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Mother's Basement : One more sent by philly D. this is a fantastic remix man.

Brian Stevens : Amazing Remix! *PhillyD* opened a portal for the Nation to travel through to your side of the multiverse.

Daddy Tachanka : Who else is here from Phil?

Ward Nightstone : Beautiful Bastards sound off!

NiftyNette : I came from PhilipDeFranco's video and holy fuck no regrets you did that!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍

Joe Kerr : More fingerdrumming from our Boi Leslie Wai. Fuck yeah!

Sofia Carr : Fucking amazing! 😍 phil sent me

Niick : Philly D sent me. This is awesome man!

Sam Donner : PHIL SENT ME, this video is about to blow upppp

Matthew Terras : DFranco called, I came, I saw, I liked

Angel Mares : Philip Defranco sent me here, but im disappointed that i haven't seen this already.

Simproved : This is frickin awesome!!!

Ezekiel Bey : "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub" This is so sick BTW

Qwerty Da BEAST : One of, if not the best, Rick and Morty remixes I have ever heard and one of the best things you have ever uploaded Keep it up man! Edit: I take it back. It's the best one I've heard

Crian : This is my jam boiiiiii *Phil sent me*

Cinnamon : badass

Glenn Somers : Somehow this is still only 6k views. Just wait till more pour over from PhillyD! Great video man

The Dewick : Holy crap, this is actually awesome? The majority of the ones I've heard are cringy tbh, but this one is amazing! Keep it up! Also, it'd be great if sometime you could do the Evil Morty theme song (For The Damaged Coda) remix 😊

noisemagician : Phillip De Franco send us here.

Jakub Chromý : Philly D sent me over here you Beautiful Bastard! Great stuff!

ThorosGaming : Whose here from Phillip D

Leslie Wai : Hey! A lot of people are asking what I'm using. It's a Novation Launchpad! :)

Jonathan Bird : That was so dirty. I can’t even. Also Philly D sent me over.

davekorbiger : Philly D sent me here! THIS IS AMAZING!!! Get in touch with Justin Roiland, I want this song on iTunes ASAP!

ARRUDAWAKENING : Philip DeFranco sent me.... And I am so glad that he did. This was sick, man!!

MentalMilkshake : Philip DeFranco sent me here, your skills made me subscribe. Amazing work looking forward to seeing more

NuikopeaDemon : Damnit DeFranco this is AWESOME!!!

Caer Ibormeith : Phil sent me. I hope this blows up.

Rob Chambers : Phil D sent me....good shit

Monkey D. Luffy : Anyone from Phil

Ced Fam : Philly sent me, this is awesome and I wish I could give it 1000 likes.

Andozoid : Philip Defranco sent me;this is awesome!

Bossy Britt : Nice one, Leslie. I love Rick and Morty! #WubbaLubbaDubDub 😎✌

Orestis 935 : BOOM! i'm pickle Riiiieeeee ooooo eeeee oooo eeeee

Score Master / #ConTV : this deserves more views

Joshua Elam : Oh my god that was absolutely amazing!! Much props to Philly D for spreading this amazingness, and even more to you for actually making such a thing!

Easton Vaughn : Thank you Philip DeFranco for sending me to this <3 <3

Ben Isaac : Phillip DeFranco said you were a known pedophile

Henri DeadMort : Michael Jackson Remix 2? please.....

Tylerlloll : This is great, so glad Phil linked this.

Igor Bobar : PHILLY D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hwi Yeo : Everyone in the comments seems to be from Phil XD

AwuKiddoo : Phily D. Homes

AndyS : Thumbs up if you game from Phil! Awesome work man!

kayla martinez : Phil sent me this is too dope!

All Things Wrestling : Phil sent me here

Sofia Loveland : Man, I’m so glad Philly D sent me. This is bomb!

Dman Boarding : From Phil


alex greene : PHILLY D