The feels

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CozyBones : As sad as this is, that is absolutely not proper pizza extracting procedure. He's the only one to blame here. Let this be a lesson to any children watching.

Hyellerci : His silent reaction is what makes this

argo_ : so sad 6/10

sianeDOE : unlucky salad😂

Johnny Quasar : 10/10 makes m cri every tim

Embers : He is all of us

Jub_ev : *At least wasn't a pineapple pizza...*

wowdouche : Was this at Bricco's pizza?

Abraham Redhead : Gordon Ramsey is not impressed.

The Blue BlobFish : I know that pain

Kevin Hucker : 😂😂

Lucatin : That's what he gets for picking it up like that.

Antonio Vasquez : The universal disappointment of humanity expressed in 5 seconds.

Explosive Turtle : Rest in pepperoni

Random Girl : _w h y a r e w e s t i l l h e r e j u s t t o s u f f e r ?_

UltraGaming 49 : this happens all the time to me :(

werdette : Yo why he using a knife and fork to pick up a piece of pizza tho??