How to "Subvert Expectations" Correctly (Last Jedi/Infinity War Analysis)

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Schaffrillas Productions : Just as a heads-up, since I brought in guest editors to do the majority of this video, I didn't spend a ton of time on this, so progress on the Smash collab hasn't been affected at all. Give my three editors a big thank-you by checking them out in the description and maybe giving them a subscribe boyos and girlos

UltimateKyuubiFox : Congratulations. This was the first video critiquing the Last Jedi that didn’t make my eyes roll out of my skull. You were fair, even-handed, had actual complaints related to character arcs, focused on its progressivism actually being half-baked and failing to meet its own standards, and competently showcased how its tone affected its narrative impact, and I can respect all of that. This is the first time I feel like I’ve watched an intelligent critic explain why they disliked the movie. Subscribed.

Oznerol : Luke's first lightsaber = Blue Luke's last lightsaber = Green Luke's first milk = Blue Luke's last milk = Green Is that something?

TheChewyDinosaur : This movie is amazing, but there's one thing that they didn't explain that is really bugging me. Why is Gamora?

Daniel Shillito : I don’t think I’ve ever sat through a cinema screening where the whole audience collectively gasped when Tony is stabbed or cry when Peter disappeared or complete silence when the film cut to black to finish. Infinity War earned everything it got, the reviews and revenue alike.

Hey It's H : Infinity War was great. You know why? Because when Tony was stabbed, the whole theater gasped. When Gamora died, the whole theater fell silent. When Peter (spidey) cried, so did the theater. When Thanos snapped, another collective gasp. We all knew it was coming, but it still caught us by surprise. A great movie resonates with its audience. When I saw The Last Jedi, the only scene that made any impact was the lightspeed scene and it only caused everyone to be silent. Not much of a reaction.

Lauren Carroll : That last shot of Steve saying "Oh god" is such a gut punch and it kind of mirrors that shot of avengers one where They're all standing around Tony after Hulk catches him. But instead of victory, they have been utterly defeated.

srayj : It’s actually cool to listen to the Russo brothers’ commentary for this movie because they point out that the only way they felt this movie would work as a cohesive story was to make it about Thanos and his “hero’s journey.” That’s why it’s subversive yet satisfying. Similarly, when they talk about Civil War and how the fact that the audience is introduced to this idea of there being more winter soldiers causing us to internally assume that Tony and Cap would have to come together to defeat them, yet that is not what happens and the movie actually leaves them even more fractured rather than trying to repair the damage that had already been done.

Yellow Pikmin88 : You'll be pleased to know James Gunn's script for a Guardians 3 will be used

Golden Magikarp5 : Kirby: did you make a new story mode Sakurai: yes Kirby: what did it cost Sakurai: everyone

SKITLEY STORM : FIN SHOULD HAVE DIED! I don't hate the character, I actually like him, but it would have been a great end to his character arc, and it would have been really emotional. Also, just remove Rose from the film.

Sonikks : Jesus Christ... Palpatine's "Do it" edited in when Quill was about to kill Gamora got a hearty, hearty chuckle from me. Genuinely snort laughed. New sub, great video mate.

Coby Folk : My one gripe about Infinity War can be summed up like this: Cap' to Vision "We don't trade lives." Cap' to Wakandan soldiers "Die so we have time to save Vision."

george norcott : the part where Fin is going to ram the Battering Ram Cannon, and the girl rams him out of the way. She's technically driving a battering ram cannon battering ram battering ram

My United States of What a Shame : The plot twist for the Last Jedi should've been that the whole thing was Finn's fever dream, and that it ends with him waking up from his coma.

SerMortzio : I don't understand why subversion of expectations is being hailed as some sort of post-modern sign of scriptwriting genius. If I wrote the script for The Last Jedi and it featured Rey being shot in the stomach with a laser at the beginning and slowly bleeding out for 5 minutes like Reservoir Dogs, and the film ended with her death...I just subverted your expectations. No one expects Rey to die violently 5 minutes into a Disney Star Wars film. Lasers don't even cause bleeding! Wow, I must be a narrative genius 10x as good as Johnson! Would such a story be satisfying or even make logical sense? Nope but expectations went out the window so my script is great, right? It's BS.

zeoxdragon : Shrek 2 is much superior than The last Jedi... hell, I would say that even Shrek 3 is better.

