited in when Quill was about to kill Gamora got a hearty, hearty chuckle from me. Genuinely snort laughed. New sub, great video mate.

Giovanna : I don’t hate the last jedi as much as you do but boooi was it satisfying to listen to you drag this movie lol

Fluffy Waffles : 11:59 "You just gave the fans a satisfying movie that tells a shockingly coherent story, delivers comedy at the right moments without messing with the overall dire tone, and ends in a way that leaves the audience floored and wanting more. [Infinity War] is everything The Last Jedi *didn't have the balls to be.* " From a die hard Star Wars fan, and someone who is NOT a Marvel fan, *1000% Agreed.*

Hayden Anderson : Revenge of the Sith is way better than The Last Jedi

Eric Adkins : It's sad that we consider a humanized main villain to be subversive in this day and age. It should be the norm. No one in the universe thinks they are evil. Everyone who does evil things thinks they are doing the right thing at the time. Weather they are wrong or not is where the conflict should lie.

9_Bucks : MCU: "Oh man what's gonna happen next!" The Last Jedi: Rian Johnson "Your Snoke theory sucks lmao dumb nerds XD"

YouTube Cat : Also for some reason even though the last Jedi and infinity war have the same runtime, I felt as if the last Jedi was twice as long

Payton Malstrom : You know, I really liked Force Awakens, I know it got trashed on for being a rehash and all, but I really liked the new characters, I really want to see what happens to them next... TLJ: 'Well, now Finn is a bumbling bafoon, Poe is a clueless egomaniac and Rey is about as interesting/integral to the story as your average CoD protagonist.' Oh! YoU rEaLLy SuBvErTeD mY eXpEcTaTiOnS tHeRe!!!!

Lauren Carroll : That last shot of Steve saying "Oh god" is such a gut punch and it kind of mirrors that shot of avengers one where They're all standing around Tony after Hulk catches him. But instead of victory, they have been utterly defeated.

Linking360 : i was actually starting to get bored of superhero movies after homecoming, but then a friend invited me to free D-box seats to infinity war. i was like ''it's gonna be same old same old but i might as well watch it.'' Boy was i wrong. the ending had us both in tears. half of the theater left because of the atmosphere being too sad for a post credits scene or something.

Max Moore : The worse part of the Movie is that they just killed Admiral Ackbar with no goodbye or anything. The best way they could have said goodbye to him in this lousy movie is that he did the hyperspace jump into the First Order Fleet, not that Feminazi Holdo

Das Institut : This is how liberty dies, with thunderous applaus. Sounds way better than anything said in TLJ. Actually that Prequel line made sense, since we live in a world were one Dictator and Idiot grows from the dirt.

kinerry : You're a Russian troll, I knew it

zeoxdragon : Shrek 2 is much superior than The last Jedi... hell, I would say that even Shrek 3 is better.

Alex Pritchett : Stars Wars: The Quest For More Money

BjallaundBrana : I'm just going to talk about the whole SJW thingy. Because I get where that comes from, and I get that minorities need representation in order to improve overall acceptance. The problem is that there are so many characters that are created (or altered!) with only the representation in mind, just to please a few people. In the process, they disappoint everybody else and make them angry at that minority because it just feels forced and is badly executed. In other words: it contradicts their intentions. My favorite example is Brooklin 99's Captain Holt. For those who don't know the show: He is black and gay (talk about representation!). But those are not his defining character traits! Of course that had an impact on his history which in turn influences his thoughts and actions. But he's not black and gay for the sake of being either of those. He's a very well rounded character with a story and purpose. I feel the same way about all Marvel women, they are not female characters for the sake of having female characters (girl power rah rah). Instead, they all have a unique character, a unique history and most importantly: a purpose. In the process, they manage to be equally as badass as all the guys without that "girl power" feeling forced. What I'm trying to say is: Altering characters or creating new ones just to follow an agenda doesn't work. Instead, create a great character with more defining character traits than gay/lesbian/black/asian/whatever. Sure this specific trait probably has influenced the way that character feels or thinks about some things. But it's not necessarily what makes them who they are. Because let's be honest: the vast majority of people don't want to be reduced to their gender/ethnicity/sexuality/whatever. So why do so many people/movies/shows do that to characters?

James Schulte : Infinity war is easily the best movie of 2018 and is easily in top 3 MCU movies of all time

Elijah Muller : Both movies use their subversion to tell a moral Infinity War: Things may not go the way you want The Last Jedi: Everything is meaningless

Pixels : Infinity War had horrible Comedy Gamora: Kill me Batista: *eats chips loudly*

Halfman Halfamazing : That Palpatine "DO IT" @10:00 nearly made me piss my pants laughing so hard 😂

TheLegendaryMan5 : "It was... Reality." *WHOOPS THERE GOES GRAVITY*

SuperXFilms : My only fear is that now EVERY other super hero film is gonna let the villain win... Just for this. And honestly... JUSTICE LEAGUE WAS ORIGINALLY GONNA DO THIS BEFORE INFINITY WAR!!!! Batman and Wonder Woman were gonna try and stop Darkseid. And then they lose, Superman's dead. And the heroes are scattered. That was originally gonna be the ending. That woulda been great. But then Dc was like... Lol. Let's not do something before Marvel does. And play it safe... And then Marvel was like "haha, Screw you" And did it. And made one of the greatest movies ever.

