RAW: Chris Watts, husband of missing Frederick woman, interviewed by Denver7's Tomas Hoppough
Nearly 24 hours before Chris Watts confessed to killing his pregnant wife and young daughters in Colorado he stood outside his house and publicly pleaded for their safe return

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Chris Watts, 33, spoke to Denver7's Tomas Hoppough on Tuesday about the disappearance of his pregnant wife and their two daughters a day earlier. On Wednesday, police say he confessed to killing all three of them.


Mel S : Never once mentions his unborn child.

Paraplegic octopus : Chris: ''Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, I, I, I, I, I, I...'' This is the language of a deeply narcissistic man considering his family was missing!!

Lisa Craft : This is so strange. He almost looks relieved.

Magdalena Martinez : HE HAS SCRATCHES ON HIS NECK!!! HELLO??

Mike B : Thanks to her friend that was persistent on getting ahold of her that day. I'm sure he thought he had days to get his story straight and she knocked it down to hours .

China Kweess : terrible acting. he was talking way too casual for his whole family missing, there is no concern in his voice..

Boomtown Cat : 4:58 he's openly smiling and laughing. He's gone crazy. He can barely contain his joy.

Amanda Indigo : @3:26 he is smirking while saying "I miss feeding them and saying you cant have your desert or whatever" Like it has been years, wtf this guy is sick.

Marniee White : Those working dogs trying to tell y'all something! "Like" urgently!

Vedran Jurjević : these dogs are like "hes lying"

Lork Lorkman : In his mind he 100% thought he gave a great interview here lmao

Gwynne S : 6:15 play on half speed and listen. Liars tell on themselves... "Tried to gather their remai...information"

John Merigo : Watch this on mute. It’s... ridiculous. His lip biting and struggle not to laugh... it’s amazing he thought he was being convincing at all.

vanessa southern : THE DOGS KNOW! DOGS SMELL DEATH. I wouldn’t be surprised it they saw something sinister when he was pulling bodies out house to hide. Dogs are clever.

Caysum21345 : he couldn't even fake cry if he wanted to

Paraplegic octopus : Why get married and have kids then if all you're going to do is end up killing them instead of being their protector? I mean, what would motivate a man to do such?? A new woman? Then why not run off with her and escape your familial obligations? Why murder EVERYONE!!!??? What good would that do ANYONE involved in this situation?? Did he honestly think he'd just kill them and go on his merry way without anyone raising any questions?? Just wow!! What a horrific and inhumane act!!

Pam Dangelo : The dogs! Omg they are alerting

T Nizz : anybody who says *"like"* that many times is clearly a psychopath

shy87 : He looks so....normal. I pass hundreds of men who look like him everyday. I always wonder how many of them are actually psychopaths 😳

Dan Guerrilla : I've watched a lot of videos and I think this may be the worst case of duping delight I've ever seen. He actually can't contain himself.

Sarah : I have never ever seen anyone so evil.. he literally couldn't stop smiling and laughing. A monster

Sierra B : "I just want them back" *chuckles and smiles* Dude. I would say show some shame but sociopaths don't have shame so

nmarkose : Celest WAS three he says.

J J : Every time he says "like" he's buying another second or 2 to figure out which direction he's going to expand the lie.

Jim Shoes : 5:10 “Somebody has to come forward” ya mean like YOU?

Nina Cal6 : He doesn’t even know how to pretend like he gives a shit. But you would think there would be some horror left on his face after what he did and what he put them through.....but there is absolutely nothing. He’s void and heartless.

Donna B. : And now he's trying to claim that his WIFE killed the girls and he killed her in a "rage." Yeah -- totally believe that, buddy. That's why you stuffed your baby girls' bodies into oil drums, because of your "rage." UGH. FRY HIM.

Mike O : He probably thought it would make him look guilty if he didn't do this interview.

KerryBerry1975 : Camera man zoomed in on the scratch on his neck. They knew they were interviewing a murderer.