Anthony Menzer : I'm a huge lifelong Star Wars fan, and I don't give half a crap about the Marvel movies. Even with that, I enjoyed Infinity War quite a bit, and hated The Last Jedi with a burning passion. It's just a poorly written, paced and executed film, even forgetting that it's a SW movie. At least SW fans could agree that the prequels were heavily flawed, I honestly can't understand how so many seem to like or even love TLJ to a degree that has divided the fanbase so completely.

Citizen of Earth : I find Rogue One to be the only really good and worth the money StarWars movie. The rest are ranging from meh to complete laughable garbage. But Rogue One delivered, it was emotionally touching.

vincentmagius : I think part of why Avengers worked and we need to lay off Abrams, is the MCU had hard set points. They knew they needed to hit certain points in each phase to build the story. Where they were and the individual stories didn't matter too much as long as those specific pillars were made. Abrams set a lot of unanswered questions because he had a base story written out for the other two movies. Kennedy is the one that failed. It was her job to make sure that each movie told a story and built on each other. Abrams shouldn't have been able to ask leading questions if it wasn't going to be part of the next two movies. The story should have had it's bones already set before Abrams was brought on. The directors can then fill in the meat.

FlamingAtheist : Honestly hearing that a child was so afraid they where going to "disappear" that they had to have their parent reassure them, brought a tear to my eye. That is the sign of a fantastic movie especially when its not something like a horror movie or the like.

Giovanna : I don’t hate the last jedi as much as you do but boooi was it satisfying to listen to you drag this movie lol

Heavy Weapons Gamer : Infinity war left me empty and afraid but in a great way Im excited for the future of Marvel movies it's the first time the heroes lose but even though you know they'll win in someway there will be real loss and the movies won't be the same in the future we're probably going to lose Robert Downy Junior and Chris Evans as Iron man and Captain America and those characters will greatly impact the future of Marvel Movies if they end up dying in Avengers 4 but it will be probably a good thing in the long run. , The Last Jedi left me empty and afraid but in a terrible way Im afraid for the future of Star Wars , Afraid of future Star Wars movies that are half baked and rushed movies with incompetent characters and build ups without the pay off , I used to love Star Wars for the longest time since I saw the original movies and the prequels I loved them but the Force awakens was a little different I still enjoyed it but the Last Jedi changed everything from the start of the movie when Luke throws his Father's lightsaber off the cliff side it confused me , that wasn't the Luke Skywalker everyone grew up knowing , and yes he was supposed to be broken from the loss of his Jedi academy and his Nephew turning to the dark side but even Obi-Wan Kenobi went through the same thing with the whole Jedi Temple and everyone inside being slaughtered and his best friend leading the attack but he still grew and lead the next generation to bring hope to the future but Luke did nothing a simple hologram wasn't as powerful as actually facing the one that broke you in person like in a new hope how Obi-Wan did , I know he couldn't go to the planet but it would of been a great scene if Luke lifted the X-Wing out of the water symbolizing he really learned from Master Yoda , Fixed his ship , and flew to face Kylo but it never happened and The End of the last jedi set the future of Star Wars in stone as a ruined franchise.

JazuX : "There's plenty to hate about TLJ even after you drop your fragile male egos" Ah, m'ladies successfully defended *tips fedora*

Greenflamingo Vids : hey sjws aren’t the only reason i didn’t like it and i don’t have a fragile male ego it broke long ago

niteseeker's Stuff : Well hey, on the bright side no one likes Snoke so now every Snoke action figure is half off at my local Target!!

EpicPinkCreeper : *screams at brick wall* "Shiny" *Brick wall immediately falls down*

Matti Thordarson : snoke was so unmemorable for me that the first thing that popped into my mind when i saw him in the thumbnail was the telekinetic guy in infinity war

ImpishCreations : I mean, you kinda nailed it on the head when you talked about how TLJ basically refused to end on a sad note or in a way that would effect merch sales. Infinity War told a sad story that as a kid you could see as the death of the vast majority of characters you grew attached to. TLJ basically just introduces characters nobody cares about, kills them off quick, but doesnt have the gall to kill off (or worse, make "morally ambigious") any actual main characters in interesting or actually subversive ways. Snoke and Captain DowhatIsaypurplehair are both red shirts with names. Rey joining Kylo woulda been a fucking phenomnal subversion. Finn dying would have been a phenomnal subversion. Every chance there was to actually make an intresting development they ruined it. Dont even tease stuff like that if you arent gonna make good on it, you're just showing that you had good ideas you couldnt follow through on because merch.

