Why Water is NOT Wet - With PROOF

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Chaz Smith : WHY DOES THIS HAVE 3.5 MILLION VIEWS?! Follow me on all of my social media accounts by tapping this link! http://linktr.ee/chazsmith Like, comment, share, follow, and subscribe for more videos! 😄

Skrubin : *uhhhhhhh. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell?*

JaxBlade : He completely changed my mind in one video xD

Let's Play Ryker : Please end the 'Earth is flat' debate

Hannah Turner : Took me awhile to type this out but here you go: this is the video thats gonna end the water is wet debate once and for all. my answer? WATERS NOT WET. and ill tell you why. TO say that SOMETHING IS WET means that the WATER on the SURFACE of that SOMETHING can be.. REMOVED. You get caught outside in the rain you say, "Ugh, my hair got wet. Now I gotta get it re-did." "Ugh, my shoes got wet. Now I gotta let them sit them outside and dry." You dont say.. that the OCEAN.. gets.. wET. It's just water.. WATER IS WATER! FIRE, right? We know that it BURNS things, right? But its not IN AND OF ITSELF, BURNED, RIGHT? WATER it WETS THINGS but its not in and of itself WET, OKAY?! The word 'WET' is only supposed to be used when water GETS on something. For example if I we're to splash water on this mirror RIGHT HERE, I'd say it's wet. BUT if it was somehow possible to splash water droplets ONTO WATER, we could see the water droplets sitting on the water we'd say; "OH that water is WET!" You know.. I'll give an example, I'm just saying 'cuz. You know, I'm in a bathroom. You know. We got water in the toilet. Got water in the sink. Shower. Sink over there. BUT the term "Wet" is an adjective used that is only conditional to describe the surface of something that is typically dry. Ladies and gentlemen, here's the simple proof test. This counter is dry. I pour water on it. *pours water on counter* It becomes wet. Can it be dried? *dries counter* absolutely! THEREFORE IT WAS WET, IT IS NOW DRY. The water on the inside of the bottle however! Can it be dried? ABSOLUTELY THE FRICK NOT. And in closing, *pulls up the definiton of "wet"* *covered or saturated with water or another liquid* Water cannot be covered or saturated with itself, thank you.

Emmanuel Ani : I don't know why I'm coming back to this argument. But water is definitely wet thanks to strong tetrahedral hydrogen bonds. This argument makes no scientific case for it.

PowWow Animations : I can tell you feel strongly about this topic.

dank memes : If water is not wet, then.... Is ice wet?

Hendrik Botha : OKAY water is not wet ONLY IF you have 1 water molecule by itself, if you have more than one molecule then THEY ARE WET BECAUSE THEY'RE TOUCHING OTHER WATER MOLECULES

ColdLemonK : *Water is wet*

jin angel : Another argument: the flu itself is not sick, but when people catch it, they get sick, so, therefore the water itself is not wet, but when it has contact with a substance that substance is wet. the water doesnt express the trait of being wet that it inflicts onto others. would you say fire is on fire? we have yet to find an adjective that can describe water. its basic knowledge: some things have an effect that it itself is not effected by. (Cause and effect basically)

Ricardooo Raiccc : I thought that this was a troll but this is *legit*

fjdpaco : Counter Arguments brought me here

Rujula Shivanand : *_Absolutely the frick not !_* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 oml

Lunar Moon : *I now have to rethink all of my life choices, brb in like 10 years*

Kankri Vantas : It actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it

CJMaster Playz : I’ve watched this like 20 times already and I don’t know why😂

Dj Ledford : 1980’s : There will be flying cars 2018 : uh, is water wet?

KNRR : It's funny cause it's true


K3wlG33k : *Water is wet because of strong tetrahedral hydrogen bonding.* This is a chemistry problem, not a semantics problems (which is a pointless debate in the first place). Water in itself is a complex subject matter which takes a literal chemist to understand, or at least experimentation of water and its interactions. Answer provided by Richard Saykally, expert on the chemical makeup of water: http://nautil.us/issue/25/water/ingenious-richard-saykally _This comment was posted by a Counter Arguments fan._ CA's video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV-CmdVU8HU

Simple Crits : damn thanks for the life lesson man, my eyes have been opened

silvester hound : four words: strong tetrahedral hydrogen bonding.

Bladii : Strong Tetrahedral Hydrogen Bonding is all I'm gonna say...

Absolutely Aileen : This man is GENIUS😂

anthony meza : Wet is also a noun... noun 1. liquid that makes something damp. "I could feel the wet of his tears" synonyms:wetness, damp, moisture, moistness, sogginess;  wateriness "the wet of his tears"

Mo’nique Kamara : I swear my whole class would have arguments just because of that statement

Marianne M : I wish all of my lessons were this exaggerated and exciting😂

Psi quise2x : Logic

Infires, man : *_-Water is wet-_* *_WATER IS NOT WET_*

Kyleigh Fields : Love the zoom.🙂

DedSecTv : 1960s- we'll have flying cars in the future 2018- water isn't wet

Squishy died : Fire burns things, but isn't burnt. Right, so spice makes things spicy, but isn't spicy itself... Great argument. 👏 Also, water isn't dry is it? Alright? Nothing you can say will change my view of that... Water is wet.

Elena Garcia : The dislikers think water is wet


Milo Schwartz : I don't care about the wet water argument, I just liked this because it's f*cking hilarious!

Tomodachi Smash : Harvard: Ni🅱🅱a u want a scholarship?

GingerStarburst : 1:25 gives me life

Parker Rundle : Wet is when water sticks to a surface. When you put ur hand in the water, water sticks to ur hand. Water is wet. Bill Nye comfermed this.

GENSHIFOX2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV-CmdVU8HU

Amani Halima : LMFAO

Katelyn Grace : The random face close ups are just 👌

_sympathetic _ : Water is not wet😂😂


Kayla Bailey : *oh Jesus I was looking at some comments and there are arguments EVERYWHERE *

Unicorn Swagger : *WHERE IS VSAUSE*

Beautybyallii7 : this is the quality content youtube was missing... minute long vines

F8LDragon2 : I can see where it is confusing at first but after reading any and all definitions of wet it is extremely clear that a liquid of any kind can not be described as wet (adjective), though water can be called wet (noun) but it is not at all described as wet. Wet as an adjective is a term used to describe a liquids interaction not a liquid itself. End of story. Why is it so argumentative?

TOTAL Anialation : Lo key scientist