K It : He's laughing from around 3:15 to 4, instead of making himself cry. He couldn't bring up any emotion but his true feeling of happiness & relief that they're dead. I think when he brings up memories of "missing them cuddled up on they'd Minnie mouse couch" that those were the times he looked at them thinking how he would kill them. He's nervous & scared he'll be found out, rocking himself. I do believe he confessed because he was sure they would figure it out & he wanted a lighter sentence. He truly is a monster like someone said before me, hiding beneath the facade of his portrayal of a normal caring human. Idk what happened to make him put himself first so ruthlessly but he chose it, knowing it was wrong. Proven by his near perfection show he puts on for people around him. Watch out for these types people. You can tell from chronic lies you catch them in & pretend remorse. Don't make excuses for their behavior. Avoid them no matter how charming or good-looking they are. They've accepted who they really are & know they cover it up. Recognize & never get caught up with this type. If you are, make them think they don't want you anymore, point out your defects they've never liked. Manipulate to escape making them think it's their idea. They can be stalkers only because of their ego, not love. I'm not a psychologist but I know this type.

Tess Chapeau : Notice how frequently he says "I." Classic narcissist.

I AM SCANT : I knew he was guilty the day this interview came out .... who would do a interview like this if their family was missing

Jim Shoes : What grown man says “like” that much.

Tobie Hand : The cameraman knew! He zoomed in on the marks on his neck

Dream Dancer : @ 4:40 he says "She barely let me .... . ." what do you think he was going to say?

Kevin O' : 4:47-5:05 Duping delight from Chris Watts with a tough question admittedly from the reporter

Rather B Hunter than Prey : His eyes are so red from crying...not!!

Nobody Move : No need to call Lieutenant Columbo on this one. I think Buster the cadaver dog has everything under control

Carlyn Fleming : The interviewer and cameraman suspected him 100% they are drawing out his reactions. Good for them. This is chilling.

Lila Garay : 4:15 "She got home at 1:48" who says that? Killer!!!

Gods warrior Rapture : Dude! What’s so funny, 😆let us in on the joke😂I’m laughing too😂. It’s so funny, let’s laugh together 😂😂😂. Now doesn’t that sound ridiculous what I just wrote. That’s how ridiculous he sounded by talking and laughing about it. Smh, POS.

Amanda Indigo : No tears, constant smiling. unreal.

Brown Clown : I watched this 20 times and still cannot get over him laughing or trying to hold his smirk back.

thomasjchilton : Bone chilling, right to the very core. How he has the audacity to say “those kids are my life, those smiles light up my life” whilst almost grinning about it. Is that what you thought whilst you were taking away they’re light? I can only imagine the horror those two kids went through, to think one of them thought back, one of them probably watched they’re sister being killed by their own father before he came for her. They say the devil takes many forms and this is it, truly terrifying world we live in.

Nakidz : His body language, facial expressions, and vocal inflections remind me of that a-hole Scott Peterson.

Elizabeth : That friends, is the fear of getting caught. Not guilt, nor remorse, not any love for his beautiful girls. What a monster.

DearMakeUpDiary : What a terrible actor he is. Good that his bad skills revealed the truth to the world. It was pretty obvious. He must be really stupid to do something like that and think he'd get away with it. Now he lost his family, his friends and lost his own life (freedom). Why not eliminate himself from the picture in the first place? He was the problem NOT THEM. The poor innocents involved didn't have to pay with their lives! I hope justice is served ASAP.

Hayley Andrews : Does anyone else find it strange when he says “I hope she’s with the kids” when he clearly knows that in a weird way she isn’t because he separated them even in death when he buried her away from her children. RIP to all angels 👼 👼 👼 Xxx

Melissa Marie Martinez : How can he go on and on elaborating on what he misses about them, knowing full well what he really did!!! Psychotic killer!!!!!