Why Water Is NOT Wet - With PROOF

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Ryan Smith : this should be debated the next presidential election

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Mazen Makhlouf : He actually makes a valid point

Claire Bear : Why was this in my recommended I haven't even searched up is water wet in my live

MOcHi : When you're trying to reach the word count on an essay

Boneless Pizza : my whole class had an argument bout if water is wet I said no it’s not wet and like 3 people joined me and the rest said it’s wet omg I literally took the whole period

That_one_asian_guy_ in_the_corner : But Is a hotdog a sandwich?

I see you everywhere : *Albert Einstein would like to know your location*

Dina Nguyen : this literally made me question my life existence

Zuzu : Does this mean sand is wet

Mr.Chicken Worth : Water is the wet form of H2O. . . . . . Illuminati confirmed


Yasuhoe : But.. if it can evaporate does it make it wet afterward :O

Leafs Fan : Actually, water is wet and here is my proof. Chaz's argument is that something can only be wet if it is something that would normally be dry, but has been covered by a liquid. However, the English dictionary's definition of wet does not say specifically that it has to be a solid object saturated in a liquid in order for it to count as wet. In fact, the actual definition is as follows, "Covered or saturated with water or another liquid." It does not say specifically that the object has to be something that is normally dry or something that could be dried after it becomes wet. There is another definition in the English dictionary that says as follows, "Liquid that makes something damp." Since water is obviously able to make other objects wet, it is therefore wet. You can also think of it in a way that as long as a particle is saturated with a liquid then it is wet. Well inside of water there are many water particles, and each one is covered with other water particles. Therefore water without question is wet.

lilly whispers : *Harvard has joined the chat* *wet has left the chat*

Joseph Holman : My Chemistry teacher (with a masters degree) says this: "when something is wet, a liquid is adhering to it. If water isn't able to adhere to itself, it wouldn't even be a liquid and it wouldn't have surface tension either. Since it clearly is a liquid that has surface tension, it is adhering to itself, therefore it is wet"

Eric Mango : well “fire” is actually just light that is released in a chemical reaction as energy, so the “fire” isn’t even what is really burning things🤷🏽‍♂️

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Gracie’s Universe : 500 years ago we debated the possibility of a spherical earth. I am proud to say society has evolved to this. Ladies and gentlemen, *I love 2017.*

Rian : okay but here's my argument feel free to disagree with me here... water = liquid h2o ice = solid h2o ice is not wet unless it's melty. water is the *wet* version of h2o. if the definition of wet is basically being surrounded or saturated by water, then wouldn't water be wet because the h2o molecules themselves are also surrounded by other water molecules? a single h2o molecule, by definition of wet, would not be wet. however, with more water, it would become wet.

Ricardooo Raiccc : I thought that this was a troll but this is *legit*

Kirmet the Giraffe : You just started world war 3

John Jones : Well actually... *since the definition of wet is ‘covered or saturated with water or ANOTHER LIQUID’ we can deduce that if we pour, let’s say, oil onto water and then by means of fractional distillation (or any other separation techniques) remove the oil from the water we can summarise that the water was wet and then became dry so in that sense...* water can in fact be wet

Tajir The G.O.A.T : WATER IS WET

Is Best : Water is wet because when something is wet and you touch it, it makes you wet. * Jumps in pool * I’m wet! I wonder why 🤔

Skrubin : *uhhhhhhh. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell?*

The Flaming Phoenix : So water's dry..?

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Pablo Salazar : 1:09 You literally just contradicted yourself.

JaxBlade : He completely changed my mind in one video xD

ZarHakkar : So if water isn't wet... Does that mean it's dry? (Thinking emoji)

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RucksackRapper : When you pour oil on whater, is the oil wet?

William Schley : It dries when you evaporate it does it not. Also, heat burns things, not necessarily the fire itself.

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uselessgrl ! : *me using all my knowledge on things like this instead of school*

huntlord x : You ice is made of the same stuff as water so if you put it in water that would mean water is wet

Paydaywolf 2008 : Water can’t be wet it doesn’t have a brain so it can’t be stimulated. Get it?