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Ike Jacobovits : HONK HONK HONK HONK *throws a pie in your face*

verapamil07 : When do we push back against DEGENERACY!?

IamLucky87 : G A S T H E P E D O S

Kill Everyone : Pedo sympathizers get the rope too.

Skriff the Dragon : These people need to be publicly executed.

Propotario : Thanks Mr Soros

Lorenzo Greene : OY VEY This comment section is fascist

Jay Rock : Unsurprisingly she speaks and moves like she's completely dead on the inside.

SquarishLink : i encourage all pedophiles to come out in the open and admit their love for children. I recommend they tell us where they live. It will make things a lot easier for us to isolate and discriminate against these creatures.

Victory Gloria : Weimar 2.0

i'm tired and i hate life : i'm calling the police

Colt Horton : Beyond disgusting. We are reaching levels of weimar that should not be possible. TEDx is trash.

Roger : Who came from /pol/?

Sando : This is what Hitler fought against.

Ducky Man : What is her ethnicity...Hang on I think I know this one.

Carl the Cuck : Lead, lots and lots and lots of lead

webdevstuff : LGBTTQQIAAPP month is great so far (the extra p is for pedo)


I'm watching you sleep : And people wonder why the "nazies" are back..

DRN 003 Cutman : Please tell me this is a joke

Niklas Heuss : Notice how this isnt on the TEDx channel

Yuri : gas

Escape from Plato's Cave : Just listening to this lunatic lefty talk has made me feel sick inside, WTF Everyone know a pedo? No they don't. . Hang the government and establishment, that would solve the problem

Bethanie Jarboe : Pedophiles, predators, and their excusers should be shot.

TheIconodule : The moment we tolerate their attraction as normal is the moment we grant them some legitimacy. Don't grant them anything.

O. Garcia : The Slippery Slope is real, and this is the proof.

James Stephens : Shoot all peodophiles

DarkF00L : I agree that there should be professionals and people whom pedophiles should turn to for help. They should learn to control their urges so that they don't harm anyone. That being said, I completely disagree that society's view on pedophilia needs to change. What's ironic is that Mirjam Heine talked about child molester's (ones who have committed the crime and not to be confused with pedophiles who haven't acted on their urges) "ease of access." If WE as a SOCIETY start accepting and incorporating pedophiles and pedophilia, does that not increase their "ease of access?" Won't the temptation to act on those urges increase causing many pedophiles to cross that line and become actual child molesters? This is where "bleeding heart" liberal bullshit drives me up the wall. I'd rather reserve my kindness and compassion for the innocent children who deserve to be protected from the sick fucks of the world. And if you want to help pedophiles, become a medical professional so that you can castrate them (medically or physically)!

Russian Milk Truck Mafia : Don't downvote this guy's video, he is just reposting it since TEDx took it down because of obvious reasons.

Groschen XY : I like how the shoah'd the first one because DOTR was literally being organized in the comment section.

tt : We're going to need a lot more rope.

Edgy Bigot : "non-offending" pedos get the bullet too

Nibekk -_- : These are the end times

Jesse Curle : You all know the solution to this. Tick tock.

Deft Motion : Time to carpet bomb Germany again

glassesno : Execute all those responsible for this

Cottinmouth : I recommend investing in rope production companies if you want to become massively rich in the future

beheromx : Thanks Soros!!!!!

Lee Kofahl : No. pedophiles are very sickly disordered people! They need medical care and therapy for their sickness! Their affliction should never be normalized! It damages society, the person suffering from it, and the innocent! Wtf TEDx.

Masked Crow : You deserve so many punches.

Emma Pesotski : thank you for re-uploading this. disgusting

Papageirou : There are some things you should keep to yourself reatard

funfang : beyond sick... this is the crap tedtalks promote now.. and so does you tube, some real SICK wealthy people out there..someone. booked this speaker and clearly they will be ok with paedophilia, try and find out who booked this speaker, they need to answer a few questions

milspire : "ideas worth spreading" I know what you people are spreading and it ain't worth anything.


eternal leader Marshal Jake : history is starting to repeat's itself

Colton : Imagine not believing in Satan and demons?

Argentinismo : SOROS = SHIT

Star City : LOL thanks for reuploading this. Everyone needs to know how shit TEDx is.

ohperkele : Jews are pure and unadulterated evil.