Brennen Beckwith : "There's plenty to hate about this movie even after you drop your fragile male egos," I want that line printed and framed.

XXArghorXX : I didn't even noticed the movie portraied women as more capable to be honest, for me they are just people, some people are more capable than others, this thime the more capable ones just happened to be women, that's about it for me.

wcr4 : Pretty hard to ignore the SJW stuff when that was most of the point of Holdo's character.

Eric Waters : Holy shit. You just made me like Avengers more, and Star Wars less. Grats.

That Person : Rest in piece Stan :(

Viet To Ngoc : According to the media, you are a Russian bot trashing on The Last Jedi.

Barbecue 101 : 1:21 Oh my gosh, freaking Mike Wazowski in the top right 😂

Pixels : Infinity War had horrible Comedy Gamora: Kill me Batista: *eats chips loudly*

Mdemike22 : You can't fool me with your intelligent criticisms. I heard the instrumental versions of Take On Me and the Evil Morty theme song playing in the background you meme-lord.

Miguel Noche : Thats what fanboys get for complaining about the prequels

Bernadett Bán : Am I the only one who would actually give Josh Brolin an oscar for his performance? Like, he was so good as Thanos, mo-cap aside.

Odival Quaresma : Finally a grown-up review of Last Jedi, without going into the trend that SJW and feminazism conspirations and/or pandering were somehow the very fabric of the failures of this movie

Batman : Thunderous applause and twice the pride double the fall are genius lines tho

Michael May : Infinity War did something I've NEVER experienced in a movie theater. It left the audience in complete silence by the end. I'm so proud and happy that Marvel went through with what they set out to do. Sure, it will probably be reversed in part 2, but they actually have a movie where the villain wins in the end. I love when film producers take risks like this and it's something I wish the CW would do as well with the Arrowverse. The Flash is supposed to disappear in 2024(Or maybe 2019 now). I think it would be a neat twist if because of Nora's interference, she not only fails, but makes him disappear much sooner than he was supposed to. Then after that, they keep Barry off the show for a year and they have to spend the whole season trying to get him back. I know that will never happen because of actor/actress contracts though.

Michael J. Caboose : Poor Snoke. Only half the character he could've been.

Ubbe Ragnarsson : Snoke's sexual satifsfaction was probably the only entertaining part of the movie for me. And it was probably unintentional

Triforce Guru : I like your review, but I disagree with you on the idea that the SJW hatin is due to fragile male egos. I've seen reviews with women who have stated that an SJW agenda played a big part in making this movie shit. Also, since I'm pretty sure you don't know this seeing as you stated in your OoT video that you share a birth year with OoT, making you roughly 20, but every ego is extremely fragile and can easily be shattered into millions of pieces. Just ask anybody who's had an Ego Death on Psychedelics like Magic Mushrooms and LSD. Everybody can have their sense of self challenged but we all have a different line in the sand that needs to be crossed to do that. Now I didn't personally hate the movie for the SJW agenda, I hated it because the story was garbage. The only SJW thing in that movie that I dislike is Rey, how powerful she is, and how little she struggles with anything. I'm pointing this out to you because, quite frankly, if somebody were to rub you the wrong way and then follow up by saying it was b/c of your 'fragile male ego' you probably wouldn't be all that thrilled about it. Aside from that I think it was a solid review. I found it through your OoT video which I absolutely loved. Plz do Majora's Mask, thanks!

Adrenaline Chaos : I really hope Rose has a better character in Episode 9, Kelly Marie Tran is a good actor and she seems genuinely nice. She deserves a better character

Dan c : If "subverting expectations" means reconning anything that made this movie interesting, then yeah... masterpiece

Nick Pacanowski : The Last Jedi sucks. Debate me on it. Dew it.

Jim Secor : The thing that subverted my expectations was the fact that Star Lord was willing to kill Gamora there has been so many movies where one love interest swears to kill the other but then doesn’t because ThEy LoVe ThEm ToO MuCh even if it’s the best thing for the the most people.