Why Water is NOT Wet - With PROOF

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luhan's nipples : This was in my recommendations for the longest while and I finally decided to watch it today. All I can say is that you've got my vote lmao

TheFandomFish : COVERED OR SATURATED WITH WATER OR *ANOTHER LIQUID.* Oil is a liquid. Oil does not mix with water. If you pour water into a glass, and pour oil on top of it... Is the water then wet? Or... is it oily? Is the oil also wet, because of the water? Last but not least, if you were to remove all traces of the oil from the water... Would the water, then, be dry?

LK 911 : *first it was flat earthers, now waterisnotwet-ters* Lmao jk

Titanium Titan : Can’t trust someone who films vertically.

silvester hound : four words: strong tetrahedral hydrogen bonding.

Ryan Smith : this should be debated the next presidential election

LM10 Ru Reh : If water is wet then,... THE EARTH MIGHT AS WELL BE *FLAT.*

ExpertRedPanda Yt : Is water not wet..... THE EARTH IS FLAT

Josh Daboss : If to say something is wet, the water on the surface of that thing (water in this case) can be removed. Water CAN be removed from water. The volume of water can fluctuate. We don't say the ocean gets wet, because we (or at least the smart people) know it's wet already. The example that fire isn't burning doesn't help your case. Fire is burning itself. Fire is, in state of matter, an ion plasma, which is when the electrons of atoms are separated and free roaming from their nucleus, so in therms the atoms in a plasma are destroyed. The ignition source is the cause of the fire, the fuel is what the fire destroys to ionize the oxygen atoms in the air, turning them from gas to plasma. The fire is destroying the fuel source AND the oxygen atoms, so it is burning both of them. They are treated equally and so the fire, which when the one that we talk about is the burning oxygen atoms, IS BURNING. FIRE BURNS ITSELF AS WELL AS ITS FUEL. Water can be covered with water. Water molecules cover/sit on top of other water molecules. And wet is not just an adjective. It's also a noun that means a liquid that makes something damp. So, water is literally wetness itself. If none of this changes you dummies' minds, then four words: strong tetrahedral hydrogen bonding

Dennis Long : WATER IS WET!! 1. "To say that something is wet means that the water on the surface of that something can be removed" We can remove water off the surface of a body of water and we call this evaporation. 2. "Fire right, we know that it burns things right; but it's not in and of itself burned right? Water, it were things right but it is not in and of itself wet, okay!?" False Comparison my boi. Yes, a flame can't burn itself because it's just a mixture of gases that are a product of a combustion reaction. That's because there isn't any carbon based compound in a flame that can be oxidized via said combustion reaction. That's why you need fuel for the flame to keep going. 3. "The word wet is only supposed to be used when water gets on something for example if I were to splash water on this mirror right here I'd say it's wet, but if were somehow possible to splash water droplets onto water were we could see the water droplets sitting on the water you'd say oh that water is wet" That's because of water's cohesive properties. Take a droplet of pure water and take another droplet of pure water and put them together. They form a bigger droplet of pure water. Things float on water because of surface tension. Water isn't being pulled by anything on the surface it remains to be pulled by the bottom, thus, it becomes more concentrated and things can float on it. 4. "This counter is dry, I pour water on it, it becomes wet. Can it be dried? Absolutely. Therefore it was wet it is now dry. The water on the inside of the bottle, however, can it be dried? ABSOLUTELY THE FRICK NOT! And in closing, the definition of wet reads, covered or saturated with water or another liquid . WATER cannot be covered or saturated with itself thank you". Water can cover and saturated itself because of its cohesive and adhesive properties along with surface tension. So yes, water is wet.

Skrubin : *uhhhhhhh. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell?*

WonderfulFilms : “Water cannot be dry, therefore water is not wet.” But uhh... if water is not dry... then what is it? The answer: Wet.

telm namm : This guy's argument is actually genius because it gives a very proper and agreeable definition of what wetness is. Wetness really should be the emergent property of the physical presence of water either in or on some other physical object. Kurzgesagt also had a bit on this on his video on emergence. To say water is wet "because of chemical bonds" aka CA's argument is attributing a new incorrect definition to what wetness is: the chemical presence or bonding of water to another substance (which would include water). This is disengenuous. For example, when one mixes water with apple juice, do we call the apple juice "wet"? No, we call it diluted. The water has chemically bonded with the apple juice(which is just mostly water ) to dilute the amount of actual apple juice concentrate ( not sure if that's the proper term). So in summary, or a TLDR: water is not wet because wetness is a PHYSICAL emergent property, NOT a chemical one. You could say water is diluted, however.

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Hayden Zeagler : The water molecules would be touching so water is in REALITY wet

MOcHi : When you're trying to reach the word count on an essay

lollipop lyd : Water is wet that’s like saying fire isn’t hot and it just makes things hot

SuperKamiGuru : But what about ice? That can be dried and wet and it can be water Just not liquid form.

DevTillDed : *Y o u f o r g o t w h a t e v a p o r a t i o n i s*

Ben Ward : People seriously believe water isn’t wet? Ffs. 🤦‍♂️

Ricardooo Raiccc : I thought that this was a troll but this is *legit*


fatmanslim 02 : Water may not be able to get wet but it is wet

Ice Kareem : Water moist definitely is wet. I'm not sorry.

Amani Halima : LMFAO

Skrubin : *how does one zoom in with one hand*

Bladii : Strong Tetrahedral Hydrogen Bonding is all I'm gonna say...

Wolfie Biscuits : Makes actual sense

绮雯连 : Now do Earth is not flat

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Mo’nique Kamara : I swear my whole class would have arguments just because of that statement

LifeComedyAction : Fire is not hot because it can't be cold. That is the extent of this argument

Collin VanNoort Vlogs : If you splash water on water Is water wet then?

tre_space1449 : HE'S A WIZARD ○~○

AJ 7232 : Actually yeah water is wet because it’s made up of atoms and there will be multiple atoms surrounding an atom so there are layers of atoms in water so some atoms are covered by other atoms.

DedSecTv : 1960s- we'll have flying cars in the future 2018- water isn't wet

horserider1800 : You are by far the funniest YouTuber I’ve encountered

Jesse BBaJordan : The individual molecules of water are in contact with the other water molecules, meaning that water in a body has been saturated in water. The water can be removed from each particle theoretically, but it is near impossible. The only reason an object outside of water that has water on it is wet is because it is in contact with water. Water is in contact with water. The only reason that the texture or physical appearance of an object might change is due to pockets of air between molecules of the fabric being filled with water, which is exactly what happens in a body of water. Water is not excluded in the definition of wet, and therefore an object that has been afflicted by water makes it wet. And just because something is wet has no relation with the water being able to be removed. Just because in an every day logical use you usually refer to being able to remove the water, does not mean that is always the case.

Sauceysavageflame : My science teacher showed this to us and we were all laughing out butts off

pink lions are awesome : when you said "my answer.... WATERS NOT WET" i basiclly got jumpscared.

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Simple Crits : damn thanks for the life lesson man, my eyes have been opened

Jonas Lange : I obviously can't get wet by touching something that is not wet. Ergo I won't get wet by touching water.

breathin : water doesn't get wet it blends with water

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