Rock Solid : Look at those dislikes, man you have pissed off the Star Wars fanboys.

EpicPinkCreeper : *screams at brick wall* "Shiny" *Brick wall immediately falls down*

Lugbzurg : 6:45 "If your biggest problem with this movie is that it 'panders to the SJWs', grow [...] up. There's plenty to hate about this movie even after you drop your fragile male egos." Well, there's definitely a myriad of things to hate about this movie, but where did that come from? There's no correlation between the two. You seriously think there weren't tons of women who hated the pandering, too? "Male egos" is entirely unrelated.

Yabuturtle : I thought it was painfully obvious they were pandering to sjw's. Because they did with everything else. Ghostbusters, The Witcher, Terminator, Overwatch ect. They've been doing this for a while. You can tell people to "grow the fuck up" (which I find ironic that you are saying they are childish using such a quote) but don't be surprised if you piss off others because you're not going to get a lot of support that way.

The Chloromancer : So... we can't point out the political pandering we see without having a fragile male ego? It is unfortunate that you chose to attack people with legitimate criticism for having a different political outlook to your own. I enjoyed the video, but do not enjoy being insulted for my critical opinions. Judging by the 4.2k dislikes, I am likely not the only one who feels this way.

batt3ryac1d : Everytime I see clips from the snap/ Peter sacrificing Gommora only for it to shoot bubbles my stomach drops and I'm in awe and the movies been out for ages. It's such an emotional well done movie.

wcr4 : Pretty hard to ignore the SJW stuff when that was most of the point of Holdo's character.

michael preller : Finally! Somebody who called out TLJ for it being the trash heap that it is without pandering to the "SJW's are ruining everything" losers. I hate this movie but the last thing I want is to be lumped in with those pathetic clowns.

Adam Washington : Let's be honest, Snoke has the best face for getting impaled.

Joseph Corica : I have enjoyed most of the marvel movies up to this point (iron man 3, ant man, and thor 2 duds imho) but infinity war was a cut above. When it ended the theater was dead quiet. I dont know if I've ever been in a theater with a more deeply effected audience. There was no raucous applause, eventually some quiet murmurs started up. If you told me 20 years ago, or even after the success of Iron Man, that a Marvel movie would effect mainstream America so emotionally I would have said you were out of your mind. I don't read comic books and odds are 70 percent of the people in the theater with me hadn't read one either. Building a cinematic universe was the only way to get audiences like me to care deeply enough about the heroes that we could be effected in such a way. You can't do that in one movie. But even with the cinematic universe I did not think anyone would have the guts to make a Marvel movie like that. Everyone knows DC makes the dark gritty movies and Marvel makes the lighthearted funny ones, right? Infinity War validated the idea of cinematic universes with it's large scope and good execution. It rendered the concept into an art form.

Jan G : Is that Mario Odyssey background music i hear?

lucaduca gaming : I hated the scene in the last Jedi where Finn was risking his like until Mrs. Mess up knocked his ship away

braxxie : You subverted my expectations by being one of the only Last Jedi critiques on this hellsite to actual be genuine instead of some overt reactionary complaint about sjws and feminism and whatever. Thank you.

dark0ssx : Noticing a pattern of sjw ideology ruining stories does not mean you are "fragile", that is a strawman No different that rian johnson calling people that dont like the movie "sexist"

Þórarinn Snorrason : If you actually dig deep, you come to realize that Rey doesn't fail at anything throughout episodes 7 and 8. Know why? She's what's known as a Marie Sue character, that's why. That's also why every supporting character or companion she has are rendered useless, because she ultimately doesn't need any help. That's why the story ultimately fails. The main hero doesn't develop, she already has because she can do anything right from the start.

Jake Webb : The "this is how liberty dies" quote is amazing😜

Joe bob : Lol take on me plays in the background during the infinity war section

UliaAB : Loved the critique on TLJ without making it be about politics. Most of us are pissed off because of the horrible story and the mangling of beloved characters. Somehow, right wing crazies have tried to co opt that anger into their politics that most of us want no part in.

u kno who : Majority of the people that died in the battle in TLJ were just nameless figures so their deaths didn't put any emotional value to the movie. They played it safe. In Infinity War on the other hand, like half of the MCU superheroes died. The characters we came to love over the years, were literally turned to dust just like that. Marvel had the balls.

Sketchy Getchey : Last Jedi plot twist Snoke: You should’ve gone for the head

DISTurbedwaffle918 : "I don't feel so good" actually got me to tear up, even though memes had already confirmed this occurring. Movies don't make me tear up often.

TristanAnonymous 7 : 🎶How could we rewrite The Last Jedi🎶

mikebulmer9823 : I agree with everything about this, I knew exactly what would happen, half the people would die, knew it was coming, but damn I was still stunned that it happened. And that's great storytelling when you know something is coming and still say "Holy #$&@!"

Weeb Trash : Why Snoke and Thanos look like they're getting that good ass head game in the thumbnail though?

Dandy! : What’s ironic is that Disney owns Star Wars...and Marvel

WeegeeSlayer : Meanwhile, Justice League is sitting in a dark basement forgotten.