Why Water is NOT Wet - With PROOF

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Ryan Smith : this should be debated the next presidential election

Gay Reeto : So, what im about to say, is dead serious. So I was in science class one day and we all of a sudden were debating whether water is wet or not so we went into 2 groups, one being people who thought water IS wet and the other being how water is NOT wet. Each group voted on a debate leader and I happened to be voted as my leader (I was on the NOT wet side) and so each leader went up with their computer and did a presentation on how water either is or is not wet. So when it was my turn to go up for my team, I played this video and my team ended up winning the debate. Thank you, Chaz! xD

dank memes : Guys i might trigger most of you guys but, if water is not wet then........ Is WATER, WATER PROOF o_O

绮雯连 : Now do Earth is not flat

Xx_Chubbs _xX : My entire school was talking about this. It's caused a lot of fights and ended friendship's

MOcHi : When you're trying to reach the word count on an essay

Ern'ary Kpana : Leave a like if you think water is not wet

Recon Boi : Take a shot every time he zooms in the camera.

Lets reach 1000 subs with 3 videos : “Jumps into a pool” “Gets out of the pool” Person: oh you’re dry!

Dominik Harris : When you have 1 brain cell left so you use it in the best way

Skrubin : *uhhhhhhh. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell?*

LM10 Ru Reh : If water is wet then,... THE EARTH MIGHT AS WELL BE *FLAT.*

telm namm : This guy's argument is actually genius because it gives a very proper and agreeable definition of what wetness is. Wetness really should be the emergent property of the physical presence of water either in or on some other physical object. Kurzgesagt also had a bit on this on his video on emergence. To say water is wet "because of chemical bonds" aka CA's argument is attributing a new incorrect definition to what wetness is: the chemical presence or bonding of water to another substance (which would include water). This is disengenuous. For example, when one mixes water with apple juice, do we call the apple juice "wet"? No, we call it diluted. The water has chemically bonded with the apple juice(which is just mostly water ) to dilute the amount of actual apple juice concentrate ( not sure if that's the proper term). So in summary, or a TLDR: water is not wet because wetness is a PHYSICAL emergent property, NOT a chemical one. You could say water is diluted, however.

SaberBlaze25 : A better way to put it would be: wet is a substance that is moist, water is not moist, because it ITSELF is moisture.

Shadow Ball : This man is smarter than Bill Nye. I’m serious. You though I was joking? I really think that.

Ricardooo Raiccc : I thought that this was a troll but this is *legit*

Eddy : 1 like = 1 prayer for his camera’s zoom

gaby thatgurl : So the water will live it’s whole life not knowing what being wet feels like

Ben Ward : People seriously believe water isn’t wet? Ffs. 🤦‍♂️

Your Crazy Comrade : Actually, chemistry says it IS wet because the water molecules are surrounded by more water molecules, and wet means covered or saturated in water, and because the molecules cover more molecules, it IS wet, but when you talk about the water molecule by itself, it is not wet.

Skrubin : *how does one zoom in with one hand*

Sera-L : Water is wet. Wet as a noun means liquid that makes something damp.

machinegunner45 : WWE needs to hire him as a camera guy

I can smell you : Is Water Wet? The Final Experimental Proof! By the action lab Yes water is wet

Amelie Rischmuller : How do you make something wet with something that is 'dry' Water is wet Fire is burning or hot If you agree then like my comment I need some support My science teach even said water is wet

luhan's nipples : This was in my recommendations for the longest while and I finally decided to watch it today. All I can say is that you've got my vote lmao

Rahkiera Clips : So we just goin ignore how cute his curls look 👀

Skybox0929 : Also a simple fact that says water is wet isn't by the adjective definition but the noun one Wet Noun: a liquid that makes something damp

error idk : still didn't understand got your mom wet instead

A Marshmallow Cat Stuck In A S’more : I pose a question- Is water wet when it is touched by another liquid, for example, oil? As these substances do not mix, and at the end of the video you put up the definition of wet as "covered or saturated by water or another liquid". So if this is the case, if water is put in a glass and oil is poured on top of it, is it wet? Oh nvm you answered that

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DedSecTv : 1960s- we'll have flying cars in the future 2018- water isn't wet

GeneAwesome : Who else heard the song in this video without music?

Jurassic Murricorn : If you mix water with another liquid then distilled the water and removed the other liquid...are you making the water dry? And are you making the water wet by covering it with another liquid?

Shania Vlogs : Water is technically wet because you can dry water by evaporating it and if you were to use a sponge to soak up the water from the bottle it could dry

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Zuzu : Does this mean sand is wet

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Hesse hordo : The individual molecules of water are in contact with the other water molecules, meaning that water in a body has been saturated in water. The water can be removed from each particle theoretically, but it is near impossible. The only reason an object outside of water that has water on it is wet is because it is in contact with water. Water is in contact with water. The only reason that the texture or physical appearance of an object might change is due to pockets of air between molecules of the fabric being filled with water, which is exactly what happens in a body of water. Water is not excluded in the definition of wet, and therefore an object that has been afflicted by water makes it wet. And just because something is wet has no relation with the water being able to be removed. Just because in an every day logical use you usually refer to being able to remove the water, does not mean that is always the case.